Programme of works – Wednesday 6th December, 2017.

1: Elina Bry (Live)
Title: 100 Years old Finland
Synopsis: As Finland reach it’s 100 years, it is time to come back to this country
which gain it’s independence on a misunderstanding. Come close together to learn
more about the not so shy nation of Finland.
Biography: Elina Bry currently part of the MFA at GSA, considers herself as a
French/Finnish, both equally. Communication is an essential part of her practice as
each medium and language has its own strength. She sees language as a medium and
byrecognizing different self’s in her three languages, she makes the most of them.

2: Jack Wansbrough
Title: Blow Hole Kissing
Synopsis: A little script about a magic based on phonetic likeness, set to various fans
and wind turbines. It is one verse from a growing collection of wind songs.
Duration: 7 minutes 30
Biography: Jack Wansbrough is in artist currently focusing on recorded voices and
extra-bodily phonetics.

3: Kevin Fraser
Title: Equal Parts – People Find Time
Synopsis: Disjointed ambiance, with sound flowing together to create harmonies. The
work is sample-based combined with a minimal use of synthesizers.
Duration: 3 minutes 24
Biography: I’ve been working under the alias ‘Equal Parts’ from 2011, experimenting
and utilizing different methods in creating ambient music. My work takes inspiration
from general sound, and also from spoken word pieces.

4: Alasdair Fisher
Title: A Christmas Story
Synopsis: A man tells a seasonal story about his life.
Duration: 8 minutes 1
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is a writer and actor from Glasgow.
Web: @alasdair_fisher

5: Richard G. Simmons / Fay Stevens
Title: Confluence
Synopsis: This is a translation of Fay Stevens’ poem ‘Confluence’ (featured in the last
LOLG). When I heard Fay’s recording, it conjured up such vivid images, I was able to
visualize the text almost spontaneously in French. I hurriedly wrote down the words
that had come to mind during the first listening. They fell into place without too much
effort, such was the incredible imagery of Fay’s original work.
Biography: I was born in London, England but have lived in French speaking
countries (Switzerland and France) for most of my life. French has naturally become
my primary language. I worked as a translator for a number of years before turning to
technical writing in information technology. Outside my professional activities, I am
interested in photography, videography, voice-recording and music – both as a
listener /spectator and a musician. I am studying archaeology in my spare time via a
distance learning program with a particular interest in prehistoric cave and rock art.

Confluence (Fay Stevens)

A meeting place
Where the waters of Shona come together
Entwined in the element of flow
Transforming from two states into one
Converging topographies,
With a molecular memory of place
This island, its island-ness
Is an edge of edges, that merge and bisect
Criss-cross over the bones of the land
And the liquidity of the loch
Confluence (translation – R.G. Simmons)
Le lieu de rencontre
Ou les eaux de Shona se réunissent
Entrelacées dans l’élément des flots
Transformant deux états pour n’en faire qu’un seul
Topographies convergentes
Avec une mémoire moléculaire de lieu – pause 10s –
Cette île, son insularité
Constitue un bord, de bords qui s’épousent et se divisent,
S’entrecroisant par-dessusla squelette de la terre
Et la liquidité du loch


6: Wendy Miller (Live)
Title: Mirror & Day trip to Millport
Synopsis: Mirror – This is a hugely visual piece so I hope it will work well at a LOLG
night! Inspired by a Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, this is about self image, the
many selves we each inhabit and the lies that we tell ourselves.
Day Trip to Millport – This is a found poem crafted out of language collected during a
day trip to Millport. This includes signage, newspaper headlines, adverts and dialogue
I heard that day. Found poetry is a bit like having a language lens: it’s a question of
what you zoom in on.
Biography: I’m a word player; I play around with words in whatever mediums I can
find to indulge myself. Spoken word, page poetry, plays etc.

7: Elina Bry – (Live) see piece 1
Title: It’s a Heartache
Synopsis: Using my inner rhythm as a tempo, my body as a tool, I reflect on myself
and my capacity to stay in balance with myself. Apogee of a heart anomaly.

8: Marcello Messina, Deivid de Menezes & the Lights Out Listening Group
music police.
Title: “We all appreciate the irony”
Synopsis: Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately we will not be able to include
it in our upcoming programme because as a purely musical work it doesn’t really fit
the remit of LOLG which is more specifically targeted at experimental radio, voice,
spoken word and sound art. We appreciate the irony of rejecting a piece that is about
rejection and staying proud. Stay proud! Best wishes…
Duration: 1 minute 03
Biographies: Deivid de Menezes is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Rio
Branco, Acre, Brazil. Marcello Messina is a Sicilian composer currently living in Rio
Branco, Acre, Brazil.

9: Mark Vernon
Title: Potential Advertisers
Synopsis: A short sound piece based around a tape recording found on a Dictaphone
bought at the Blochairn car boot sale in Glasgow.
Duration: 7 minutes 40
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow-based artist whose work exists on the fringes of
sound art, music and broadcasting. At the core of his practice lies a fascination with
the intimacy of the radio voice, environmental sound, obsolete media and the
reappropriation of found recordings. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he coruns
Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for
stations internationally.

10: Ben Fletcher
Title: The False Self is Manifest
Synopsis: Meditative drone music made with dark spaces/places in mind.
Duration: 3 minutes 56
Biography: Ben Fletcher is a Glasgow based electronic musician and producer.

11: Chris Dooks
Title: Fidget and Ski Lift
Synopsis: This recording was made in The Aosta Valley, Italy 2017. It is a recording of
crickets. The recording has sat uneasily with me for a while now. It coincides with the
end of the fervour of the ‘fidget spinner’ craze of 2017. The crickets and the spinners
share a lot of sonic properties. In the background you can hear a ski lift bringing
summer mountain bikers and tourists to the summit. We managed to get our daughter,
in her wheelchair to the top. My wife wept with happiness.
Duration: 5 minutes 11
Biography: Dr Chris Dooks is an Edinburgh sound artist and carer, making sound art
music and multimedia projects for two decades.

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