Programme of Works – Wednesday, 16th December 2020

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1: John Barber
Title: COVID Nightmares
Synopsis: Scared of contracting COVID-19, my sleep is frequently interrupted by nightmares. This is how they sound.
Duration: 5 minutes
Biography: John Barber lives and experiments with sound and radio in America’s Pacific Northwest
Links: Twitter: @radionouspace and @reimaginedradio,

2: Joanne Matthews
Title: Murky Horizons
Synopsis: My local beach Wardie Bay, Edinburgh is predicted to be underwater by 2050. Murky Horizons is an audio collage exploring deep time, weather, sea levels rising, the senses and vulnerability. Duration: 9 minutes 20 (Excerpt)
Biography: Joanne Matthews work explores intimate connection with humans and non-humans through embracing wildness, deep time and queering. Through embodied fieldwork involving sonic meditations, writing and speculation they make films, audio work, text, drawing and performance. They are based in Edinburgh.
Links: Email: Instagram: jojo.maffyews Website:

3: Julien Ward
Title: Whispers
Synopsis: Designed to be listened in the comfort of the dark. It’s been inspired by a collection of swarmed and whispered orchestra sections that I wanted to explore. I also used a vocal recording from a past live performance that fit very well even though 9 months, all the way back to the first lockdown, separate the two works.
Duration: 4 minutes 18

4: Trevor Black
Title: Piano sonata 13 for unprepared piano, toy piano & cutlery
Synopsis: A tape recording of Sonata No.13 by John Cage, played without preparations, duplicated on toy piano and played back and re-recorded whilst doing the dishes, thereby, in a vague & crude way, playing two Cage pieces simultaneously.
Duration: 4 minutes 33
Biography: Trevor Black grew up on industrial Tyneside, the son of a professional musician, and trained in electrical engineering. At various times over the previous 30 years he has been an electrician, roadie, night watchman, machinist & stripper (furniture stripper, that is). Always making experimental music, most recently as Malady of Knots.

5: Bev Boyd
Title: The Freezing Eyes of Hell
Synopsis: My piece is inspired by Dante’s vision of the 9th circle of hell. It’s where we encounter the inanimate souls of the underworld, whose grief can only turn inward as the tears freeze in the rims of their eyes. We hear Sue, a pensioner, describe her experience of Dry Eye Syndrome interspersed with readings from Cantos 32-34 in Inferno and the sounds of ice cracking , plus with creative commons field recordings of the odd frog and pelican.
Duration: 3 minutes 58
Biography: I mostly make Arts reports for Riverside Radio, a community station serving south London.

6: Heidi Stewart
Title: The Time Is Now (cover)
Synopsis: A fairly intense cover of Moloko’s 2000 hit ‘The Time Is Now’, which I made as an expression of grief at the loss of sense of safety caused by abandonment. I made it at a time where I didn’t know greater loss, grief & struggle, such as with homelessness, was just around the corner, where this kind of creative expression of grief would be inaccessible. On reflection, the abandonment I had experienced had prompted an unwitting abandoning of the self. This song now scans to me as an unconscious lurch to try get empathy from outside of myself, which, in the tangle of time, could instead be seen as a letter to myself, an attempt to pour in care and attention down to parts of myself I didn’t know were starved. I hope hearing this invites reflection on ways in which, when our deepest and most pressing needs present themselves, we might abandon ourselves.
Duration: 6 minutes 48
Biography: Heidi Stewart makes soundscapes using recordings, voices and digital and analogue devices. Grief & attending to the self are themes that have run through their soundscape work for the time being, and perhaps always will. There is also other music that gets made but that’s another story.

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7: Marcello Messina
Title: Repique
Synopsis: We’re hitting a new, unexpected peak of deaths and contagions in Brazil.
Duration: 3 minutes 2
Biography: Marcello Messina is a Sicilian composer based in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

8: Chin Li
Title: Winter Poetry 6: Requiem in the Rain
Synopsis: Incessant rain has brought melancholy while nostalgia is breeding regrets, until a Zen moment of letting go is reached, enlightening the weary soul.
Duration: 5 minutes 7
Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as audio work.

9: James Wyness
Title: Marsh Cinquefoil Synopsis: From the album Dream Therapy, an abstraction of studies carried out in the natural world – recollections of dreams, walks, walks within dreams and dreams within walks. Hand-made, found and conventional instruments, home-made electronic devices and field recordings.
Duration: 7 minutes 10
Links: @JamesWyness

10: John Barber
Title: Music Heard from Space while Admiring a View from a Hill
Synopsis: A land-soundscape seen and heard from atop a hill at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.
Duration: 2 minutes
Biography: (see piece 1)

11: Mark Vernon
Title: Call Back Carousel: Voyages en Grèce (excerpt)
Synopsis: The basis of this piece is a found reel-to-reel tape of a Belgian family camping holiday to Greece bought from a flea market in Brussels 15 years ago. One side of the tape is an audio diary of sorts documenting the trip moment by moment, much of the time recorded in the car in between destinations it seems, whilst the other side is a recorded slide show commentary over a backdrop of traditional Greek music. In the composition of this piece excerpts from the tape have been combined with my own field recordings from holidays in Greece decades later in 2005 and 2015. Holiday memories of Greece from different times have been transposed on top of one another, intermingle and become confused. The production of this radiophonic excursion has been my way of taking a holiday without travelling anywhere – a sonic souvenir from a vicarious vacation.
Duration: 9 minutes 58 (edit of a 55 minute piece)
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whose practice focuses upon field recording, the manipulation of environmental sounds and acousmatic presence. His work explores ideas of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and the reappropriation of found sounds. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.

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