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Programme of works – LOLG Project Radio Special – 2.30pm, Sunday 25th October, 2015.


1: Chris Dooks / Ernest and Tawona Sithole

Synopsis: This is a live recording of Mbira performers Ernest and Tawona Sithole. In

Zimbabwean music, the Mbira is a traditional instrument of the Shona people of

Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe is where the Sithole brothers originate from, but have been

based in Glasgow for many years. These Mbiras are thumb pianos placed in shells to

create a resonating factor which vibrates beer bottle tops nailed into the shell.

Duration: 2 minutes 52

Biography: I am an interdisciplinary artist and post-doctoral researcher based in Ayr,

Scotland where I specialise in practical medical humanities work and philosophical

art processes I’ve been a part-time digital art tutor for many years as well as a funded

photographer / filmmaker / sound artist since 1995.In 2015, I finished my five-year

long doctorate in order to develop practical, transferrable ideas for those who are

interested in improving their wellbeing through methods and media not previously

offered to them.



2: Lin Li

Title: Unvoiced-Voiced

Synopsis: With her face submerged in a bucket of water, Lin Li sings a popular

Chinese song Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower). Apart from being a personal attempt to

achieve a free voice, Lin’s act references Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution of 2010/11 and

its subsequent development, as well as unauthenticated reports that some Chinese

local authorities had banned the sale of jasmine in 2011, seemingly fearful of the

symbolic meaning attached to the flower.

Duration: 3 minutes 39

Biography: Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li now resides in Glasgow. She started

using sound as a creative medium a few years ago and often uses her own voice in her

work. Unvoiced-voiced was recently performed live in Glasgow (http://www.linliart.





3: Peter Beeston

Title: It Is The One

Synopsis: We’re told that there are certain things that we need to own to be complete.

But what happens when the ownership of such things become more important than

the actual ‘thing’ itself?

Duration: 3 minutes

Biography: This piece was created by Peter Beeston (read by Katie Richmond-Ward),

who runs the Sheffield based radio collective, “Cornucopia Radio”, which creates

award wining radio shows & podcasts for the world.




4: Leonie Roessler

Title: Café Dudok (from the album “Stop en Luister, Den Haag!”)

Synopsis: Café Dudok is a traditional Café in the center of The Hague. I made this

piece after recording there on various days and at various times. I cut the material up

and reassembled it, only using volume and panning to create an authentic sound

portrait in the form of a composition.

Duration: 6 minutes 20

Biography: Leonie Roessler is a composer, field recordist, and performer currently

based in The Hague. She earned her masters degree in Composition from the Royal

Conservatory of The Hague, and subsequently studied at the Institute of Sonology.




5: Colin Frank

Title: Landscapes No.2 (City from Within)

Synopsis: The city is a world of metal, concrete, rust, and plastic. No true wildlife lives here – nature is abolished to lonesome trees braced in stone boxes and the only animals feed off human scraps. Man wanders lonely through his constructs. For progress? For power? For enlightenment? Can the destruction of beauty lead to a sustainable future?

Duration: 4 minutes 16

Biography: Colin Frank (b. 1993) is a Canadian composer and percussionist born and

raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He completed a BM in performance and composition from

McGill University and is currently studying sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The

Hague. He is very much interested in live-electronic music, especially playing his own




6: Written by Paul Carr. Co-produced with Jenna Collins. With contributions from Dean Allum, Sarah Burman, Eddie Farrell, Tanya Kirk and Chris Scobie.

Title: The Fifth Runway Radio Tour – Demolition Tape No.8

Synopsis: The Fifth Runway radio show is broadcast from the imagined London

suburb of Endwell, an area made up of pubs and bars frequented by a range of

disgruntled workers and misfits. Through the sporadic broadcasts of Paul Carr’s

fictional self, the Endwell Radio DJ, we learn that The Fifth Runway pub is caught in

Endwell’s overlapping cycles of decay and redevelopment and is under constant threat

of demolition.

