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Programme of works, Sunday, 20th April, 2014

1: Lin Li
Title: Achtung!
Synopsis: Achtung! contains sound clips from a sheep auction and some of the
associations suggested by them. The German word ‘Achtung’ means ‘attention’
or ‘caution’.
Duration: 5 minutes 51
Biography: Lin lives in Glasgow. She has been making videos and sound pieces
since 2011 and likes the fact that they are more ethereal and do not take up too
much physical space.

2: Monica Brown
Title: Northpark House//Queen Margaret College//BBC (excerpt)
Synopsis: An excerpt from forthcoming sound piece ‘The Greatest Gift’ created
for Great & Good: Isabella Elder, & the history of women & protest on the Clyde.
Full soundpiece will be available at the publication launch and free event,
featuring performances by Liz Lochhead, Viv Gee, Maria Leahy and LA Callery
at 7pm, Saturday 26th April, Govan Old Parish Church, 866 Govan Road, G51
Duration: 3 minutes 55
Biography: Monica works in community media and will eventually get round to
putting something else here.

3: Marcello Messina
Title: [9]
Synopsis: [9] is the personal and moody manifestation of a collective
frustration derived from my Island’s perennial oppressed condition, which has
to do with invasions, massacres, exploitation and humiliation.
Duration: 1 minute 30
Biography: I’m a composer from Sicily, currently based in the North of England

4: Mark Vernon
Title: Derry: A look through hell’s backdoor (excerpt from a work in progress)
Synopsis: A radiophonic nightmare that re-casts the soundscape of Derry in
Northern Ireland as the backdrop to incidents in the fictional town of Derry,
Maine, USA – the setting for many of Stephen King’s horror novels. Passages
from several different stories describing the town were read aloud by Derry
residents and recorded as a voice track. The obvious disjunction between these
descriptions of a fictional US town and the reality of the actual city is confused
somewhat by the narration being in a Northern Irish accent. Furthermore, the
ominous tone and language, although extracted from pulp horror stories could
be read as references to very real events in Derry’s past.
Duration: 8 minutes 45
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose
radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to
experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced
programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC
Radio 4 .

5: LOLG curated piece 1 – produced by Malcolm Clarke
Title: August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains (excerpt) Radio drama, BBC
Synopsis: First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, May 11, 1977. This adaptation of
Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles classic was masterminded by Malcolm
Clarke of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The Workshop was the BBC’s
pioneering electronic music department, probably best known for its Dr Who
music. The production makes extensive use of the then new Vocoder, an
electronic device for manipulating the human voice, and musicalising speech.
The one unmodified voice in the production is that of the narrator, Garrard
Green. The composer Mark Ayres has described Clarke’s award-winning
production as “a beat-perfect lesson in pure radio”; and is arguably one of the
most effective Bradbury adaptations of all time.
Duration: 11 minute excerpt of 22 minute piece


6: Alan Meaney
Title: Love Was
Synopsis: An excerpt from an hour long radio drama written by Jason Gill. The
play charts the friendship of two young men from the Irish Midlands over a
decade during which one of the two main characters remains passionately in
love with a woman who does not share his feelings.
Duration: 7 minutes 5 (excerpt)
Biography: Alan Meaney is independent radio producer, based in Galway in the
west of Ireland. He specialises in radio drama and documentaries and is an
accomplished sound recordist and editor.

7: Neil Simpson
Title: gloo (2014)
Duration: 4 minutes 8

8: Annie Crabtree
Title: This Land
Synopsis: Four sources (This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, The
Promised Land by Elvis Presley, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, and
edited extracts from The Bible) layered and collaged over six tracks, examining
perception and romanticism of landscape and land ownership.
Duration: 6 minutes 23 seconds
Biography: Annie Crabtree is a practicing artist and producer based in
Glasgow, Scotland, with periods of time spent in San Francisco, California. Her
practice incorporates cartography, photography, video, and sound to examine
the subjective nature of place.

9: Barry Burns
Title: 23 Minutes To Go: Pleasure To Use Studio Postulated To You (extract)
Duration: 9 minutes 58
Synopsis: Collage composed from extracting audio from the twenty third
minute of video files on my hard drive in the order that they appear in that
folder. Another example can be heard here:

10: LOLG curated piece 2
Title: You have been listening to…
Duration: 1 minute 50
Synopsis: Found recording taken from a reel to reel tape bought at a car boot

// The end //


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