Programme of works – Cove Park, 6th June, 2017.

1) Lin Li

Title: Unvoiced – voiced

Synopsis: In 2011, in fear of calls for a ‘jasmine revolution’ in China, the sale of jasmine flowers was temporarily banned by some local officials. In the sound piece “Unvoiced-voiced”, Lin sings, with her face immersed in water, a popular Chinese song ‘Jasmine Flower’, as a response to the suppression of free speech in China. On a personal level, this is also part of her own exploration of how to attain a free voice.

Duration: 2:41

Biography: Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li now lives in Scotland. She has been making sound pieces since 2011.  Being a choral singer, she is particularly interested in the human voice and the diverse sonic and affective experiences and ideas generated or communicated through speech, singing and other creative use of the voice.

2) Monica Brown

Title: El Cuco

Synopsis: What does it mean when you hear a cuckoo?

Duration: 0:58

Biography: Monica is a freelance radio reporter and producer and works in community media. She also finds it strange writing about herself in the third person.



3) Sarah Kenchington

Title: Pump and Parp

Duration: 3:50

Synopsis: This piece was recorded on the  Isle of Eigg using an adapted tenor horn, partly submerged in the tank of a hydram pump. On Eigg the main spring St Columbas well is lower than many of the crofts and they use hydram pumps to get the water up the hill. These are amazing mechanical devices that are powered by the gravity of falling water. The water falls through valves that intermittently open and close with an audible pulse. The principle that governs this behaviour is very similar to the conditions that create sound. It is a to and fro of equally opposing forces a steady but not stagnant state. The water pushes a valve open then the valve pushes back over and over. It is the same thing you can see happening when you play a horn with a balloon membrane the air pushes past the balloon then the balloon snaps shut, the resulting vibration is what you hear as sound.

Biography: Sarah Kenchington lives on a farm in the Campsies, she studied sculpture and has been building and adapting musical instruments for the past 10 years. All of her instruments are human powered, mechanically assisted, acoustic devises. Some are designed to be played in a conventional sense, like her pedal powered double ended hurdy gurdy/banjo. Others are designed to compose the music, like the Bell Tower a pyramid structure that distributes balls in a mathematical pattern. Her Flutterbox, a mechanical sequencer, generates rhythmic loops, or colour coded musical notation. In her performances Kenchington plays a semi-mechanical, pedal and pump powered orchestra, involving many of her instruments at the same time. She has performed internationally at experimental music festivals including, Suoni Per Il Popolo, Montreal 2012, and Tectonics Glasgow 2014 and also as part of theatre, radio and film projects.


4) Duncan Herd

Title: Daily Intake
Synopsis: Simulating the routine of taking daily multi-vitamins through a sonic assembly of voiced micro-nutrients complete with glitches from a CPU in overload. Are these products essential, excessive or a superstition of sorts?
Duration: 1:54
Biography: 2017 graduate of Contemporary Art Practice at Duncan of Jordanstone,
Dundee. Interested in the themes of artificiality, human behaviours and
constructed environments.


5) Tian Miller
Title: Tobias
Synopsis: A mix created from recordings of ‘Tobias’ – a Pekingese dog. Originally presented as a sound installation in the black box at Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim in 2012.
Duration: 1:53
Biography: Tian Miller is an artist based in Norway. She mainly works with mediums such as textile and drawing but has more recently gained an interest in making use of sound in her practise.



6) Sylvia Law

Title: Untitled

Synopsis: The piece looks at human resonance and how our presence can be

amplified through space. Using my voice, I connect the internal walls of my

body with the external walls of the site I resonate within. In this moment, we

exchange, embodying each other through our existence; becoming one body.

Recorded at the Hamilton Mausoleum, South Lanarkshire Scotland.

Duration: 7:21

Biography: Sylvia Law is a graduate from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. As an artist, she seeks to explore the invisible relationship between internal and external space. Her work uses the mediums of performance, sound, space and sculpture.



7) Catherine Street

Title: I cast my own shadow over it

Synopsis: Work-in-progress – I repeatedly attempt to narrate the same series of loosely connected thoughts, then layer up the separate recordings so that words and phrases merge with sounds from the environment.

Duration: 4:42

Biography: Catherine Street is a visual artist whose work tends to consist of layers of experience: her own body is often incorporated within an installation setting that has video, audio, drawn, sculptural, and written elements. The atmosphere is usually unnerving, tense, sensual, comical.




8) Sunnstede

Title: Fearful Symmetry

Synopsis: This soundscape is a reference to the poem “The Tyger” by William Blake:

“Tyger! Tyger! burning bright — In the forests of the night,

What immortal hand or eye — Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

Duration: 1:01

Biography: French underground artist, I fell in love with music at an early age by discovering my brother’s drum kit. After experiencing many instruments (trumpet, bugle, cavalry trumpet, guitar, bass guitar…) and playing in several bands, I decided to find and craft my own sound. Through years, I expanded the concept of ‘instrument’ to the whole physical world, and began to use all kinds of noise sources (animals, people, objects…) to create songs.




