Programme of works – Wednesday 4 May 2016

1: Mark Vernon
Title: The Reluctant Calcant
Synopsis: A composed piece using recordings made of two unusual organs – ‘wind
pipes’, a custom made organ built from over 100 salvaged church organ pipes by
instrument inventor, Sarah Kenchington, and a five-stop polyphone housed in the
garage cum workshop of church organist Mark Latimer. The piece uses several
different recording techniques including sustained drones, moving the microphone in
and out of the path of the airstream and running the microphone rapidly back and
forth across the mouth of pipes that are in full voice (similar to panpipes). The piece is
taken from the album, ‘In the Throat of the Machine’ which will be released on the
Entr’acte label later this year.
Duration: 2 minutes 49
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic
creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage
and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia,
Resonance FM, Kunstradio, VPRO and BBC Radio 4.

2: Alasdair Fisher
Title: Seance
Synopsis: A grieving young man hopes a voice from beyond the grave will bring
comfort in days of sorrow. But listen closely. These words of power can unsettle as well
as comfort.
Duration: 7 minutes 18
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is just this normal guy from Glasgow, who writes a little.
This is his debut presenting his own work in public.
Web: @alasdair_fisher

3: Das Lichtquant (not included in podcast by request of the artist)
Title: AR 2529 Flare
Synopsis: Released April 24, 2016. The song refers to the flare from the heart-shaped
sunspot (sun’s active region 2529 (AR 2529)) that happened on April, 17th 2016. It is
part of an experimental series of artworks created in a very short amount of time to
explore spontaneous creative energy via radical extemporisation and raw one-shot
Duration: 2 minutes 02 seconds
Biography: An outsider polymathic artist and poet, I am born neurodivergent and in
the mental minorities. I live and work alone in wilderness, in the mountains and
woods of the natural park of the French Vosges. The Das-Lichtquant project is the
audio experimental layer of my world.

4: Marcello Messina (text) and Lauren Redhead (voice)
Title: I saw them colours of your flag
Synopsis: A spoken word piece dedicated to the Australian Aboriginals, in praise of
their flag and in defence of their sovereignty.
Duration: 3 minutes 07
Biography: Lauren Redhead is a composer of experimental music, a performer of
music for organ and electronics, and musicologist who focuses on the aesthetics as
socio-semiotics of music. Marcello Messina is a Sicilian composer normally living in
Rio Branco, Brazil, but currently based in Sydney, Australia, for academic activities.

5: Vicki Fleck
Title: ‘time in the sea eats its tail’
Synopsis: An improvised piece of music played on piano in response to the sound of a
piano being broken apart. The improvisation is themed around the sound of the sea as
well as the sound of destruction.
Duration: 4 minutes 43
Biography: Vicki Fleck is an installation artist using a variety of different media
including sound, textiles, video and ceramics. Her work considers ideas about the
natural world and the human landscape.

6: Duncan Herd
Synopsis: Comprised of sounds made from product packaging, royalty-free corporate
jingles and coconut water drinks reviews voiced by text-to-speech generators.
Produced in conjunction of creating ‘A Product of Paradise’, 2016 – an installation
materialising the marketing of coconut based products through assemblages and
simulated sensory elements, commenting on commodification and advertising in
contemporary society.
Duration: 1 minute 37
Biography: Contemporary Art Practice student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee.
interested in the themes of artificiality, human behaviours and constructed


7: John Wilde (LIVE)
Synopsis: Many and diverse voices. Home, hearth, heart, heimat, hame. We all belong.
John Wilde’s latest piece combines music hall song with voices from the streets of
Glasgow and an old tune played on a small cello and as usual an element of live
performance. Thanks to Ally Fisher, Magdelena Hristova and Peter Lockwood for their
Duration: 8 minutes
Biography: John Wilde is a graduate of Edinburgh a College of Art from the days when
participation and performance art were in their infancy and worked with artists Lynn
MacRitchie and then Steve Willats on major participation pieces in the mid 70’s. But
enough of past glories! Get on with the show!

8: Sunnstede (not included in podcast by request of the artist)
Synopsis: The subaquatic tone of this piece happens to echo a real dive in a new era of
my life: being the first song released as Sunnstede, it represents the beginning of my
journey as a composer showing his work to the world.
Duration: 4 minutes 25
Biography: French underground artist, I fell in love with music at an early age by
discovering my brother’s drum kit. After experiencing many instruments (trumpet,
bugle, cavalry trumpet, guitar, bass guitar…) and playing in several bands, I decided
to find and craft my own sound.
Through years, I expanded the concept of ‘instrument’ to the whole physical world,
and began to use all kinds of noise sources (animals, people, objects…) to create songs.

9: Jenn Mattinson
Title: Desmond
Synopsis: Experimental piece using a small collection of sounds and interviews
recorded after the floods that hit Keswick, Cumbria so badly following Storm Desmond
in December 2015. Keswick is now back open for business but the visual destruction is
ever present 5 months after the event.
Duration: 10 minutes 21 (test piece)
Biography: Jenn Mattinson is a freelance practitioner and community sound artist
working mostly in Cumbria and Lancashire. She is currently facilitating an oral
history fishing project and delivering a creative arts programme for people living with
dementia and their carers.

10: Amble Skuse
Title: Balancing Act: 1464
Synopsis: Noise, our voices become noise, our names become noise, inaudible,
unheard, filtered out. In response to deep mysogyny, the piece serves as a ritual, a
mantra, a magical spell, presenting 1464 names, female names, invisible names, to the
concert hall. Composers who are “simply not there” are simply here, we “cannot
rewrite history”, we are not the ones rewriting herstory.
Duration: 4 minutes 55
Biography: Flute player and composer Amble Skuse writes interactive live technology
pieces which reference Scottish Traditional Music. Amble is an International Creative
Entrepreneurs Fellow, a BBC Performing Arts Fund Music Fellow and runs her own
producing house Remembered / Imagined with Judith Walsh.
Web: @ambleskramble

11: Vicki Fleck
Title: ‘the crows’
Synopsis: An unedited field recording (with some unprofessional commentary) of
starlings, snipes and then altercating crows, made on the island of Iona.
Duration: 6 minutes 48
Biography: Vicki Fleck is an installation artist using a variety of different media
including sound, textiles, video and ceramics. Her work considers ideas about the
natural world and the human landscape.

// The End //

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