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Programme of works – Wednesday 13th February 2013

1: Nick Fells

Title: Rifts (2008)

Synopsis: In rifts I was trying to create a sense of concentric spaces within spaces. It was created in collaboration with Yuji Morimiya at Sony Creative Centre, Tokyo, supported by the GB Sasakawa Foundation. In 2012 it was played in Den Haag and at Sónar, Barcelona.

Duration: 11 minutes 22 (complete piece)

Biography: Nick Fells composes and improvises with the textures and colours that

can be drawn out of found sound and instrumental performance. He teaches

composition and sonic arts at the University of Glasgow, where he is head of music.




2: Hannah McDonald

Title: Untitled

Synopsis: This year at uni I have begun to explore the possibilities of combining sound

within my painting practice. Through research and studio practice I came to be

interested in the idea that there is rarely a time or place in which there is not a

background ‘hum’. I created this using a violin bow on an electric bass in an attempt to

make the audience become aware of a basic background noise.

Duration: 6 minutes 29 (unfinished)

Biography: I am currently in my second year in Painting and Printmaking at the

Glasgow School of Art having previously attended school down in Canterbury, Kent. I

have only recently begun to merge my interest in the audio with my art practice but

have always had a huge interest in music.




3: Lin Li

Title: Unvoiced – voiced

Synopsis: In 2011, in fear of calls for a ‘jasmine revolution’ in China, the sale of

jasmine flowers was temporarily banned by some local officials. In the sound piece

“Unvoiced-voiced”, Lin sings, with her face immersed in water, a popular Chinese song

‘Jasmine Flower’, as a response to the suppression of free speech in China. On a

personal level, this is also part of her own exploration of how to attain a free voice.

Duration: 2 minutes 41 (complete)

Biography: Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li is a visual artist based in Glasgow.

Having painted for years, Lin started in 2011 to explore moving images and sound as a

creative medium. Being a choral singer, she is particularly interested in expressing

and experimenting with the voice.



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4: James Wyness

Title: The Hearth (2012)

Synopsis: The Hearth (2012) is a stereo composition which investigates one of the

fundamentals of domestic rural architecture, the hearth, by means of location

recordings carried out inside domestic spaces and enclosed cooking areas in rural


Duration: 9 minutes 59 (complete)








5: Mark Lyken

Title: Scar History.

Synopsis: Track from “The Terrestrial Sea EP”. The result of a summer long bioacoustic

residency in 2012 living and working with Marine Biologists from the

Lighthouse Field Station in Cromarty, The Black Isle. Featuring vocal contributions

from the LFS Marine Biology team.

Duration: 5 minutes 10 (complete piece)

Biography: Mark Lyken is an Electronic Musician and Visual Artist currently based

in Glasgow.



6. Barry Burns

Title: And the world was a song and the song was exciting (excerpt)

Synopsis: 3 songs from Les Miserables timestretched to the length of the film (157

minutes) then overlaid and edited.

Duration: 8 minutes 35

Biography: Barry Burns has mainly spent the last few weeks listening to the

soundtrack to Les Miserables.


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7: Mark Vernon

Title: Beneath us the clouds, above us the waves (excerpt)

Synopsis: An excerpt from a live concert at the Exchange Gallery, Penzance, 23rd

January, 2013 performed as part of the Three Points of Contact Residency. Composed

from field recordings made in Lisbon in June 2012 and interviews and field recordings

made in Penzance in January 2013.

Duration: 6 minutes 22

Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic

creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage

and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia,

Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC Radio 4 and is currently digital artist in

residence at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.



8: Ian Middleton

Title: Butterfly World

Synopsis: Computer-processed analogue synth and effects

Duration: 9 minutes 43

Biography: Been making music with an analogue synth since August 1996.



9: LOLG curated piece 1: Tony Schwartz

Title: Nancy Grows Up

Synopsis: A life condensed into the space of two minutes. Tony Schwartz made tape

recordings documenting the progress of his niece Nancy – taken from the Smithsonian

Folkways record “The Sounds of Children” (1970).

Duration: 2 minutes 15

Biography: Tony Schwartz, master of electronic media, created more than 20,000

radio and television spots for products, political candidates and non-profit public

interest groups. Schwartz has been described as a “media guru,” a “media genius” and

a “media muscleman.” The tobacco industry even voluntarily stopped their advertising

on radio and television after Schwartz produced the first anti-smoking ad to ever

appear (children dressing in their parents’ clothing, in front of a mirror). He had a

unique philosophy of work: He only worked on projects that interested him, for

whatever they could afford to pay. For thirty one years (1945-1976) he created and

produced a weekly radio programme of people and sounds of New York on WNYC (AM

& FM). “Documenting life in sound and pictures” is something Tony Schwartz began in

1945, when he bought his first Webcor wire recorder and began to record the people

and sounds around him. From this hobby developed one of the world’s largest and

most diverse collections of voices, both prominent and unknown, street sounds and

music, a collection that resulted in nineteen phonograph albums for Folkways and

Columbia Records.

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10: Barry Burns

Title: Suspiria Miserables

Synopsis: Humming the tune to myself after seeing the film, I became convinced that

Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables was exactly the same as Goblin’s theme tune to

the horror film Suspiria. I made this mash-up to provide incontrovertible evidence. So

that was my Sunday wasted.

Duration: 1 minute 36

Biography: see previous piece number 6

// The end//

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