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Programme of works – Thursday 20th September 2012

1: Ela Orleans

Title: Untitled (signal)

Synopsis: Radio content played as a part of the ’Nowhereisland Radio’ – a four day radio project broadcast on 107.9FM , created by community arts project Take a Part. Complimenting the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad project Nowhereisland was created by artist Alex Hartley and took a journey to South West England in search of citizens. This was my answer to the call for submissions of sound works relating to Islands, the sea, water, citizenship, borders and National identity.

Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Biography: Ela Orleans is a Polish composer and musician based in Glasgow.


2: Lucie Potter

Title: Secret Bunker NORTH listening trail, location 5 listening bench

Synopsis: Secret Bunker NORTH is a public art project about two WWII military bunkers in Kenton and Blakelaw, Newcastle, forming the northern arm of the British air defence. The audio is part of a listening trail being installed across 8 locations around the bunkers, live November 2012. Participants will pick up receivers and maps from local libraries and public centres to hear different stories at each listening post. Produced by Lucie Potter, Collective Architecture and Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects, commissioned by Newcastle City Council.

Duration: 5 minutes 01 seconds (the listening trail will last an hour)

Biography: My work is focused on people and ways we can create and share connections with place. My work is both live and recorded, event based and installation. I live and work in Glasgow.


3: Amble Skuse

Title: Butchery

Synopsis: The work is created entirely from recorded cello sounds, manipulated via plug ins

Duration: 7 minutes 09 seconds

Biography: Flute player and composer Amble Skuse writes interactive live technology pieces which reference Scottish Traditional Music. After studying at Dartington College of Arts (now University College Falmouth) and Bath Spa University she began writing for traditional music performers, finding ways of incorporating live electronics into the performance.

Amble works with Logic, MAX/MSP and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds which augment and support the  performers.


Twitter: @ambleskramble

4: Mark Vernon

Title: The Rapture of the Deep (plus station jingles)

Synopsis: A short radio feature made from interviews with instructors at the Plymouth Diving Centre including hydrophone recordings of a scuba-diving class in a local swimming pool. Produced for ‘Nowhere Island Radio’, a community art radio station that broadcast across Plymouth in August 2012. This piece contains excerpts of music by Mark Vernon & Ela Orleans and is bracketed by jingles that were also created for the station.

Duration: 7 minutes 13 seconds

Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC Radio 4 and is currently lecturer in Sound Art at Duncan of Jordanstone

College, University of Dundee and digital artist in residence at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.



5: Lin Li

Title: A numbered journey

Synopsis: This audio piece consists of a meditative rendition of random numbers in English and Cantonese, accompanied by field recording and a simple sequence of chords played on a piano. The languages symbolize the different cultural settings Lin has lived in and two significant facets of her identity.

Duration: 3 minutes 14 seconds (complete work)

Biography: Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Having painted for years, Lin started in 2011 to explore moving images and sound as a creative medium.  Being a keen choral singer, she is particularly interested in expressing and experimenting with the voice.


6.   Tom Allan

Title: A Child’s Nightmare

Synopsis: A sound-scape that I came up with recently, this piece blends sounds that I gathered with an emotional impact on me – the sound of my daughter breathing whilst asleep, the eerieness of wind in a metal bridge, the threat of an approaching train, and the other-worldy sounds of underwater recordings in a canal.

Duration: 1 minute 3 seconds (complete piece)

Biography: Tom Allan is an independent radio maker and journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He works for BBC Radio Scotland as a freelance reporter, produces radio features for American radio shows like FSRN and Making Contact, and runs community media projects.


7: LOLG curated piece: Gregory Whitehead

Title: If A Voice Like, Then What? / The Problem With Bodies

Synopsis: Two short pieces from ‘The Pleasure of Ruins’ CD – a collection of radio works from 1993. Made using analogue techniques using a wide range of tools that include cheap hand-held cassette recorders and razor blades of varying sharpness. Because analogue decay and random noise provide vital signs to the exhumed body of The Pleasure, no attempt has been made to digitally scrub, filter, de-bug or purge the selected castaways; they circulate to you in the same “dirty” conditions as they first aired.

