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Programme of works – Sunday 29 June 2014

Guest Curators: Our Guest curators for this month are the Octopus Collective – a sound art and
new music organisation based in a public park on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula. Dedicated to developing and exporting new work and acting as an incubator for emerging artists, they offer an ongoing programme of activities including performance, education and research projects, artistic commissions and the biennial Full of Noises Festival. For this edition of Lights Out Listening Group they have selected a piece they commissioned as part of their FON AIR online broadcasts by the mysterious artist Gretel Mary My. Find out more about Octopus activities here:

1: Guest curated piece – Gretel Mary My
Title: Prism Circus Prism (part 1)
Synopsis: Prism Circus Prism is a lynchian wonderland that cannot promise
to return you the way that it finds you, it hopes everything happens to you, it
hopes nothing happens to you. It would have you kept safely in a cosy pocket
whilst simultaneously projected onto a screen for everyone to see.
Gretel Mary My’s cracked voice draws you into a hypnotic dream gallery, a
place which could only exist in sound and which, it is understood, may become
altered by the time it spends hanging in the air. It has already happened, but it
is waiting for you. The piece is best listened to in the dark, eyes shut, in a place
you can be still. It is recommended that you listen to the piece alone. It is
recommended that you listen to the piece in the company of someone who you
do not know how you feel about.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Gretel Mary My is the patron saint of gutter snipes and brine
shrimp, borned before the internets and, despite little schooling, recently
penetrated cloistered academia land, where she was trained and trained then
released by what and whom into the english countryside to put out fires with

2: Neil Simpson
Title: uunnttiittlleedd
Synopsis: a rumbling, droning track made using a malfunctioning piece of
Duration: 1 minute 22 seconds

3: Barry Burns
Title: Recipe for feedback
Synopsis: For the Counterflows festival I was invited by Pete Dowling, Rob
Kennedy and Karena Nomi to sit in the CCA café and tell stories to myself, and
anyone else who cared to listen. I reinterpreted reviews of sleaze and horror
films as autobiography. This is an unedited recording of that performance
recorded via a radio-mic.
Duration: 10 minutes

4: John Magill
Title: A Lost Sombrero
Synopsis: Part of an ongoing effort at combining drone/ambient sounds with
‘lost signal’ noise elements and badly played viola without making too much of a
Duration: 2 minutes 43 seconds
Biography: I’m a Glasgow born office jockey who in real life likes to think I’m a
noise artist and ‘kind-of’ string player.

5: Catherine Street
Title: The Mineral Mind
Synopsis: The Mineral Mind is an absurd survival narrative which is told
simultaneously in both future and past tenses. The mental wanderings of the
protagonist drift from the chemical composition of the body to suggestions of
erotic fantasy.
Duration: 5 minutes 55 seconds (complete, work-in-progress)
Biography: Catherine Street is a visual artist whose work tends to consist of
layers of experience: her own body is often incorporated within an installation
setting that has video, audio, drawn, sculptural, and written elements. The
atmosphere is usually unnerving, tense, sensual, comical.

6. Timmy Lea
Title: Confessions of an Acousmatist
Synopsis: Composition formed from removing all dialogue and non-diegetic
music from the soundtrack of the film Confessions Of A Window Cleaner.
Duration: 7 minutes 7 seconds
Biography: Timmy Lea is really not a loser, he just finds it hard to win.


7: Vernon & Burns
Title: Renditions of the Beat: a resuscitation recital (excerpt)
Synopsis: For the Tectonics festival 2014, Vernon & Burns presented a
radiophonic, found sound, micro-drama which they describe as ‘CPR’ (Cardio-
Pulmonary Radiophonics) – a composition for Fetal Doppler, CPR training aid
and a found tape of a CB radio conversation. This is an excerpt from the studio
version of the piece. Condition: not serious, unstable.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Vernon & Burns are a duo of sound makers who create radio plays,
records and concerts through an innovative mix of samples, field recordings,
storytelling, found sound, chance procedures and music. They have produced
programmes for radio stations internationally and have released records on
Felix Kubin’s Gagarin Records and in Staalplaat’s Mort Aux Vaches series.
Skirting around the borders of sound installation, performance and
experimental music, they construct mini-hörspiels; complex collages combining
antique electronics and toys with modern technology, plunderphonics and
novelty songs with electro-acoustic and musique concrete forms.

8: Neil Simpson
Title: engulfs
Synopsis: A spacious, noisy track made using loop tapes, low quality tape
recorders and a really rather rubbish synthesiser. Recorded live.
Duration: 6 minutes 13 seconds

9: Guest curated piece – Gretel Mary My
Title: Prism Circus Prism (part 2)
Synopsis: Duration: 12 minutes
Biography: See piece 1

// The end//

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