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Programme of works – Wednesday 5 November 2014

1: John Hall
Title: The State Funeral of Joe Meek (excerpt)
Synopsis: This is an edit from a 30 minute piece broadcast live from Octopus hq in
Barrow In Furness as part of the Hannah Radio day in July 2014, performed using 2
domestic record players, five walkman-type cassette machines and a bit of guitar. It’s
part of a wider project loosely inspired by the allure of tape and vinyl, and a great
admiration for some key figures in independent record production in the UK in the
early 60’s.
Duration: 9 minutes 08
Biography: John Hall is an artist working with sound, text and visuals, He is based in
South Cumbria and is a co-director of The Octopus Collective Sound Arts and Music
Organisation, which produces the biannual FON Festival.

2: Connor Walsh
Title: Backpacking in Torquay – well someone has to.
Synopsis: Backpackers’, youth hostels, whatever you call them, there’s only one in
Torquay. The Devon town attracts pensioners seeking cream tea, and junkies seeking
smuggled… goods. Here’s a backpacking visit to Torquay.
Duration: 1 minute 21
Biography: Connor Walsh is a radio dilettante, a volunteer for In The Dark, and a
wannabe conservationist. He is based in Devon (but not Torquay)..

3: Jamie Cooper
Title: The Hunted (unfinished tryout’s for radio static installation)
Synopsis: Drawing inspiration from experimental audio works such as Aldo
Tambellini’s Black Trip and also more contemporary radio phenomena such as the
ghost of the UVB-76 cold war radio transmission.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: My practice remains driven by the same fascination in Existentialism
that it has been since my time at art school. I believe it is a given that we all exist in
wildly differing, self formulated realities. Which physical and metaphysical
components come together to form these realities is of great interest to me and forms
much of my theoretical research.

4: Catalina Barroso-Luque
Title: The Short and Happy Life
Synopsis: Audio piece that looks into the language and formal aspects of
documentaries, and the anthropomorphic and/or social issues underlying these. It
also looks into an audience’s trust and the failures of communication. The narration
alternates between whimsical social comments, story telling, and documentary.
Duration: 5 minutes 10
Biography: Catalina Barroso-Luque, born in Mexico City and currently doing an MFA
at the Glasgow School of Art. Received her BA in Fine Art from Central St. Martin’s in
London, and has shown work in London, Chicago, New Haven, amongst other cities.
Her practice seeks to explore and further understand the various ways our perceptive
faculties interact with the numerous schema that shape our day-to-day environment.

5: Venus Ex Machina
Title: Vier
Synopsis: Experimental composition. “A vivid and tense atmosphere successfully
builds suspense in this experimental composition by [the] Edinburgh-based
composer.” –
Duration: 4 minutes 22
Biography: Edinburgh-born composer.

6: Tian Miller
Title: Mahmutlar Bazaar
Synopsis: This sound piece was recorded at a seller’s bag stall at a bazaar in a village
on the South coast of Turkey in August this year. The sound of the call to prayer can
be heard in the distance and is repeated four times daily.
Duration: 4 minutes 53
Biography: Tian Miller is an artist living and working in Norway. She mainly works
with mediums such as textiles and drawing but has more recently gained an interest
in making use of sound in her practice.

Guest Curators: Wave Farm / Transmission Arts

Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organisation that celebrates creative and community
use of media and the airwaves. Based in New York State, Wave Farm programs
provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organisations
that engage with media as an art form. Wave Farm’s major activities include:
Transmission Arts programs support artists who engage the transmission spectrum,
on the airwaves and through public events. The Wave Farm Artist Residency Program
is an international visiting artist program. The Transmission Arts Archive presents a
living genealogy of artists’ experiments with broadcast media and the airwaves. Wave
Farm Radio is a continuous online radio feed and site-specific broadcast on 1620-AM.
WGXC-FM is a creative community radio station based in New York’s Greene and
Columbia counties. Hands-on access and participation activate WGXC as a public
platform for information, experimentation, and engagement.

7: Yek Koo
Title: live to air performance
Synopsis: This fall and winter yek koo, the solo project of visual and performing artist
Helga Fassonaki (half of free psych duo Metal Rouge), has been performing live to air
on radio stations only, including an appearance on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM on
Saturday October 25th. The purpose of her radio only tour is to investigate a sound
concept without exposure to the ‘missing element’ – the perceived contact between
audience and performer. Her current live incarnation explores the relationship
between body, microphone and air movement. It features vocal feedback, horn
exclamations and sparse rhythms moving with and against each other in space–a
visual performance for a listening audience.
Duration: 7 minutes 24

