Programme of Works – Wednesday, 24th February, 2021

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1: Katie Revell
Title: Self-Study Cassette One
Synopsis: A short, two-part sort-of self-portrait.
Duration: 2 minutes
Biography: Glasgow-based podcaster and lapsed filmmaker. Co-producer of Farmerama
Links: Twitter: @katieannerevell Insta: _katierevell

2: John Barber
Title: Flight Control
Synopsis: The world around us swirls with dense, rich narratives we cannot hear unless we have proper equipment, abilities. The rapid fire directions of flight controllers, and nuanced responses from airline pilots are examples. Flight Control weaves one such narrative using live feeds from Athens, Brussels, Chicago, Kuwait City, Moscow, Sao Paulo, and Singapore airport approaches, and the Apollo 8 moon landing to demonstrate.
Duration: 5 minutes 41
Biography: John Barber lives and experiments with sound and radio in America’s Pacific Northwest
Links: Email: Twitter: @radionouspace and @reimaginedradio Website:

3: Jacqueline Jay Wilde
Synopsis: Jacqueline Jay Wilde is a writer, performer, director and a sound artist and a regular if infrequent contributor to LOLG presenting her sequel to SMILE with honest, touching and open conversations about many things – the sea, isolation, fungi, jigsaws and pyjamas. Thanks to Alison, Barbara, CE, Chris, Evelyn, Fiona, Jenne, Julie, Kate, Kerrie, Lauren, Lisa, Marianne, Michelle, Natalie, Paula, Sarah, Valerie, and Wendy.
Duration: 9 minutes 15

4: Ilaria Boffa & Mark Vernon
Title: Nexotica
Synopsis: Mark described this musical work as a distortion or subversion of constructed fantasies of the ‘exotic’ or ‘other’ that were common in the musical genre of ‘exotica’ popular in the 50s. Starting from this reflection and listening to the piece, I wrote my poem ‘Ode for Complexity’ building on the concept of authenticity, mediocrity (nothing is really superior or special a priori) and complexity. I strongly believe in nurturing complex thinking. Articulate and disassemble, deconstruct that simplistic and linear approach that weakens minds and relies on conformed familiar standards to minimise effort, sacrifice, care and discipline. Simplicity is derivative. Now more than ever, we need to stay uneasy and vigilant. Clouds are moving fast, they’re changing perspective.
Duration: 7 minutes 50
Ilaria Boffa is an Italian poet. She has published three poetry collections and she is one of the eight authors included in the North East American Association publication ‘Writing in a Different Language’ Vol XL 2018. Over the last years, she has been experimenting with field recording, blending her spoken words with sounds. Sonopoetry Works: Latest Publication: About Sounds About Us, 2019, book of poems: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whose practice focuses upon field recording, the manipulation of environmental sounds and acousmatic presence. His work explores ideas of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and the reappropriation of found sounds. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.

5: John Barber
Title: In Memoriam: Flying Squirrel
Synopsis: One part of “In Memoriam,” a four photograph and sound installation memorializing dead creatures found along the Pacific Northwest coast of America, in this case a flying squirrel. In addition to a photograph, a spoken memoriam is provided. The intent is to celebrate a purposeful life for this creature, and explore a new approach to sound-based storytelling. Duration: 39 seconds
Duration: 0:39
John Barber lives and experiments with sound and radio in America’s Pacific Northwest.
Links: Email: Twitter: @radionouspace and @reimaginedradio web:

6: Chin Li
Title: Philosophy of Walking 1: Crunching Leaves Underfoot
Synopsis: This is the first piece in a series of (half-baked) short audio essays about walking.
Duration: 4 minutes
Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as audio work.

