Programme of works – Belladrum Festival, Friday 5th & Saturday 6th August, 2016.

Originally opening the programme but not included in the podcast as per the artists wishes:
Synopsis: Few years ago, wolves reappeared in the natural park where I live. These are mountains full of occult legends and traces of ancient druidic cults, where the Walpurgis Night is still celebrated. I like to recite this wild prayer when in wilderness to wish protection for the beautiful scapegoated animals. The discreet birds in the background were recorded the day of the summer
solstice, while lying in wolf territory, between sunrise and the Strawberry Full Moon.
Duration: 1 minute 14
Biography: French polymathic outsider artist and poet of Polish origins born in 1982. Lives and works in the middle of the woods, in the mountains of East of France. Digging into the mine of existentialism, chtonian mysteries, the uncanny and the unseen, the focus is on the exploration of the inner arena, emotional and psychological self-discovery. Das-Lichtquant has been created to explore the sound world, add a new experimental layer to the already existing ecosystem.

1: Sarah Boothroyd
Title: Chance
Synopsis: Turn right and you meet the man or woman of your dreams. Turn left and you get hit by a car. Much of life is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time. This impressionistic audio work explores randomness, chance, and luck through the microcosm of the racetrack.
Duration: 13:30
Biography: The audio work of Canadian Sarah Boothroyd has been featured by broadcasters, festivals and galleries in over 25 countries. She has won awards from Third Coast International Audio Festival, New York Festivals, the European Broadcasting Union, and La Muse En Circuit.

2: Paul Good & Kirsty Wood
Title: Let The Air Burn Out
Synopsis: The song is the first single from our forthcoming concept album ( we are using your language to communicate).
Duration: 3 minutes 53
Biography: Our background is in sculpture and installation art. As well as finishing the album we are starting to make work for a solo show which will open towards the end of this year. We also ran a gallery called SHIFT. from 2009-2012.

3: Alasdair Fisher
Title: You better be careful
Synopsis: Superstitions are just a bit of fun right? Wrong. If you don’t control them they can take over your life. You can blame yourself for bad things happening. And this can lead on to more serious problems.
Duration: 7 minutes 45
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is a writer and actor from Glasgow interested particularly at the moment in superstition, religion, and mental illness.
Web: @alasdair_fisher

4: Duncan Herd
Title: Daily Intake
Synopsis: Simulating the routine of taking daily multi-vitamins through a sonic assembly of voiced micro-nutrients complete with glitches from a CPU in overload. Are these products essential, excessive or a superstition of sorts?
Duration: 1 minute 54
Biography: Contemporary Art Practice student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee. interested in the themes of artificiality, human behaviours and constructed environments.

5: Monica Brown
Title: El Cuco
Synopsis: What does it mean when you hear a cuckoo?
Duration: 58 seconds
Biography: Monica is a freelance radio reporter and producer and works in community media. She also finds it strange writing about herself in the third person.

6: Thiago R.
Title: O.Mo (Oscillating Motion)
Synopsis: Is a sound piece composed for stereo speakers. It presents a range of different otoacoustic frequencies conceived as an abstract experience to the listener: the spatial ratio of mind and sensorial displacement.
Duration: 2 minutes 6
Biography: Thiago R (b. 1981 São Paulo; he lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil). Visual artist dealing with sound in expanded fields. He researches different ways to work with sound, building DIY apparatuses, sound pieces, installations, etc.

7: Mark Vernon
Title: To Roar or to Whisper
Synopsis: Composed from a recording of a rune reading in Penzance, wind chimes and field recordings also made in Penzance but on an earlier visit. As asceptic I have an ambivalent relationship with fortune telling so for this reading I tried my best to keep an open mind.
Duration: 7 minutes 30
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, Kunstradio, VPRO and BBC Radio 4.

8: Amble Skuse
Title: Still Again
Synopsis: There will be no victory the relentless gusting, rattling and unpredictability of this natural sound will take no prisoners and renders all other sound impotent. This is part of acceptance
clearing the old wood dropping the autumn leaves in the faith that a new life will spring from those bare winter branches
Duration: 4 minutes 55
Biography: Flute player and composer Amble Skuse writes interactive live technology pieces which reference Scottish Traditional Music. Amble is an International Creative Entrepreneurs Fellow, a BBC Performing Arts Fund Music Fellow and runs her own producing house Remembered / Imagined with Judith Walsh.
Web: @ambleskramble

9: Monica Brown
Title: Las Canicas
Synopsis: Marbles aren’t just for playing games with, you know.
Duration: 2 minutes 14
Biography: (see piece 5)

10: Lucinda Guy
Title: Casting
Synopsis: In a workshop at Radio V&A, February 2016, Lucinda Guy and Sarah Gray asked people to focus on an important message for the world, whilst recording themselves speaking a randomly created text. These texts have been mixed with sine waves, selected to generate change in materials and ideas. Casting connects radio broadcasting to the casting of spells. Listening to this piece may have surprising consequences. This 10 minute version of Casting is one of many possible mixes of these magical texts and sounds.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Lucinda Guy is co-founder and artistic director of community station Soundart Radio in South Devon, UK. She opens up spaces in radio to allow new connections to happen, and has trained and mentored hundreds of people to find their radio voice. Her radio compositions are unscripted, and incorporate hymns, folksongs, metaphysical concepts, found texts and half remembered dreams.

11: Jamie Cooper
Title: Parallel Burner
Synopsis: Parallel Burner is a techno-alien prophecy of a possible future or possible present, jarring and awkward in nature the electro-spectral voice over describes this race of ghosts that may or may not inhabit our time, that, its for the listener to decide.
Duration: 11 minutes 11
Biography: Editor of Zerozine, Exhibits mainly Sculpture and video works, most recently Ultimate NWO compilation remix screened at Mojito Kino-Berlin.

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