Duration: 3 minutes 43 seconds

Biography: Gregory Whitehead (Nantucket, MA) is a writer, audio artist, and the director of sea-crow media. He has produced over fifty radio features, voice works, and earplays for programs in the United States and abroad. Drawing on his background in improvised music and experimental theater, Whitehead has created a body of radiophonic work distinguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept, voice, music, and pure sound. Production credits include: Dead Letters, Pressures of The Unspeakable (Prix Italia, 1992), and NEW AMERICAN RADIO commissions: Lovely Ways to Burn (1990), Shake, Rattle and Roll (1992) (BBC Award, Prix Futura, 1993) and The Thing About Bugs (1994). He is also the author of numerous essays on subjects relating to language, technology, and “the public”, and he co-edited Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio and the Avant-Garde, a selective history of audio and radio art (MIT Press).


8: Amble Skuse

Title: Garen

Synopsis: The work is created entirely from recorded piano and harpsichord sounds, manipulated via plug ins.

Duration: 4 minutes 58 seconds

Biography: see previous piece – number 2

9: Andy Knight

Title: A Tribute to Neil Armstrong

Synopsis: An audio piece to reflect one of Man’s greatest achievements and to remember the astronaut, Neil Armstrong who first set foot on the moon on Monday July 21, 1969. The audio is a mark of respect for Armstrong,  who sadly passed away on August 25th, 2012.

Duration: 7 minutes (complete piece)

Biography: Andy Knight is a freelance documentary maker and researcher for the BBC in Scotland and for several independent production companies. He has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Production at the University of the West of Scotland and is also a keen radio presenter for local hospital radio.


10: Gordon Kennedy

Title: The Captain’s Rest

Synopsis: The Captain’s Rest is based around the traditional English sea-song “The Irish Captain.” The music is constructed electronically, from hydrophone recordings made by Gerry Kelly just off the English coast.

Duration: 5 minutes 41 seconds

Biography: Gordon Kennedy is a writer and composer based in Glasgow. He is also one half of spanking post-avant combo The Cray Twins. Their debut album The Pier is due out later this year.


11: David Patrick

Title: The Voice of My Alarm

Synopsis: Since September last year I have been writing down the last words I hear on my radio alarm clock before it turns itself off in the mornings. The alarms strict adherence to its function creates new sentences from these final words with new meanings. These are very often paranoid, confessional & cryptic. Mon to Fri I record myself reading these sentences and upload daily to a dedicated page on my website.

Duration: 10 mp3 sound files. Varying lengths of 10-15 seconds each

Biography: Collagist, printmaker, bookmaker, audiofile, & exhibitionist. Auto-didactic multiple prize winner. My work is a considered product of homemade willful mischief & social rebellion, both in its use of materials, intent & presentation.


12: Ela Orleans

Title: Untitled (general audio)

Synopsis: Radio content played as a part of the ’Nowhereisland Radio’ – a four day radio project broadcast on 107.9FM , created by community arts project Take a Part. Complimenting the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad project Nowhereisland was created by artist Alex Hartley and took a journey to South West England in search of citizens. This was my answer to the call for submissions of sound works relating to Islands, the sea, water, citizenship, borders and National identity.

Duration: 4 minutes 38 seconds

Biography: see previous piece –  number 1

13: Tom Allan

Title: Bee a Good Neighbour

Synopsis: The story of how I helped a neighbour move thousands of his tiny friends to a new home. For me the story speaks about community, society, and modern day isolation. This piece was entered into the 2012 Third Coast Audio Festival Shortdocs Challenge, and made a recommended listen.

Duration: 2 minutes 59 seconds

Biography: see previous piece – number 6

// The end//

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