Programme of works Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017.

1: Joanna Helfer & Luis Vasquez La Roche
Title: Rain/La Espera
Synopsis: Walking from the Gulf of Paria to the Caribbean Sea
Duration: 3 minutes 08
Biography: Joanna Helfer is an artist based in Scotland, currently in residence at
Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Luis Vasquez La Roche is an artist living in
Trinidad and Tobago.

2: Connel Soutar & Jamie Loggie
Title: Croft Transmissions SR1241
Synopsis: This is an experimental piece based on the Number Station phenomenon.
Placing the listener in a Croft in the Highlands of Scotland, you listen to an array of
unknown shortwave signals from all corners of Scotland’s mythical Moors and
Munros. From an ancient world full of legends and folklore, where witches, wolves,
unicorns and giants roam, what anomalies will occur?
Duration: 9 minutes 15
Biographies: Jamie Loggie – I am an Audio Technician and Sound Designer with
experience and skills in various industries and fields including radio, TV, live music,
audio production and video production. Working with audio is my passion and I am
always striving to learn new things. Connel Soutar – I’m a writer with a keen interest
in how weird the world is. I’ve covered technology and creative interests, from 3D
printed food to political leaders. I really enjoy things that are at least a little strange
and have been interested in short and long wave radio for years.

3: Christian Noelle
Synopsis: This is an appropriated layered sound piece inspired and taken from
personal dreams. Being a woman and having insecurities about beauty, I created this
work to share what the muddle mind is like. Though this may come from a place a fear
this is a sound piece that laughs off those insecurities.
Duration: 2 minutes 56
Biography: Christian Noelle Charles is a Black Female Artist currently living and
working in Glasgow, Scotland. A Syracuse, New York native, Christian’s work is an
exploration of female representation and self-love in a contemporary world.
Web:, @c.c.time

4: Kathleen Kidd
Title: A Night of Horror – Peek-Aboo! I see you.
Synopsis: Peek-Aboo! is one of the episodes in series 1 of A Night of Horror. Georgia
gets a bear for her birthday and Deborah, her mother thinks there might be something
wrong with it.
Cast: Kathleen Kidd, Andrew Jones, Sadie Woods and Calum Walker
Duration: 9 minutes 56
Biography: Kathleen Kidd writes and produces the horror series. She grew up in
Glasgow and is currently in 3rd year studying Broadcast Production. She also hosts a
radio group in Ayr, teaching production and writing skills.
Web: @anohpodcast
anightofhorror Itunes: A Night of Horror

5: Marcello Messina
Title: O mergulhão
Synopsis: Water supplied every other day. It fills the lower tank. The sub-pump fills
upper tank. Now water runs from tap. Until upper tank is dry. Repeat the process.
Someone nicks the bloody pump. Buy new pump. Repeat ad lib.
Duration: 2 minutes 20
Biography: Marcello Messina is a Sicilian composer currently living in Rio Branco,

6: Chin Li
Title: Whisper 2 Exile
Synopsis: The world is nothing if not confusing and even our imagination fails us
where we find it hard to see and impossible to feel…
Duration: 3 minutes
Biography: Chin Li was a NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now
focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as
audio work.

7: Yann Seznec
Title: Adagio x 14
Synopsis: 14 versions of Barber’s Adagio for Strings are layered on top of each other,
for 14 times as much pathos and emotional manipulation.
Duration: 8 minutes 44
Biography: Yann Seznec is a sound artist based in Edinburgh. He builds instruments,
makes noises, and explores different ways to play.
Web:,, @yannseznec

8: John Wilde
Title: FEV – a gothic poem in Scots
Synopsis: I wrote this poem a number of years ago and performed it at the gates of a
graveyard in Ingram Street Glasgow throughout a National Poetry Day. I have set it in
a soundscape for this months LOLG. A departure from my usual pieces!
Lights Out Listening Group Follow us on twitter @Lights_Out_LG
Duration: 5 minutes 10
Biography: John Wilde is an artist, writer and performer. He has contributed a
number of pieces to LOLG since its inception and is currently investigating the
potential of poem and sound/film.
Web: acting profile at

