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Programme of works – Wednesday 29 April 2015

1: Tony Nuttall
Title: When an insert tape became a FRIDGE
Synopsis: An Insert Tape was required by BBC Bristol to be sent from TV Centre. A
request was made the day before it was needed. The mail room at TV Centre wrote out
the delivery note for the courier. For safe keeping, as the tape had not arrived from
the RP Library, the mail room attached the delivery note temporally to the office
fridge. The person in the mail room went for lunch with the intention of attaching the
Insert Tape Delivery note to the Insert Tape when they returned from lunch. When
they returned from lunch the Fridge had disappeared!!!! Donated by Tony Nuttall:
Former employee of the BBC, Borders TV, BAe and currently proprietor of Cumbria
Clock Restoration.

2: Sunnstede
Title: “Fearful Symmetry”
Synopsis: This soundscape is a reference to the poem “The Tyger” by William
Blake: “Tyger! Tyger! burning bright — In the forests of the night, What
immortal hand or eye — Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”
Duration: 1 minute 01 (complete piece)
Biography: French underground artist, I fell in love with music at an early age by
discovering my brother’s drum kit. After experiencing many instruments (trumpet,
bugle, cavalry trumpet, guitar, bass guitar…) and playing in several bands, I decided
to find and craft my own sound. Through years, I expanded the concept of ‘instrument’
to the whole physical world, and began to use all kinds of noise sources (animals,
people, objects…) to create songs.
Web: http://

3: Mark Vernon
Title: Audiology for beginners – a self assessment radio hearing test
Synopsis: Audiology for beginners plays with the idea (and the impracticalities) of
delivering a hearing test over the airwaves. The typical sounds of the hearing test –
sine tones at specific frequencies and white noise used to mask voices, becomes source
material for a radio piece that is part radiophonic composition and part genuine
attempt at a workable over the air hearing exam. Audiology for Beginners was
completed during a residency at the Wave Farm study centre in Acra, NY and was first
broadcast on WGXC 90.7 FM in the Greene and Columbia Counties of New York State
in 2014.
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose
radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays
toexperimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced
Lights Out Listening Group Follow us on twitter @Lights_Out_LG
programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC
Radio 4.

4: Neil Simpson
Title: Cramond
Synopsis: A ten minute long extract from twenty minutes of very, very, very
repetitive guitar. Performed live.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo (Neil Simpson and Mike
Gallagher) made minimalist drone and repetitive music from 2003 until 2012.
They performed across the UK, including a series of performances on four of
the islands in the Firth of Forth. They were interested in layering, texture, old
dictaphones, terrible accordions, playing the guitar very, very, very
repetitively, and, subsequently, repetitive strain injury.

5: Ursprung Collective
Title: History’s Mystery
Synopsis: “As if there’s some sort of / magic in history… as if / there’s some sort
of mystery / in the past… as if our parents / had something to teach us… as / if
we had something to learn”
Duration: 4 minutes 11 – complete piece
Biography: Ursprung Collective: a spoken word/music/visual arts project with
more than 30 members worldwide. Israfel Sivad: Ursprung Collective’s poet,
named after Israfel, the angel who holds the trumpet of Revelation in Islamic
mythology. Marcello Messina: Sicilian composer currently based in Rio Branco,
Acre, Brazil.

6: The Meaning Dependency Clinic
Title: Extract of minutes from the inaugural meeting Saturday 18th April 2015
Synopsis: A fellowship of men and women who share their experience,
strength and hope with each other in order that they may solve their common
problem and help others.
Duration: 10 minutes (extract)

7: Das-Lichtquant (Eva Wollenberg)
Title: Banshees / Teneral
Duration: 2 minutes 42 / 1 minute
Synopsis: BANSHEES – The single is part of a growing experimental serie of
artworks created in a very short amount of time to explore spontaneous
creative energy. It has been given birth in a few hours, audio and video. The
creative process is one of radical improvisation, one shot recording, welcoming
accidents. It is an ode to wilderness and its raw energy.
TENERAL – Teneral is a spoken word poem about metamorphosis, letting go of
an outgrown identity, having the courage to embrace change, the future.
Biography: I am a French polymathic artist and poet of Polish origins born in
1982. I live and work in the middle of the woods, in the mountains of East of
France. The Das-Lichtquant project is the audio part of my ecosystem.
Web: http://
8: Monica Brown
Title: Hija de Obatalá/ Virgen de las Mercedes
Synopsis: Quite often in Cuba, you see people walking around dressed from
head to toe in one colour. These people are practicing Santeria, an Afro-
Caribbean religion that is based on West African beliefs mixed with a bit of
Catholicism. This is an exerpt of a recording of a reading done for me, carried
out by a Cuban woman that practices Santeria in her home.
Duration: 3 minutes (exerpt, work in progress)
Biography: Monica works in community media, and keeps dabbling in these
kind of experiences, ocassionally checking back to see what has come true.

9: Jamie Cooper
Title: Mega dark zero (I remember nothing)
Duration: 9 minutes 54 (complete)
Synopsis: MEGA DARK ZERO draws its title from the book titled Capitalist
Realism by Mark Fisher in which the author talks about our time as a zero hour
Biography: Born in England and displaced to Scotland in 1977 and a graduate
of the Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art. Jamie
Cooper has exhibited in; Sydney, Berlin, Glasgow, Blackpool, Edinburgh,

10: Tian Miller
Title: While we get ready for bed
Duration: 6 minutes 43 (excerpt)
Synopsis: This recording is taken from a Norwegian children’s TV program that was
produced in 1978 called “Mens vi går og legger oss”. It used to be one of my favourite
programs at that time. It’s about a person who has a cuddly toy, a hippopotamus
named Flode and is getting prepared for bed. The program points out the importance
of looking after your teeth while creating a comfort around children’s bedtime. The
song he’s singing while he is brushing Flode’s teeth is suppose to make it more
enjoyable and in the end you’ll get a kiss every time you brush them.
Biography: Tian Miller is an artist based in Norway. Her work has more
recently involved the use of sound as a medium.

11: Neil Simpson
Title: There Their (Live Performance)
Synopsis: The main ideas in the piece relate to performance and performativity.
Music performances usually involve a lot of light and a lot of moving around. This
piece involves almost no light and no moving around. However, thanks to the pose I
adopt, it is still clearly a performance, albeit one which could be said to be redacted
and damaged (the use of TCP is intended to heighten this sense of damage through its
strong association with minor injuries). I am hopeful that this piece would help people
reflect on the extent to which any musical performance is redacted and demonstrates
a damaged, constrained version of a person. I am also hopeful that this could extend
into a consideration of the extent to which we self-censor our actions and thoughts in
relation to received ideas of ourselves and others.
Duration: 8 minutes approx
Biography: Neil’s practice is very varied, and is deliberately difficult to summarise.
It currently includes an interest in embodiment and performativity. In particular, he
is interested in the extent to which bodies and objects are humanised, and
dehumanised, through performance. Previously, his work has involved music,
audience-based and site-specific performances, in addition to sound art installations,
film soundtracks, documentary film-making, writing, poetry, and visual art

// The end//

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