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Programme of works – Thursday 8th December 2011

1) Robert Sanders

Title: John & Eileen: Dumbarton Road: 26.11.11

Synopsis: A borrowed biography / cut-up word puzzle / bus-stop field recording of a random couple.

Duration: 3 minutes 4 seconds (complete).

Biography: I make tiny lo-fi collages, liminal noises and disorientating spokenword things. (?)


Web Links:

2) Judy Spark

Title: Receiver Drift (2011)

Synopsis: The work relates to the notion of paying special attention to ones surroundings through the act of listening. Natural sounds with a similarity to those heard between radio channels, were broadcast into a space on the FM spectrum via a mini FM transmitter and picked up by a small gaggle of radios.

Duration: Extract; approximately 9 minutes (from 40 minute original on repeat.)

Biography: Judy Spark is an artist whose practice seeks to explore the gaps and overlaps that reside within contemporary human experience, in relation to the natural world. She is a lecturer in Contemporary Fine Art Practices at Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. She is based in Glasgow.

E. mail:


3) Chris Dooks

Title: Gwiazdozbiór Andromedy

Brief Synopsis: Using elements of a broken piano in my house, I invited Polish speaker Marta Adamowich to read me a list of key constellations in Polish. I am looking for ways through sound to introduce folk to astronomy and the night-sky and find the Polish language and her voice in particular quite gripping, so I edited it together very sparsely. I also felt it was a positive work of immigration, when the stars know no borders.

Duration: 4 minutes (complete piece)

Biography: Chris Dooks is a 40 year old artist working in lens-based media, sound and music composition. A winner of awards for Scottish Screen works, and signed to several record labels, Dooks is also an ex-television director of arts documentaries.

Web links:

4) Nichola Scrutton

Title: One Autumn Night

Synopsis: One Autumn Night is a dialogue between two contrasting kinds of musical material: one human and lyrical, the other clearly synthesized but also subtly inflected with speech-like gestures. The exchange is confrontational but does not lead to a victory of one ‘voice’ over another – a complex negotiation unfolds in two waves, leaving the listener to reflect on the end result.

Duration: 8’15 (complete piece)

Biography: Nichola Scrutton’s work spans the fields of sound art, music and extended vocal performance. Research interests include: the voice as communicative and sonorous material in live performance and acousmatic compositions; the boundaries between improvisation and composition; interdisciplinary collaboration; and sound as a vehicle to explore creativity in the broadest sense.



5) Vincent Price – you may recognize this from somewhere? Selected by Andy Knight.

6) Wendy Woolfson

Title: ‘The Maker and the Piper’ by Dave Francis (originally sung by Mairi Campbell).

Synopsis: A Ballad about a piper who is enchanted by a set of ‘magic’ pipes, very atmospheric and I thought it would be interesting to sing it in the dark!

Biography: Wendy Woolfson is a professional storyteller and tells tales from all around the world. She has worked with storytellers, musicians and sound artists and is interested in the language of the voice and it’s ability to transport us to different dimensions.

Email: /

Web links:


7) Rosie Toner

Title: We Moved

Synopsis:  A Short Story written in an Automatic Writing Style ie stream of conciousness.

Biography: Artist/Film maker predominantly working with film and video to make single screen and installation works.  Also writing short stories.


8 Monica Brown

Title: A Cuban Haircut

Synopsis: A slice of life in a Cuban barbershop. For 20 years, Chris hasn’t had a haircut by a barber. He decides to get one in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Cut and style tips by the Barber Danilo, translated by David.

Duration: 9’57 (complete piece)

Biography: Monica works in radio and community media. She also speaks Spanish, but you wouldn’t think it from this recording.


9) Ian Helliwell

Title: Time To Readjust

Synopsis: An audio collage work from 2010 created with radio and Hellitron tone generators.

Duration: 3‘20

Biography: Ian Helliwell works in music, film, animation, analogue electronics, instrument building, collage, light show projection, live performance and film programming. He has just completed his first feature length documentary film, Practical Electronica.

Web links :

10) Mark Vernon

Title: Christmas Rewind

Duration: 9 minutes (excerpt)

Synopsis: A nostalgic journey through Christmas’s past as we trawl through the archives of found recordings, festive greetings, carol concerts and audio Christmas cards from long distant relatives. Excerpts from a live mix performed at the Storey Gallery, Lancaster, 18/11/11.

Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer. His radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He also records and performs in the groups Vernon & Burns and Hassle Hound.


Web links:

11) Andy Knight

Title: Pink Floyd – Shine on you Crazy Diamond (instrumental)

Synopsis: An edited version made by myself for personal enjoyment, from the iconic original version of 13 minutes.

Duration: 10’44 (complete piece)

Biography: A mature student, studying Broadcast Production at The University of the West of Scotland. Loves radio presenting, documentary making and production. I’m currently working a short film documentary about the Scottish and Leningrad Albums.



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