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9: Elina Bry (live performance)
Title: Commed’habitude à ma manière / My way as always
Synopsis: “Commed’habitude à ma manière / My Way as always” is a bilingual a
cappella. Fusion of the songs “Commed’habitude” & “My way” which are both made
out of the same instrumental but tell a complete different story. Claude François wrote
the song and it was reinterpreted by Paul Anka. I decided to create only one song, my
way as always.
Biography: ElinaBrycurrently part of the MFA at GSA, considersherself as a French/
Finnish, both equally.Communication is an essential part of her practice as each
medium and language has its own strength. She sees language as a medium and by
recognizing different self’s in her three languages, she makes the most of them.

10: Lise Olsen
Title: ‘Sounds Like Stannergate’
Synopsis: A mix of field recordings, found sounds and conversations recorded while
exploring the strange atmosphere of wastelands, near Stannergate in Dundee. The
narrative moves between history and local knowledge of an in-between place.
Duration: 7 minutes 33
Biography: Lise Olsen is a responsive artist who explores different forms of
awareness in relation to complexity of place, identity and perceptions of movement in
time-space. Creating fictional narratives to communicate meaning not obviously seen
and open to interpretation.

11: Mark Cunningham and Jamie Loggie
Title: Wheezy Whispers
Synopsis: Ever wondered what’s it’s really like to have an asthma attack? As it’s
world asthma day, here is a puff or two from our upcoming documentary that will
examine why asthma has become misrepresented within culture and how this
invisible illness specifically impacts the lives of Scottish people.
Duration: 7 minutes 14
Biography: Jamie is an Audio Technician and Sound Designer with experience and
skills in various industries and fields including radio, TV, live music, audio production
and video production. Working with audio is his passion and he is always striving to
learn new things. He is tall but not very curly. Mark is asthmatic and is not that tall
but very curly.
Web: @curlykidmark

12: Jaxton Su Jingxiang
Title: Dreamscape
Synopsis: Dreamscape is an exploration of how sounds in dreams can be translated
aurally to form a narrative that could potentially aid in the understanding of the self.
It aims to provide the audience with a sonic experience of the artist’s self-portrait as
told by his dreams. This is one in a series of 7 sonic compositions from 7 different
Duration: 9 minutes 45
Biography: Jaxton Su (b. 1988, Singapore) is a visual artist specializing in painting,
with his works leaning towards the surrealism genre. He graduated from a visual
communication background prior to pursuing his MFA at the Glasgow School of Art
and was actively involved in community art and art education back in his home
country. As an artist who works intuitively, Jaxton enjoys experimenting with the use
of colours in portraying peculiar narratives that delve into the notions of archetypes
and the imaginary.
Web: instagram:

13: Zoe Beaudry
Title: Wholly Integrated
Synopsis: Finally, a direct answer to the questions you always wanted to ask God and
your mom, “what does it feel like to create life?” and “where do babies come from?” A
digitally intimate interview with the artist’s mother as research on the origins of life.
Duration: 2 minutes 37
Biography: Zoe Beaudry is a visual artist (usually) from East Lansing, Michigan,
currently pursuing her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.
Web: Instagram: @zoebeaudry_art

14: Chin Li
Title: Whisper 1 Falling Off the Edge
Synopsis: A chance encounter with rain brought on a strange sense of reverie where
words became abstract and bearings disappeared…
Duration: 1 minutes 42
Biography: see piece 6

15: Alasdair Fisher
Title: Contradictions
Synopsis: Alasdair Fisher joins us to talk about his new album “Contradictions”.
Duration: 8 minutes 28
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is a writer and actor from Glasgow.
Web: Twitter: @alasdair_fisher

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