Programme of works Wednesday 10 February 2016

1: Doaa Yule
Title: Doodling with sound
Synopsis: I have been writing my feelings on paper, feelings to be protected, covered,
discarded, etc. I found myself doodling around them so they are unreadable anymore
even to me. They are then buried deep between ink lines. I thought the way to do that
with sound is to cut words out of their contexts and put them out for you to do the
doodling. Each of us adds a whole different history and personality into any aspect of
our lives, a whole new meaning, so this way, when you hear these words they are not
mine anymore, they have no link to me anymore. They are yours, in your mind, in
your world, they are yours to decide whether to doodle around or reveal.
Duration: 2 minutes 23
Biography: Currently studying on 3rd year Art and Philosophy Contemporary
Practice programme at DJCAD. Majority of my work is of a conceptual nature. I use
any media as long as it adds to the concept I work with.

2: Cassia Dodman
Title: Clean Sink
Synopsis: A composition of sounds describing the ritualistic process of cleaning a
Duration: 1 minute 45
Biography: Third Year Contemporary Art Practise student at DJCAD. Sculptural and
sensory assemblages derived from aspects of everyday living.

3: Roy Moller
Title: Gifted
Synopsis: I am working on a series of poems about my Canadian biological parents
and my adoption in Edinburgh when I was a month or so old. I’m trying to fuse some
excerpts from it with music from my files as a musical performer, almost at random to
see what connections might arise.
Duration: 9 minutes 22 seconds
Biography: Born in Edinburgh, I live in Dunbar and currently work in Glasgow. As a
musical performer I’ve made six albums, including one about Lou Reed which became
a Fringe show in 2014. I’ve done two Marc Riley sessions on BBC6 Music. In December,
2014 my first poetry collection, Imports, was published by Appletree Writers Press.
Web: @RoysterMoller

4: Mark Vernon
Title: Cracked Shell (tape transplant)
Synopsis: An extract from a series of works combining field recordings of
contemporary Lisbon with found tape recordings from the past; reel-to-reel tapes,
micro-cassettes and Dictaphones collected from the Feira de Ladra market, a popular
and lively flea market in the Alfama district. Each tape recording is an audio snapshot
of a specific time; a family album in sound, a musical performance, a compilation of
treasured music or even just the fun of playing around with a tape recorder captured
for posterity. Every thoughtless edit or push of the record button teleports us to a
different time and place.
Duration: 6 minutes 58
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic
creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage
and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia,
Resonance FM, Kunstradio, VPRO and BBC Radio 4.

5: James Dixon
Title: Antares
Synopsis: On the 22nd of November 1990 at 02:17 the fishing boat Antares sank in
the Firth of Clyde with the tragic loss its four crew members. A nuclear powered
British Navy submarine, HMS Trenchant, having become entangled in Antares’ nets,
dragged her beneath the surface.This audio piece was produced In response to the
recent 25th anniversary of the sinking and is an accurate reconstruction of the last
Shipping Forecast before the accident, broadcast by BBC Radio Four Long Wave at
0:48, 22nd November 1990.
Duration: 4 minutes 23
Biography: Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, I now live and work in Glasgow. My art
practice explores psychological relationships to environment, using human
intervention within the landscape to highlight this association. I am currently a
student of the Glasgow School of Art’s MFA programme.

6: Tian Miller
Title: Singing in the rain (part #2)
Synopsis: This is the second part of an ongoing work in progress where I’ve been
focusing on water as the main element. The rain and thunder sounds heard were
recorded in Skjetten (east of Norway) where I live during the summer period last year
when the weather was particularly bad. Conversations about the weather forecast
seem to be an ongoing subject that occupies most people.
Duration: 2 minutes 03 (mixed recordings, work in progress)
Biography: Tian Miller is a Norwegian artist based in Norway. Her work has more
recently involved the use of sound as a medium.

