Programme of works – Monday 4 March 2019

1: Pablo Sanz
Title: 49º 23ʹ′ 35” N 19º 32ʹ′ 52” E
Synopsis: This piece features surface and inner ice recordings made in the
Orava reservoir (Oravská priehrada), the largest (35km2) lake in Slovakia. The
speed of sound in ice is approximately 4000 m/s, entailing a much different
behaviour than sound travelling through air (343 m/s). The crackles and
mechanical vibrations propagate through the ice, travelling long distances, and
producing stunning percussive sounds and ethereal resonances. During a week
In January 2016, I made long recording sessions which created more than
sixty hours of materials. The piece could be heard as one week of listening
compressed into almost eight minutes.
Duration: 7 minutes 55
Biography: Pablo Sanz makes site-specific and public art projects, immersive
multichannel live performances and installations, exhibitions, broadcasts,
pieces for headphone listening and releases. His practice is guided by his
interests in time, space, materiality and nonhuman vitality.

2: Gavin Fort
Title: Birth
Synopsis: I took a wee handheld recorder along to record my partner’s time in
hospital giving birth to our child. We started in the birthing pool but were then
moved upstairs to the labour ward to be on the safe side. We didn’t know if we
were having a boy or a girl. I have never really figured out what to do with these
recordings but I thought at least it would be cool to capture someone’s “first
Biography: My background is in music production and studio recording but I’m
interested in anything sound related, particularly radio works and location
Web: @FortGavin

3: Brock Lueck
Title: Time Signature
Synopsis: Time and place feel particular foreign as a father contemplates his
daughter growing up and leaving home.
Duration: 5 minutes 22
Biography: Brock Lueck (Badger Sounds) is an amateur audio producer from
Edinburgh. His background in photography, combined with his 18 year career
as a social worker, has led to a fascination with the extraordinary stories that
we all have to tell. When given a choice, he prefers to point his mic at people
other than himself.

4: Sonic Bothy
Title: 3 Degrees Kelvin We Drift
Synopsis: Sonic Bothy Ensemble’s debut album, Fields, launches in February
2019, featuring pieces recorded after a year of creating new work and
performances. This track, 3 Degrees Kelvin We Drift, is the opening piece on the
album and demonstrates the group’s ensemble range and dynamic playing.
Duration: 9 minutes 58 (excerpt)
Biography: Sonic Bothy is an inclusive new music ensemble, based in Glasgow,
that explores, composes and performs experimental and contemporary music.
The group is made up of musicians with additional support needs and
experienced musicians who practice in Glasgow’s new music scene. Formed in
May 2012, the ensemble was the first inclusive new music ensemble to play and
be programmed at many of Scotland’s new music festivals, such as; GIOfest,
Sound Festival and Counterflows.

5: Rosa Farber (LIVE)
Title: Disturb the peace (what would happen to that waste?)
A call to disrupt the ongoing tranquility of our throw-away lifestyles; asking
‘what would happen to that waste if no wealth should come to pass?’
Synopsis: Explores the different faces of developments in Virtual Reality. A
dystopian setting where VR is sold as a service and clients can escape reality.
Biography: Based in Glasgow while studying at GSA on the performance
masters. Originally from a biodynamic vegetable farm in West Sussex. My work
has recently propelled into vocal soundings that address herstory, compost and
waste and use the body as raw material.
Web: email:

6: James Wyness
Title: On a better day
Synopsis: A new short work for electronics and recorded audio
Duration: 8 minutes 05
Biography: James Wyness is a composer and sound artist based in the Scottish
Web: @JamesWyness

7: Leonie Roessler
Title: Kalpit’s Kitchen
Synopsis: Kalpit’s Kitchen is a piece made of field recordings that I took in
India in November of 2017, during The Story of Space Festival. My assistant
Kalpit Goankar had invited some other artists and me to his village in the
South of Goa.
Duration: 9 minutes 54
Biography: Leonie Roessler is a composer, sound artist and musician currently
living in The Hague.

8: Tony Morris and Aleks Jurczyk
Title: LANDR-SignalDetectionTheory 1
Synopsis: The basic idea for the narrative was that Signal Detection Theory
which emerged in the 1950s to explain competence among radar operators
could be used to explain the competence that people have in detecting signs of
affection or indifference in potential partners. This seemed like an excellent
idea when I started but by the time the track was finished I realised that the
analogy was at best half-baked and at worst a load of nonsense.
Duration: 9 minutes 59

9: Lin Li
Title: English Lesson 1: Tunnel
Synopsis: This sound piece is part of a longer project in progress which
explores the different meanings and usages of the word ‘tunnel’.
Duration: 6 minutes 32
Biography: Lin Li lives in Scotland and uses sound and moving image in her
creative practice. She is particularly interested in the voice as a medium.

// The end//

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