Eilean Shona Programme of Works – Sunday, 22nd November, 2015.

A special programme of sound works compiled for a listening event as part of the Shona Projects pilot weekend on the beautiful island of Eilean Shona. The programme is made up of live and pre-recorded work by participants and selections from an open call in response to themes of remoteness, nature, islands, tranquillity, the elements and landscape.

1: Jo Hodges (LIVE)
Title: Untitled
Synopsis: A participatory experiment in response to some conversations had on Eilean
Duration: 2mins 30
Biography: Jo Hodges is an artist and curator with a background in community development and Human Ecology. Jo has a diverse research led practice that explores relationships to society, environment and place and she is interested in new thinking and practice in art, society, technology and science. Recent projects have included Nil by Mouth, an interdisciplinary year long project exploring food, farming, science and sustainability and A new Environmental Impact Assessment for Natural Scotland: Environment, Imagination and Aesthetics, which proposed a new model for assessing the impact of landscape change on people, place and community. Jo co-curates Sanctuary, an annual 24-hour public art event in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park.

2: Pia Dunne
Title: Play With Rain
Synopsis: Having spent a week exploring the small islands of Loch Lomand with two friends
and a dingy this summer, I decided to create my own island in my tiny music room this week.
On a day way when the rain bucketed out of the heavens, I was safe and secluded and thinking
of drinking Chai on Inchconnachan Island and dreaming of living an island life and what that
would mean.
Duration: 5mins 45
Biography: Pia Dunne is an Irish singer/songwriter, vocalist, improvisor, composer, band leader, educator and community music facillitator. With a degree in Jazz Performance and 15 years experience as a professional musician and performer, she has been involved in a number of collaborative groups with varying genres including folk,jazz,rock,world fusion and soul. Dunne’s latest musical project, Pia Dunne and The Eleusians are set to release their debut album in early 2016.
Web: piadunne@yahoo.ie http://www.piadunne.com

3: Peter Beeston
Title: Michael Bay’s ASMR Relaxation Mixtape
Synopsis: ASMR is an online phenomena and the perfect way to relax. But what if Michael Bay
tried his hand at it?
Duration: 4 minutes 26
Biography: This piece was written and created by Peter Beeston who runs the Sheffield based radio collective, “Cornucopia Radio”, which creates award wining radio shows & podcasts for the world.
Links: studio@cornucopia-radio.co.uk http://www.cornucopia-radio.co.uk

4: Less (Paul Good & Kirsty Wood)
Title: End of Tomorrow
Synopsis: Track taken from their first album.
Duration:  5 mins 10
Biography: Paul Good & Kirsty Wood are collaborative London based artists who also perform as a band called ‘Less’. Begun as a minimalist art rock band, at first separate to, but now an extension of their own individual art practices. They create installations using symbols, relics and paraphernalia from the original band. From 2009-2012 they ran a project space called SHIFT in mile end, east London.
Links: http://www.paulgoodandkirstywood.com/Pages/aboutus.aspx   http://soundless.world/track/album-preview

5: Frank McElhinney
Title: Hallaig
Synopsis: A reading of the poem ‘Hallaig’ by Sorley MacLean.
Duration: 2 mins 40
Biography: Frank McElhinneyis an artist currently working on a project that explores abandoned settlements in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. As a young man Frank studied History and Philosophy at Glasgow University. After twenty years working in industry he studied Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. Frank is interested in how our physical environment helps shape our identity. It is a subject that carries added weight in a stateless nation like Scotland that also happens to have one of the most sublime landscapes on Earth.

