Programme of works Tuesday, 16th July, 2019

1: Alistair Quietsch
Title: Street Sound Collage
Synopsis: A reworking of a scale experiment I recorded with a friend, Susannah
Clark, the piece was originally just a play with the scale and loops. However I wanted
to continue to dismantle the piece further, adding drones and running more and more
layers of the original recording through different processes against the soundscape
backdrop of the street outside my window at night.
Duration: 7 minutes 23
Biography: Alistair Quietsch is a Glasgow based musician who originally started off
playing solo improvised double bass works in and around Glasgow. After playing some
small DIY tours around America and Europe in 2014/15 he settled into the four piece
string and percussion group ‘Mhenwhar Huws’ who regularly run a sometimesmonthly
event titled ‘1.5 Months’. Outside of this group he works on his solo producer
project and has written music for small drama productions and recently a friends self
funded short film.

2: Zoe Beaudry
Title: Go Pirates!
Synopsis: My mom (sober) drives me and my dad (not sober) back to our hotel after
a wedding in Pittsburgh. She drops her keys down an elevator shaft in the parking
garage, much to our delight.
Duration: 8 minutes 12
Biography: Zoe Beaudry is a visual artist (usually) from East Lansing, Michigan.
Web: Website: Instagram: @zoebeaudry_art

3: Gavin Fort
Title: Loch Life near the Boat House (Edit)
Synopsis: An excerpt from what is probably my first successful/interesting field
recording using hydrophones. It was carried out in a small loch near the Cairngorms,
in June 2019.
Duration: 5 minutes
Biography: My background is in music production and studio recording but I’m
interested in anything sound related, particularly radio works and location sound.

4: Vernon & Burns
Title: Transient Lunar Phemomena
Synopsis: Mark Vernon (astronaut) and Barry Burns (good for naught) decipher
some curious transmissions from the moon. Featuring the voices of Elina Bry, Tony
Morris, and WOSARS bloke. Produced for the programme “Apollo 11 –
11 audio postcards to the moon” curated by Felix Kubin, commissioned by Kunstradio
and aired on ORF Ö1 92.0 FM, Austria last Sunday evening.
Duration: 4 minutes 04

5: Lauren Sarah Hayes (LIVE)
Title: Mini Savior Opt
Synopsis: The piece was formed out of a playful exploration of my most recent hybrid
analogue/digital performance system. An excessive number of components mutually
affect each other through an ecological network of sound analysis and digital signal
processing (DSP). Through the physical struggle, the performer, vulnerable to the
fragile instabilities that have been potentialised, attempts to navigate the
performance space.
Biography: Lauren Sarah Hayes is a Scottish musician and sound artist who builds
and performs with hybrid analogue/digital instruments. She is a “positively ferocious
improvisor” (Cycling ‘74), her music refusing to sit nicely between free improv,
experimental pop, techno, and noise. Over the last decade she has developed and
honed a deliberately challenging and unpredictable performance system that explores
the relationships between bodies, sound, environments, and technology.
twitter/instagram/soundcloud/youtube: @elleesaich

6: Wilberforce Humphries
Title: Are You Being Severed?
Synopsis: Mother always said I’d end up doing something experimental with a
continental. Maybe it was the constant sound of the lift and the tills at Grace Brothers
but after retirement I became interested in musique concrète. I ended up in Paris at
the Groupes Recherches Musicales where I found myself under Pierre Schaeffer.
Duration: 5 minutes 33
Biography: Senior salesman, menswear, Grace Brothers (retired)

7: Jamie Loggie
Title: Smart Fellow
Synopsis: This is a short fun piece that plays with the phrase “One smart fellow, he
felt smart”. I recorded my friends throughout a not so civilised evening of antics,
asking them to repeat the phrase multiple times. I then put the recordings together
and framed it as an experiment of some kind. Feel free to try and repeat the phrase as
fast as you can yourself and see what happens. We all need a giggle every now and
Duration: 3 minutes 04
Biography: I am an Audio Technician, Sound Designer and Filmmaker with
experience and skills in various industries and fields including radio, TV, live music,
audio production and video production. Working with audio and film is my passion and
I am always striving to learn new things. Currently studying Filmmaking Masters, I
am determined to procure work where I can express and apply my creativity and
technical skills with audio.

8: Mark Vernon
Title: Beforetime Guests
Synopsis: Made from field recordings taken in and around the Uhrenmuseum (clock
museum) in Vienna. Mostly, the sounds of horse drawn carriages on cobbles, chiming
and ticking clocks and an especially creaky bathroom door.
Duration: 4 minutes
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist whose work exists on the fringes
of sound art, experimental music and broadcasting. At the core of his practice lies a
fascination with the disembodied intimacy of the recorded voice, environmental
sound, obsolete media and the re-appropriation of found recordings. A keen advocate
of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has
produced programmes for stations internationally.

9: Tony Morris
Synopsis: This is the introductory passage from Ivan, a pre-recorded piece prepared
for this year’s Radiophrenia. The background is this: for almost 30 years, I worked in a
job I hated. I hated it because I couldn’t do it. To get me into work each morning I
would imagine I was in an even worse position, namely, exiled in a freezing cold cabin
in a 1950s Soviet Gulag. I would be Ivan and lying next to me would be the wretched
Sasha. Intermingled with this fantasising I would pray incessantly to God for the
strength to keep going.
Duration: 3 minutes 26

10: Anette Gellein
Title: Days After W Silence
Synopsis: This sound piece is a complete track, but an excerpt from a bigger body of
work that is still in development. To create this sound piece I have been working with
my own programmed synth as well as an analog synthesizer.
Duration: 6 minutes 40
Biography: Anette Gellein (b.1995) / Multimedia artist born in Norway but based in
Glasgow. Currently undertaking postgrad studies (Master of Letters- Fine Art
Practice) at Glasgow School of Art, with a specialisation in Performance, graduating in
August 2019. My work often addresses topics such as language, sexuality, and power
structures in the form of installations, text, objects, images, films, performance and

// The end//

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