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Programme of works, Wednesday 2nd October 2013

1: Ian Rawes
Title: Raising of Tower Bridge recorded from inside the bascule chamber
Synopsis: The bascule chamber is one of two large hidden vaults where the
road section’s counterweight sinks as the bridge is raised. It’s built of brick and
has a quarter-circle cross-section some 15-20m across. The recording had to be
made remotely for safety reasons. Audio Technica BP4025 single-point stereo
mic and Fostex FR2-LE recorder. Many thanks to the staff of Tower Bridge for
their invaluable help in making this recording. Find out more about Tower
Bridge at
Duration: 6 minutes 54
Biography: Ian M Rawes is an amateur field recordist respected for his tireless
work on his Londoncentric field recording project, The London Sound Survey.
Previously he worked at various jobs including compositor, graphic designer,
market stallholder and music venue manager before settling at the British
Library, where he now helps run the Listening and Viewing Service. The
London Sound Survey presently hosts around 1,000 modern day and archival
recordings of the city, and has been featured in Time Out and the Wire
magazine, and on Radio 4, World Service and Resonance104.4 FM.

2: Angus Mackay
Title: The Rail Enthusiasts
Synopsis: A locomotive enthusiast and train spotter talk about their hobby,
why they do it and what they get out of it. Public perceptions of the hobby are
also discussed.
Duration: 10 minutes (excerpt)
Biography: I started recording people discussing their hobbies and stories
earlier in 2013. All that’s needed are a belief that people generally have
something interesting to say, affordable microphones and a good internet

3: Lin Li
Title: So near, so far
Synopsis: This is the soundtrack of a video of the same title (https:// It seeks to evoke the mystical quality of water in
nature through a combination of vocal sounds (breathing, whispering and
humming) and field recording of waves. The field recording is provided by
mossan_hoshi on The music is composed and vocalised by Lin
Duration: 4 minutes 33
Biography: Lin lives in Glasgow. She has been making videos and sound pieces
since 2011 and likes the fact that they are more ethereal and do not take up too
much physical space. As a keen choral singer, she also enjoys experimenting
with her voice.

4: Mark Vernon
Title: One Through Ten (excerpt)
Synopsis: In a simple process that maps the acoustic properties of a broad
range of spaces and places, participants were asked to record their own voice
counting from one to ten, pausing to speak each number in a different location
along a route determined by them. Extraneous incidental noises or events
occurring in the background provide clues about each location whilst the voice
itself activates the acoustics of the space. The idea was influenced by the
Ryszard Waśko film ’30 Sound situations’ in which the artist is filmed clapping
2 wooden blocks together in different locations to sound out the space; by
removing the visual information I want to test our ability to identify the
acoustic qualities of a space through sound alone.
Duration: 3 minutes 46
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose
radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to
experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced
programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC
Radio 4 and is currently digital artist in residence at Forth Valley Royal


5: Giuseppe Mistretta
Title: Tenement Flat
Synopsis: A journey through an interior environment.
Duration: 9 minutes (complete piece)
Biography: Recent projects include: Muscle Memory, The Walled Garden,
Glasgow with Claire Shallcross; unsmoothmaking, Transmission Gallery,
Glasgow and Lothringer13_Laden, Munich with Sarah Forrest and Psykick
Dancehall; Stories, The Task, Melbourne; The Braille Room, Intermedia Gallery,

6: Ian Middleton
Title: Weary River
Synopsis: Computer-processed analogue synth and effects.
Duration: 3 minutes 10
Biography: Ian has been making music with an analogue synth since August

7: Lucie Potter
Title: Location 4, Radio and Radar, Secret Bunker North
Synopsis: Part of a listening trail in Blakelaw Park, Newcastle upon Tyne,
based on two WWII military bunkers, the nerve centre for the air defence of the
north of the UK. Participants collect a special receiver and headphones to listen
to the stories at 8 listening posts. A collaboration with Collective Architecture
and Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects, commissioned by Newcastle City Council
Duration: 7 minutes 39, featured at location 4, 1 of 8 locations
Biography: Lucie works with communities and organisations to produce public
artworks based on connections with place. She works in sound, looking to share
outcomes with the wider community often as part of collaborative celebratory
events, serving as a platform for a diverse mix of voices of a much wider

8: Barry Burns
Title: Doing Quisby Episode 1
Synopsis: Public Address: Hello Can You Hear Me Now? was curated by Rob
Kennedy on behalf of the Queens Park Railway Club. A storyteller, a
performance artist/poet, a cellist, a comedian and a xylophonist were givien the
opportunity to broadcast to the early morning commuters at Queens Park
railway station in Glasgow. Due to what can only have been an administrative
error, I was the story teller. This is a work in progress version of the 4
variations of the story performed and recorded on the day.
Duration: 10 minutes

///The End///

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