6: Seth Guy
Title: A Deeper Sea v.5 (II)
Synopsis: Made by placing a prepared microphone amongst the leaves and branches of a tree
on Killiney Hill facing the bay during strong gusts of coastal winds. As with the nine other
Deeper Sea, (and the earlier Deeper River recordings), I’ve processed the original field
recording with EQ to invert and diminish certain frequencies and added Reverb to exaggerate
what remains to create something otherworldly. Recorded as part of my research for a
commission during my recent artist residency in Dublin, as part of the Fire Station Artist
Exchange July-August 2015.
Duration: 8 minutes 02
Biography: Seth Guy appropriates, reconfigures and juxtaposes materials to create playful performative works which propose a discourse into the cross-modal correspondence of auditory and visual perception. Working at the intersections of language, memory and imagination, in which the act of listening initiates a need to reinvent, his work is idiosyncratic; often humorous and occasionally disquieting. Seth Guy graduated with a Distinction from the MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths in 2013 and, in 2015 was awarded a five year live/work residency by Acme Artist Studios at the Fire Station in London.
Links: http://soundcloud.com/artist_seth_guy_dublin

7: Joanna Helfer
Title: Donald
Synopsis: A phonecall with my Grandpa, Donald McKean from the summit of Beinn a’
Bhaillidh, the highest point on Shona. A clear day.
Duration: 4 mins 20
Biography: Joanna Helfer is a Dundee based visual artist working across a range of disciplines including performance, photography, printmaking and video. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2009 with a degree in Time Based Art. In 2011 she founded Tin Roof Collective as a response to the city’s growing need for studios and facilities for artists. She currently has her studio here and serves as Chair. Joanna’s practice uses walking as a way of engaging with spaces and discovering themes of urban and rural community, safety and gender and underlying histories, stories and religion.

8: Nichola Scrutton
Title: Lateral
Synopsis: River water sounds, place names, info from tidal charts and signal/radio sounds
serve as signposts, rooting Lateral in the real world. But the flow of water and rhythms of a
vocal landscape contribute to a sense of multiple spatial and historical resonances, and to
ideas of flowing with and against the current.
Duration: 11minutes 15
Biography: Nichola Scrutton is a composer/performer, sound artist and facilitator based in Glasgow.
Links: nic@nicholascrutton.co.uk
Twitter: @NicholaScrutton
Website: http://www.nicholascrutton.co.uk

9: Nicola White
Title: The Island That Likes To Be Visited
Synopsis: Monologue extracted from the play ‘Mary Rose’ by J.M. Barrie, set in this location.
Duration: 2 mins
Biography: Nicola White is an Irish writer and producer based on the Rosneath Peninsula on the Firth of Clyde. Her first novel In The Rosary Garden (Cargo) won the 2013 Dundee International Book Prize and was shortlisted for The Deanston Prize. Her short stories and critical writing have been widely published in journals and anthologies and broadcast on radio. In 2009 she won a Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award. She has also recently completed a collaborative audio project with artist Mark Vernon and musician Bill Wells, entitled Songs for Someone New, to be launched in the new year. This takes the form of a ‘radio ballad’ and is inspired by the ability of children in the womb to hear music and recognise individual voices.

10: Vicky Fleck
Title: ‘time in the sea eats its tail’
Synopsis: An improvised piece of music played on piano in response to the sound of a piano being broken apart.  The improvisation is themed around the sound of the sea as well as the sound of destruction.
Duration: 4 minutes 43 seconds
Biography: Vicki Fleck is an installation artist using a variety of different media including sound, textiles, video and ceramics.  A lot of her work responds to and considers ideas about the natural world and the human landscape.  She recently made some ceramic sound pots to act as windshields (and later passive speakers) for field recordings of badgers.
Links: vjfleck68@gmail.com

11: Fay Stevens (LIVE)
Title: Confluence
Duration: 3 mins
Biography: Fay Stevens is an archaeologist, curator and artist (performance and visual) who is engaged with sensory experience of landscape. Fay specialises in the philosophical school of phenomenology as a critical, creative and practical lens through which she works. As an archaeologist, Fay researches and publishes on a phenomenology of landscape. Elemental interplay, perception, memory, in situ practice and the haptic qualities of objects are subjects she has published on. Fay is currently researching the ritual deposition of objects into watery contexts and has published on and organised research seminars on islands.