7: Barry Burns
Title: Self-portrait with caffeine
Synopsis: This is what my brain is like a lot of the time – a tune I can’t get out of my
head and half-remembered excerpts from the films and television I’ve been watching
appearing at random. Very little rational thought.
Duration: 3 minutes 17
Biography: I was, I am, I probably won’t be now.


8: Duncan Herd
Title: Positively Hypnotic
Synopsis: A fictional, online hypnosis company offers you a moment to relax and free
your mind of worries before abruptly reminding you that not everything can be just as
Duration: 2 minutes 01
Biography: Contemporary Art Practice student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee,
interested in the themes of artificiality, human behaviours and constructed

9: Erick Crosby
Title: “La Belle Rosalie”
Synopsis: A mix of some of my favorite radio pieces and documentaries, snippets of
records and tape interviews, with added layers of textures and transitions.
Duration: 7 minutes 59
Biography: I am a musician and aspiring sound designer and producer. I live and
work in the moist city of Portland Oregon.

10: Robert Baldock & Sharon Quigley
Title: Mrs Robb’s Conversation
Synopsis: Mrs Robb’s Conversation is based directly on one of the few clinical transcriptions
to be found within the early patient case books of Stirling District Asylum featuring the voice
of a patient. It’s a tangled, disjointed narrative which weaves a number of ‘voices’ through the
source voice of Mrs Robb. More info: https://
Duration: 2 minutes 57
Biography : Robert Baldock is a sound artist, ‘old media’ artist and experimental musician.
His primary interest is in exploring the element of chance in electronic music and video. His
work is generally improvisational in nature, using a combination of performance systems
built with Max/MSP and analogue audio and video synthesis hardware. Sharon Quigley is an
Edinburgh based visual artist whose practice balances collaboration, participation and
engagement with self-directed studio practice. She has undertaken artistic residencies and
public art commissions as a professional artist and has exhibited widely both nationally and
Web: @aleatorymusic

11: Yann Seznec
Title: Telemetry
Synopsis: This piece is made out of archival reel-to-reel tape recordings of orbiting
satellites from the 1960s, found at the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia.
Duration: 5 minutes 47
Biography: Yann Seznec is an artist living in Edinburgh. He has toured extensively,
shown work worldwide, and was recently awarded a British Composer Award for
Sonic Art.
Web: @yannseznec

12: Richard Taylor
Title: This Castle Once White
Synopsis: A recorded version of a text written in response to a recent visit to Conwy
Castle in North Wales. Compiled from memory, the piece tells of current drone
technologies used to survey historical sites and their abilities as enhanced observers,
alongside the mortality of paying tourists.
Duration: 6 minutes 08
Biography: Richard Taylor is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. He develops
narratives for live readings involving objects and slide photography, writes for paper
publication, and makes videos and sculpture with additional voice orientated sound.
He co-edited the Gnommero pamphlet series from 2012 to 2015, works for a-n The
Artists Information Company and is on the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art.
Web: @richardtaylors

13: Amble Skuse
Title: Sgeul_1
Synopsis: Amble used a sensor which picks up electro magnetic radiation and
‘improvised’ with waving across different parts of her laptop, mobile phone and ipad.
These were then processed through a feedback based max patch, and then set in a
vocoder against their own reverb. These sounds are then set against the spoken word
of an archive recording, speaking Gaelic, from the 1920’s. The piece explores our
notion of communication and the way the voice reverberates through the electronic to
the present.
Duration: 5 minutes 31
Biography: Amble’s recent work has been focusing on developing strategies for work
as a disabled artist. Since 2007, Amble has refocused her work on composing and
exploring the various musicological frameworks around traditional and electroacoustic
musics. Her composition centres on the tension between traditional acoustic
performance and interactive technologies, received traditions and contemporary
technological immediacy, isolation and communication, both in terms of the
realisation of the composition and the musicological framework.
Web: @ambleskramble

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