8: Ashby McGowan
Synopsis: Two poems will be performed. ‘While writing a poem’, is about the coming of
night and the blue star Vega rising in the dark. And, ‘Fragments of rainbow’, is also
about the coming of night. Both poems are complete.
Duration: 2 x 90 seconds
Biography: I have a particular interest in multi-voice poetry and am always looking
for new performers to join my group: Chromatic Voices 2. I write plays, prose, and

9: Sarah Kenchington
Title: Pump and Parp
Synopsis: This piece was recorded on the Isle of Eigg using an adapted tenor horn,
partly submerged in the tank of a hydram pump. On Eigg the main spring st Columbas
well is lower than many of the crofts and they use hydram pumps to get the water up
the hill. These are amazing mechanical devices that are powered by the gravity of
falling water. The water falls through valves that intermittently open and close with
an audible pulse. The principle that governs this behaviour is very similar to the
conditions that create sound. It is a to and fro of equally opposing forces a steady but
not stagnant state. The water pushes a valve open then the valve pushes back over
and over. It is the same thing you can see happening when you play a horn with a
balloon membrane the air pushes past the balloon then the balloon snaps shut, the
resulting vibration is what you hear as sound.
Duration: 1 minute 50
Biography: Sarah Kenchington lives on a farm in the Campsies, she studied sculpture
and has been building and adapting musical instruments for the past 10 years. All of
her instruments are human powered, mechanically assisted, acoustic devises. Some
are designed to be played in a conventional sense, like her pedal powered double
ended hurdy gurdy/banjo. Others are designed to compose the music, like the Bell
Tower a pyramid structure that distributes balls in a mathematical pattern. Her
Flutterbox, a mechanical sequencer, generates rhythmic loops, or colour coded
musical notation. In her performances Kenchington plays a semi-mechanical, pedal
and pump powered orchestra, involving many of her instruments at the same time.
She has performed internationally at experimental music festivals including, Suoni
Per Il Popolo, Montreal 2012, and Tectonics Glasgow 2014 and also as part of theatre,
radio and film projects.

10: Artist: In The Company of Architects
Title: Indeterminate Being (excerpt)
Duration: 9 minutes 33
Synopsis: Indeterminate Being is an hour-long work in progress from In The
Company of Architects, a distance collaboration featuring a number of international
musicians and sound designers. The current version features: Serge Merce
(Argentina) – Microtonal saxophone, Bruno Duplant (France) – Percussion, Paul Baran
(UK) – Drone and samples, Gordon Kennedy (UK) – Production/editing, harmonium,
washing machine, Werner Dafeldecker (Germany) – Steel guitar, Kai Fagachinski
(Germany) – Bass clarinet
Web: /

11: Monica Brown
Title: Camping in Scotland: Rain versus Zip
Synopsis: Take a camping trip to Aberfoyle. Lie back in the biggest tent in the world
(nearly) and enjoy the rain. And zips.
Duration: 2 minutes 2
Biography: Monica works in community media, radio and telly.

12: Vernon & Burns
Title: Vernon & Burns meet the Bride of Lichtenstein (excerpt)
Duration: 7 minutes 54
Synopsis: A rampaging, radiophonic phantasmagoria of nefarious four-colour fear.
The text for this piece is sourced from randomly selected excerpts from 70’s horror
Biography: Vernon & Burns are a duo of sound makers who create radio plays,
records and concerts through an innovative mix of samples, field recordings,
storytelling, found sound, chance procedures and music. They have produced
programmes for radio stations internationally and have released records on Felix
Kubin’s Gagarin Records and in Staalplaat’s Mort Aux Vaches series. Skirting around
the borders of sound installation, performance and experimental music, they
construct mini-hörspiels; complex collages combining antique electronics and toys
with modern technology, plunderphonics and novelty songs with electro-acoustic and
musique concrete forms.

13: Sol Rezza
Title: Ntangu
Synopsis: Among some tribes of the Republic of Chad, month is lunar but who governs
the succession of day is the sun as well as the seasons and years. The same word
(ntangu) means both sun and time
Duration: 8 minutes 59
Biography: Sol Rezza (born April 7th, 1982 in Buenos Aires City, Argentina) is a
radio producer and sound designer focused on the transformation of field recordings
and composing with virtual instruments.

14: Catherine Street
Title: I cast my own shadow over it
Synopsis: Work-in-progress – I repeatedly attempt to narrate the same series of
loosely connected thoughts, then layer up the separate recordings so that words and
phrases merge with sounds from the environment.
Duration: 4 minutes 42
Biography: Catherine Street is a visual artist whose work tends to consist of layers of
experience: her own body is often incorporated within an installation setting that has
video, audio, drawn, sculptural, and written elements. The atmosphere is usually
unnerving, tense, sensual, comical.

// The end//

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