Programme of works – Wednesday 24 April 2019

1: Gordon Kennedy
Title: The Underwater Mausoleum ( Remix )
Synopsis: This is part of the Earth Echo project featuring visual collages &
phonography by Pum Dunbar, and processed audio collages by Gordon Kennedy. The
exhibition runs at Trongate 103, March 8 till April 27, 10am-5pm. Improvised audio
for this piece was recorded in the Hamilton Mausoleum, water phonography at the
Firth of Forth.
Duration: 9 minutes 58
Biography: Gordon Kennedy is a writer and composer based in Glasgow, and also one
half of sonic-art duo The Cray Twins. Pum Dunbar is an artist based in Glasgow,
working in collage and painting.

2: Chin Li
Title: Winter Poetry 3: Fingerplay
Synopsis: A whimsical take on fingers, fleetingly told.
Duration: 1 minute
Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now
focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as
audio work.

3: Daniel Garcia
Title: Resurfaced
Synopsis: This piece was composed for the closing show of the Steel Shed at DOK
Artist Space. Using only digitally processed site specific recordings such as the
metallic structure’s resonances, the electrical installation’s hum, and the natural
elements outside the building.
Duration: 4 minutes 23 (excerpt)
Biography: Daniel Garcia is an experimental musician whose work revolves around
minimalism, ambient music and sound art. He is interested in the exploration of
musical instrument’s processed signals, field recordings and found sounds.
Web: Instagram: @danielgarcia_________
Twiter: @___danielgarcia Soundcloud:

4: Barry Burns
Title: Phenomena Barely Observed and Wrongly Explained
Synopsis: Found Dictaphone recordings.
Duration: 9 minutes 12
Biography: I am the co-manager of art radio station Radiophrenia.

5: Dorota Blaszczak
Title: Inherited Sounds
Synopsis: Several old objects from the family house arrived at my place last year. A
floor grandfather clock, various boxes and glasses, a counting machine, a typerwiter, a
tube radio that still works. Starting the clock introduced a steady counter of time,
ticking the seconds and striking the hours as it was in the old house. Touching the
belongings brings the sounds that were listened to by many other people before. Itís
like a tactile broadcast from the past, sharing the same sounds. The inherited sounds.
Duration: 7 minutes
Biography: Dorota Blaszczak is an audio engineer in Polish Radio Archives in
Warsaw and an assistant at the Sound Engineering Department of the University of
Music. She teaches Interactive Sound courses, works with sound restoration and
preservation, creates interactive projects. She worked as sound designer for VR
projects in Canada.

6: Davide Tidoni
Title: Non Molleremo Mai (We Will Never Give Up)
Synopsis: An 89 year old woman sings along with the musical motif of a well know
football stadium chant. Her fragile voice clashes with the physicality of the music.
Here’s the representation of the fight between life and death.
Duration: 3 minutes 48
Biography: Davide Tidoni is a researcher in the field of sound and listening. He’s
interested in the relational dimension of listening and the physical experience of
sound. With a particular emphasis on observation and intervention, he realizes a
variety of works that include live performances, videos, audio projects, and
workshops. He has recently completed a sound ethnography about the northern
Italian football supporters group BRESCIA 1911.

7: Mark Vernon
Title: Magneto Mori: Vienna
Synopsis: A fragmented sound portrait of the city constructed from an
archaeological excavation of found sounds, lost fragments, buried memories and
magnetic traces.
Commissioned by Kunstradio for radio station Ö1, Austria and first broadcast in
February, 2019.
Duration: 10 minutes (excerpt)
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist whose work exists on the fringes
of sound art, experimental music and broadcasting. At the core of his practice lies a
fascination with the disembodied intimacy of the recorded voice, environmental
sound, obsolete media and the re-appropriation of found recordings. A keen advocate
of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has
produced programmes for stations internationally.

8: Raquel Stolf
Title: News list [dream and reality]
Synopsis: A fragment of a collection of news headlines and subheadings from
newspapers and magazines collected since 2011. These appropriated texts indicate
relations between humans and other animals, involving sinuous relations between
fiction and fact. I’m interested in the absurdity (and the humor) of the
announcements, as well as making visible/audible the evident anthropocentrism of
some of the news. This sound version of the work was presented for the first time in
the exhibition Lost and Found: Imagining new
worlds, curated by Raphael Fonseca at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore,
LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, in 2019.
Duration: 4 minutes 36
Biography: Artist and professor in the Department of Visual Arts and in Post-
Graduation Program of Visual Arts, Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Doctor (2011) and Master (2002) in Visual Arts at the Universidade Federal do Rio
Grande do Sul.

9: Antje Vowinckel
Title: Amourirederire
Synopsis: For a child’ s voice and harmonium.
Duration: 6 minutes 06
Biography: Antje Vowinckel is a sound artist, radio artist and musician. She works
for a variety of public radio stations and creates live performances and installations in
public space. e.g. In places of Logic for text projections, organ and objects and Insideout
(Bucharest). Works have been presented on international festivals e.g. Issue-
Project-Room, NYC, ZKM and others.

10: Olga Kaliszer
Title: A Field recording
Synopsis: A field recording taken in March 2019.
Duration: 2 minutes 53
Biography: I recently completed the MFA at Glasgow School of Art. My practice
encompasses video, audio and print and explores the way that art can redistribute
established patterns of meaning assigned through perceptual experience.

11: Cristabel Christo
Title: Frequency Crawler
Synopsis: Frequency Crawler depicts a phantom who inhabits the airwaves and can
be picked up on the radio. The music is all my own and the voice is by my friend Alan
(from Glasgow). This is just one of numerous drama/music radio pieces that we have
Duration: 5 minutes
Biography: Cristabel Christo. Musician working with a range of well-known singers
and bands.

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