Programme of works for a special Radiophrenia edition of Lights Out Listening Group live from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow on the 31st August 2016. The programme was broadcast simultaneously on 87.9FM in the Glasgow area and online at

1: Seth Guy
Title: Soundtrack for Irresoluteoscillating (2015)
Synopsis: Completed during my residency in Dublin last year, Soundtrack for
Irresoluteoscillating was commissioned by Megan Broadmeadow for her performance
installation in a Victorian bathing wagon at the third Llandudno Arts Weekend in
Wales, September 2015. Combining prepared microphone and field recordings,
performance extracts, samples and music, the piece centres around an unlikely
swimmer on their summer hols hesitating to take the plunge into the sea.
Duration: 10 minutes (edited in 2016 for broadcast)
Biography: Seth Guy appropriates, reconfigures and juxtaposes materials to create
playful performative works which propose a discourse into the cross-modal
correspondence of auditory and visual perception. Working at the intersections of
language, memory and imagination, in which the act of listening initiates a need to
reinvent, his work is idiosyncratic; often humorous and occasionally disquieting. Seth
Guy graduated with a Distinction from the MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths in 2013
and, in 2015 was awarded a five year live/work residency by Acme Artist Studios at
the Fire Station in London.

2: Monica Brown
Title: El Cuco
Synopsis: What does it mean when you hear a cuckoo?
Duration: 58 seconds
Biography: Monica is a freelance radio reporter and producer and works in
community media.

3: Amble Skuse
Title: Still Again
Synopsis: There will be no victory the relentless gusting, rattling and
unpredictability of this natural sound will take no prisoners and renders all
other sound impotent. This is part of acceptance clearing the old wood dropping
the autumn leaves in the faith that a new life will spring from those bare winter
Duration: 4 minutes 55
Biography: Flute player and composer Amble Skuse writes interactive live
technology pieces which reference Scottish Traditional Music. Amble is an
International Creative Entrepreneurs Fellow, a BBC Performing Arts Fund
Music Fellow and runs her own producing house Remembered / Imagined with
Judith Walsh.
Web: @ambleskramble

4: Leonie Roessler
Title: Tehrsfahan
Synopsis: A sound collage made from field recordings which I recorded during
my artist residency in Iran in the spring of 2016. It is a puzzle piece, a carefully
assembled structure which is slowly being pulled apart over the course of
almost five minutes.
Duration: 4 minutes 48
Biography: Leonie Roessler is a composer, sound artist and musician currently
living in The Hague.

5: Thiago R.
Title: O.Mo (Oscillating Motion)
Synopsis: Is a sound piece composed for stereo speakers. It presents a range of
different otoacoustic frequencies conceived as an abstract experience to the
listener: the spatial ratio of mind and sensorial displacement.
Duration: 2 minutes 6
Biography: Thiago R (b. 1981 São Paulo; he lives and works in São Paulo,
Brazil). Visual artist dealing with sound in expanded fields. He researches
different ways to work with sound, building DIY apparatuses, sound pieces,
installations, etc.

6: Alex McGlynn
Title: Street Preacher
Synopsis: Street preachers are the vanguard of rhetoric, often found outside
stations, Oxford Street and Hyde Park Corner. In London Hari Krishna
devotees sing their message around Soho Square.
Duration: 2 minutes 27
Biography: Interested in how self determination is mediated through different
agencies and life experiences. My practice reflects on the sequence of actions
governing cultural production as I go about life sampling other people’s – real
and imaginary. Currently road-testing Charles Darwin’s daily routine using
photography and Twitter. I encountered the street preacher whilst undergoing
my afternoon Darwinian walk about.
Web: @McGly1,

7: Bronwen Livingstone
Title: Music, Potential, Music
Synopsis: Realising that many of the musical instruments I’ve collected over
the years were lying unplayed, I wanted to allow them to release their potential,
what ever it might be. The result, Potential, Music, Potential, is a multi-layered
piece that is by turns cacophonous and melodic. Improvisations played on each
of the twenty musical instruments in my house were recorded individually in
the rooms where the instruments are kept then combined to reveal the piece of
music they created.
Duration: 2 minutes 12
Biography: Bronwen Livingstone is a freelance radio producer and lecturer
with interests in soundscape, psychogeography, found composition and
scavenged speech. She was searching for an ocarina at 1.30am the other night.
She didn’t find it.
Web: @bronlivingstone

8: Alasdair Fisher
Title: Radio Show
Synopsis: Since this Lights Out event is for Radiophrenia, I did a radio show.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is a writer and actor from Glasgow.
Web: @alasdair_fisher

9: Duncan Herd
Title: Daily Intake
Synopsis: Simulating the routine of taking daily multi-vitamins through a sonic
assembly of voiced micro-nutrients complete with glitches from a CPU in
overload. Are these products essential, excessive or a superstition of sorts?
Duration: 1 minute 54
Biography: Contemporary Art Practice student at Duncan of Jordanstone,
Dundee. interested in the themes of artificiality, human behaviours and
constructed environments.

10: Jamie Loggie
Title: Take a moment
Synopsis: Combining music and spoken word, this piece aims to highlight and
bring to light the sheer beauty that is our Universe. Within this piece, music
from Ludovico Einaudi and excerpts from lectures, podcasts and interviews
with Richard Feynman, Alan Watts, Joe Rogan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson have
been merged together. The persons featured discuss what it is this Universe is,
identifying how amazing it is to live in the world such as this.
Duration: 9 minutes 37
Biography: I am an Audio Technician and Sound Designer with experience and
skills in various industries and fields including radio, TV, live music, audio
production and video production. Working with audio is my passion and I am
always striving to learn new things. Currently working as a Video Game Tester,
I am determined to procure work where I can express and apply my creativity
and technical skills with audio.

// The end//

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