9) Jonathan Prior

Title: The last brewery in Alloa
Synopsis: Alloa, Clackmannanshire, has a rich brewing industry, but today only one brewery remains. This three minute sound piece, composed of untreated field recordings taken from within the brewery and the adjacent bottling plant, sonically traces the various stages of brewing.
Duration: 3:00
Biography: Now based in Cardiff, Wales I am sound recordist working on the production of soundwalks, sound maps, and other field recording projects.



10) Barry Burns

Title: The iPod Shuffle

Synopsis: There are 10,592 songs on my iPod. I often flick through the songs on random mode trying but failing to find something I want to listen to.

Duration: 2:26

Biography: Barry Burns is not the one out of Mogwai. It’s another one.


>>>>>> Interval <<<<<<<<


11) Peter Beeston

Title: Michael Bay’s ASMR Relaxation Mixtape

Synopsis: ASMR is an online phenomena and the perfect way to relax. But what if Michael Bay

tried his hand at it?

Duration: 4:26

Web: https://



12) Rhiannon Walsh

Title: t i n n i t u s

Synopsis: The replicated sounds of a particularly bad 24 hour bout of tinnitus squished into a minute and a half. Sometimes it is rhythmic, sometimes it has a pulse, sometimes it is so quiet I can barely hear it. Sometimes it is none of these things. Share my left ear with me as we experience these boring yet incredibly infuriating auditory hallucinations together.

Duration: 1:31

Biography: Recent media graduate, working part-time at a herb shop and part-time attempting to do “media-y” things.

Twitter: @TheNapKween



13) Claire Adams Ferguson

Title: The flies are gathering…. a journey from Dalmatia to Ibrox.

Synopsis:  Small sample from a large 17 minute installation for 8 moveable speakers, shown at Soundscaping at SWG3 in 2013. Each track was multilayered and interweaved with one another, moving the story around the room with samples, reinterpreted sounds and spoken word. The installation came from a funded writing and field recording research trip around Croatia in 2012.

Duration:  05.23 (excerpt)

Biography:  Claire is another Celt who lives and works in Berlin. She spends the days making noises, dressing up and drawing pictures. Her work is ‘trans-disciplinary’ but usually playing with archetypes, fairytales and understanding through imitation.




14) Vicki Fleck

Title: Time in the sea eats its tail

Synopsis: An improvised piece of music played on piano in response to the sound of a piano being broken apart.  The improvisation is themed around the sound of the sea as well as the sound of destruction.

Duration:  4:23

Biography: Vicki Fleck is an installation artist using a variety of different media including sound, textiles, video and ceramics.  A lot of her work responds to and considers ideas about the natural world and the human landscape.  She recently made some ceramic sound pots to act as windshields (and later passive speakers)for field recordings of badgers.



15) Chin Li

Title: How long is a piece of time?

Synopsis: This is a naive first attempt to make an audio work to imagine the unimaginable.

Duration: 1:38

Biography: Chin Li was a NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as audio work.



16) James Chapman

Title: Marblerun 1

Synopsis: The Home Education music group meet on Monday afternoons in Edinburgh. James (34) Meg (5) and Izzy (6) set up the wooden marble run and percussion instruments. Meg and Izzy collected the marbles at the bottom and passed them back up to James.

Duration: 2:31

Biography: James is better known as a member of The Forgotten Works, Meg likes cellotape and dancing, Izzy runs a cafe in her basement and plays the guitar.



17) Cassia Dodman

Title: Clean Sink

Synopsis: A composition of sounds describing the ritualistic process of cleaning a bathroom.

Duration: 01:45

Biography: Contemporary Art Practice graduate from DJCAD. Sculptural and

sensory assemblages derived from aspects of everyday living.




18) Sarah Boulton

Title: An Echo Looped
Synopsis: I had wanted to keep an echo, so I found one that lasted for eighteen seconds, recorded it an set it to always play on loop.
The above text was sent out to one person in the body of email accompanied by an attached eighteen second echo MP3 file set to loop. The email was printed out immediately and hung in the [degree show] space with the name of the person I sent it out to scrubbed out. The print out was an echo of an echo. It was sort of like an internet performance. The viewer in the space did not need to hear the sound for the work to exist, although it exists – on loop – on my website under the link:

Duration: ∞

Biography: Sarah Boulton was born in 1989 in Herefordshire. She studied MA Fine Art at Edinburgh University, specialising in Intermedia and looks forward to continue exploring her practice at the Slade School of Fine Art in September 2013.



19) Steve Urquhart

Title: ‘The End’

Synopsis: A riotous mash-up of endings, goodbyes and farewells… that refuses to be silenced. Produced for ‘Soundproof’, ABC Radio National.

Duration: 4:30

Biography: Radio producer and sound artist Steve Urquhart creates short-form and long-form features for the BBC, the ABC, as well as KCRW’s Unfictional, In The Dark (UK) and others. He’s worked in prison radio, produces soundscapes about homelessness… and in his spare time he tells you what’s coming up next on BBC One and BBC Two Scotland.

Web: @listentosteve







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