12: LOLG curated piece:
Artist: In the Dark
Title: Hubbub Relaxation/Stress Tape – Wellcome Collection
Synopsis: Close your eyes, breathe and relax… if you can. This relaxation/stress tape was produced as part of a residency at Hubbub inthe Wellcome Collection. Excerpt includes:
Introduction: Produced by Ed Prosser, ft. Rhett Griffiths, music by Paul Carr
Tony Myint’s top tips for a restful life: Produced by Nina Garthwaite, ft. Tony Myint, music by Kevin MacLeod
Sunny interlude: Produced by Ed ProsserDuration:
Duration: 7 mins 40
Biography: In The Dark is a collaborative project between a new generation of radio producers and radio enthusiasts. We aim to create a mini-revolution in the way people think about spoken-word radio by lifting it out of its traditional settings and celebrating it in new and exciting ways. Over the last five years we have commissioned new works from producers around the world, and staged countless live listening events at festivals, theatres, cinemas and museums.We firmly believe that sound tells the best stories. We are best known for our monthly live listening events, held in packed venues throughout London – a bit like a cinema, but without the pictures. In The Dark is run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers.
Links: http://www.inthedarkradio.org

13: Lauren Sarah Hayes
Title: Scorched Earth (excerpt)
Synopsis: Scorched Earth (2015) is part of Sounding Out Spaces, an ongoing series of collaborations between Lauren Sarah Hayes (site-responsive performance) and Tobias Feltus (analogue [+ digital] photography). This piece is a document of a recording at the once booming sea-side resort, now abandoned Bombay Beach, The Salton Sea, California 13/3/15. The Salton Sea is a man-made environmental disaster. The decaying sea is host to large-scale bird and fish die-offs. Its shores are covered with salt-encrusted skeletons. Expecting to work with portable live electronics, we were pleasantly surprised to find an abandoned piano frame on the beach. This is the only instrument that features in this performance. Along with the sound of birds, planes and distant freight trains.
Duration: 5:15 (excerpt)
Biography: Lauren Sarah Hayes is a musician and sound artist from Glasgow who works with combinations of self-built instruments, acoustic ensembles and live electronics. She is a regular improviser on both augmented piano and analogue/digital hybrid electronics. She is an associate of the New Radiophonic Workshop.
Links: laurensarahhayes@gmail.com

14: David Philp
Title: Minor Rhythm
Synopsis: This piece explores the natural phenomenon of the harmonic series and the relationship between pitch and rhythm.
The three speeds in this polyrhythm are in the same relation to each other as the three pitches of a pure minor chord. The natural pulse is shifted between the three speeds throughout the piece.
Duration: 5:37.
Biography: I am a composer and tutor based in Glasgow. My current interests include the harmonic series and its manipulation throughout history and across cultures, leading to my exploration of microtonal and polyrhythmic composition. I work with sound, and in conjunction with moving image.
Email address: davidphilp1@yahoo.co.uk

15: Michelle Hall
Title: A Package
Synopsis: This audio piece is a recitation of a text work that was written in response to a
collection of objects that made up a larger artwork. These objects served as a catalyst for the
text which was written through the consideration of the objects’ associated memories merged
with attached meanings. It is a non-linear, visceral and tactile investigation of the objects’
qualities and narrative potential. Throughout, it oscillates between themes of freedom and
Duration: 4 minutes 10
Biography: Hall is an Irish visual artist who uses writing in various ways throughout her interdisciplinary practice. She is currently studying a combined practice and theory pathway on the MA Art in the Contemporary World programme at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.
Links: hall.shell@gmail.com

16: Eilean Shona Projects Pilot Weekend 2015 Participants
Title: Eilean Shona Soundscape
Synopsis: A soundscape constructed from sounds recorded on the island and on the journey there by LOLG and participants in the pilot weekend. Includes field recordings by Urara Tsuchiya, Paul Kindersley, Bryony McIntyre, Erin Busswood, Monica Brown and Mark Vernon plus excerpts from an interview with Gavin Parsons, a lecturer on the Island Studies programme at University of the Highlands and Islands. Sounds include the train journey to Fort William, the boat over to the island, harp playing, table tennis in the village hall, snooker balls, breaking sheets of ice from pools on the top of Eilean Sona, lawn roller, walking through the undergrowth, a trickling burn and the exhaust pipe of the quad bike.
Duration: 9 mins

              // The End //


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