Duration: 10 minutes 04 (excerpt)

Biography: Paul Carr’s practice includes radio, music, writing, performance and

publishing. He has an MFA Fine Art Painting from The Slade, UCL and a BA (hons)

Fine Art Painting, First Class, from the University of Newcastle. Paul is from

Sunderland and lives in London.


Links: @thefifthrunway


7: Gashadokuro

Title: “Cell”

Synopsis: A soundscape of paranoia, anxiety and claustrophobia.

Duration: 6 minutes 03

Biography: Gashadokuro is a noise, drone, sound-design project as part of Hurricane

Sounds artist of rosters.




8: Ursprung Collective (Israfel Sivad – Marcello Messina)

Title: Medicine

Synopsis: “I take the medicine, / though I know it’s no good. / I shake. I shiver. /

Maybe I sweat, / but a spoonful of medicine / won’t do me no good.”

Duration: 2 minutes 24

Biography: Ursprung Collective: a spoken word/music/visual arts project with more

than 30 members worldwide. Israfel Sivad: Ursprung Collective’s poet, named after

Israfel, the angel who holds the trumpet of Revelation in Islamic mythology. Marcello

Messina: Sicilian composer currently based in Rio Branco, Brazil, who lived in Leeds

for many years.



9: Toby Wiltshire

Title: Transmission/Interference/Decay. (2015)

Synopsis: Transmission/Interference/Decay is a brand new piece from an on-going

body of work that will form my debut solo album of the same title. It represents my

current interest in sounds at the edge of decay and the way that we are haunted by

things (including sounds) from our past. It is inspired by Mark Fisher’s 2014 book

‘Ghosts of my Life’.

Duration: 7 minutes 54

Biography: Toby is a composer and sound artist living and working in Leeds. He

completed a Masters in composition at Leeds College of Music in March this year and

whilst there spent a year working one to one with David Toop. Since leaving, Toby has

worked on a variety of commissioned sound design projects,sound and audio-visual

installations and live performance. Toby is currently working on his first solo album

due for release in 2016.




10: Lauren Desan Naylor

Title: Cân yr Ysgol Gymraeg

Synopsis: The poetics of a walk on Beaumaris beach; the child is singing in Welsh.

Absorption of ‘other’ language into a most quotidian form of articulation- the idle singsong:

walking the dog, stones crunching underfoot, wind blowing off the Straits.

Duration: 3 minutes 15 – loop x 3 (excerpt)

Biography: Writing on the Poetics of Intimacy: Corporeal/psychic; proximate/distant;

spatial/temporal. Desire and resistance. Currently residing in Anglesey.


Links: @allurerannoy


11: Terry Wrag


Synopsis: A waitress speaks her mind.

Duration: 3 minutes 30

Biography: I am a film-maker, artist, female.


Links: @leedsartghosts


12: Jamie Ferguson

Title: fed back into a classifier

Synopsis: Explorations of recordings and software algorithms realised during

research work into creating audio systems to allow visually-impaired astronomers to

study astronomical data through sonification of the data. The piece comprises of field

recordings, algorithmic composition systems and synthesis.

Duration: 8 minutes (excerpt) piece comprised of elements of an upcoming record

Biography: I usually produce more percussive, club oriented music (see previous

releases on Tuff Wax and VaVa). This piece is the beginning of explorations in using

techniques I have previously used for club-oriented production in conjunction with my

research and study interests of human-computer interaction.



13: Tian Miller

Title: Singing in the rain

Synopsis: The making of these recordings came to me when it was raining quite

heavily in Norway this summer. Like most other places the weather forecast seem to

be one of the main subjects that people talk about. I therefore decided to make

recordings where the use of water was the main element.

Duration: 2 minutes 27 (Mixed recordings, work in progress)

Biography: Tian Miller is a Norwegian artist based in Norway. Her work has more

recently involved the use of sound as a medium.



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