7: The Ladywell lout
Title: Animoog Sweet 16 in a Perfect World
Synopsis: Using the Animoog app for synth sounds, extracting the ‘stabs the boyfriend’ scene from film Sweet 16 and closing with a brain lockdown brain chorus loop of ‘in a perfect world’ (by Kodaline) to make a bit of 5 min ish soundscape blunt life commentary.
Duration: 4 minutes 43 (complete piece but work in progress possibly for the final Ladywell Lout album ‘Schemeadelica’)
Biography: Audio recording and sound enthusiast, Radiophrenia fan and contributor, former the Just Joans member, JID member, the Ladywell Lout sound driver, 20 plus years of sonically fannying about recording achieving absolutely nothing with great friends.
Links: theLadywellLout/ https://

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8: Richard Taylor
Title: And Partners
Synopsis: A collection of binaural recordings and sampled tracks, mixed with a voiceover. Predominantly, the binaural sound comes from a ‘field recording’ exercise whilst wandering around John Lewis in Glasgow, in September 2020. The voiceover is an edited version of a spoken word piece, which Richard performed at Cooper Gallery in Dundee, in 2014.
Duration: 7 minutes 15
Biography: Richard Taylor is an artist and editor. He spends time painting, offers copy-editing services, and works with sound and video. All of this is done in Glasgow, UK, where he is based.

9: Nichola Scrutton
Title: Sounding the Space 1
Synopsis: Improvisations: Sounding the Space 1 is one of various vocal improvisations I recorded while on a residency at Q-O2 in Brussels in 2018. This was performed in the main space inside Q-O2 at 18:48 on 1st June.
Duration: 2 minutes 34
Biography: Nichola Scrutton is composer, sound artist, vocalist, improviser, and artist who works across a range of mediums, and she has extensive experience as a collaborator in interdisciplinary and participatory contexts.
Links: Twitter – @NicholaScrutton Insta – FB –

10: John Barber
Title: Riding the Rust Belt
Synopsis: An augmented performance by Marjorie Luesebrink, pioneering author of electronic literature in Cork, Ireland, 2019. Strange—right?—that works created with and meant to be consumed using computer technology would be so popular as live, group experiences? I think these performances are popular because authors and readers miss the shared experience of reading and listening, together. I recorded her explanation of the work, and reading of multiple parts from my seat in the audience. Luesebrink allowed me to combine these samples with road traffic sounds, sonic suggestions of tuning a radio, and conversational sounds to suggest a shared experience of listening and talking about what was heard. This collage-like sound narrative speaks to riding in a car with Walt Whitman, looking out the window while listening to the radio, thinking about the changes in Gary, Indiana, the Rust Belt, and across America.
Duration: 5 minutes 10
Biography: (see piece 5)

11: Julien Ward
Title: Whispers part 2
Synopsis: This work is a bit of a departure from field recordings and manipulation. I wanted to create a piece for harp and see if I could program the whole track. It’s a study of sorts and I tried to keep a sound designer approach to composing. My piece might not sound really as experimental or innovative as it could because I really wanted to see what I could do on my own, “playing” all the instruments. Playing meaning in this context that I programmed sample libraries in a way that would sound as natural as possible. It stemed from a need to go back to “instrumental” music while I can’t really play right now and don’t have bandmates to share things with. I also wanted to explore this idea to its extreme by not adding further manipulation of the sounds, which is where i’m heading at in the future. It’s loosely tied to the last piece I sent so I kept its working title “Whispers part 2” I hope you enjoy it.
Duration: 6 minutes 8

12: Jack O’Driscoll
Title: Metrolands: Central
Synopsis: Metrolands is a series of audio soundscapes focusing on the immediate area surrounding stops on the Tyne and Wear metro line. Contributors guide you through the local sights and sounds. All audio is original and recorded on sight.
Duration: 7:55 (Whole episode from a larger series)
Biography: Jack O’Driscoll is an audio producer and field recordist based in Belfast.
Links: Twitter: @milksupmedia Email:

13: Monica Brown
Title: Slumber party
Synopsis: An old man asleep on the sofa, a truffle hunting pig, a lion, a tiger……..or the French bulldog I’m fostering?
Duration: 3 minutes 15
Biography: Pet fosterer at the top of her game.
Links: Still not sorted them out.

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