Programme of works – Wednesday 18 July 2018

1: Chin Li
Title: Whisper 5: the sense of nonsense
Duration: 4 minutes 40
Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now
focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as
audio work.

2: Ben Fletcher (Not included in podcast at artists request)
Title: UriNation
Synopsis: The piece raises the question of who, or what can cause offence.
Duration: 3 minutes 12
Biographies: Ben Fletcher is a Glasgow based composer and sound designer.

3: Sean Allsop
Title: Finding My Voice
Synopsis: Produced in 2015 this personal short feature explores the speech disorder that
affected me throughout my childhood as I learn the struggles and methods of finding a
Duration: 7 minutes
Biography: I’m Sean Allsop an aspiring radio documentary producer who relies on my
voice to tell stories, ironically that was something I never had growing up.
Web: @seanallsop

4: Fiona Harrison
Title: Barkeval
Synopsis: Barkeval, is a four movement, fixed media sound composition. It explores the
emerging field of ecology and music, and in particular the field of volcano acoustics as an
inspiration for composition. This extract (Movement 2) is inpisred by lava flow and the
drumbeat phases of volcanos. Barkeval is named after a peak on the Isle of Rum, which is the
site of an ancient volcano featuring some of the oldest rocks on earth.
Duration: 8 minutes 25. Extract of a four movement composition of over 25 mins.
This is the second movement.
Biography: Fiona Harrison is a Scottish composer, and graduate of Edinburgh
University with Masters in Digital Composition and Performance. She is
particularly interested in experimental electronic music and in bringing this to audiences
in new and interesting ways. Nominated for the Scottish New Music Awards 2018 for her
recent composition Barkeval in the electroacoustic/sound art category. Also a non executive
Director of the Scots Music Group in Edinburgh, a wonderful organisation that promotes
traditional music in the community and changes lives.
Web: @fionahtweet

5: Matt Hulse
Title: “Alright. Here it is. Again. And it’s called…”
Synopsis: Edited recording of a live spoken word piece I performed at Beijing
Bookworm in 2016, based on my memories as pots-and-pans drummer in pre-teen
post-punk band ‘The Hippies’. The band’s other members were my brother Toby and
sister Polly. Our mum Ruth was svengali/manager.
Duration: 9 minutes 37
Biography: Artist working with film, photography, words and performance. “Matt
Hulse creates out of whatever is to hand, transforming the everyday into something
striking, witty and beautiful.” (Glasgow Short Film Festival)

6: Elina Bry
Title: The Closet Musician
Synopsis: I am working on a new career, a career as a closet musician. Creating music
for this uncanny space, this intimate and individual space. This time and space is for
you. I’m coming out as a closet musician.
Duration: 3 minutes 50
Biography: Elina Bry recently graduated from the MFA at GSA, considers herself as a
French/Finnish, both equally. Communication is an essential part of her practice as
each medium and language has its own strength. She sees language as a medium and
by recognizing different self’s in her three languages, she makes the most of them.

7: Jamie Flett
Title: Retweets
Synopsis: Constructed from live field recordings of the real world and a live feed of the
virtual cyberworld, streams of human and avian consciousness recorded, reprocessed
and regurgitated by the digital medium with all of its own devices’ insistently
attendant chirrups and pings. (Views expressed not necessarily my own.)
Duration: 4 minutes 46 seconds
Biography: I self-released my first solo album of skewed blues folk songs in 2009.
Since then, I’ve tried to confront the artificial limitations of being defined as a ‘singersongwriter’
by ad-libbing other approaches and investigating remoter sonic
territories, either on my own or with accomplices. I still sing songs.
Web: @Jamie_Flett

8: Mark Vernon
Title: Coney Island Cyclone
Synopsis: A surreptitious recording from 2006 made on the Coney Island Cyclone – the
famous historic wooden roller coaster in Brooklyn, New York.
Duration: 2 minutes 07
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist whose work exists on the fringes of
sound art, experimental music and broadcasting. A keen advocate of radio as an art
form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced
programmes for stations internationally.

9: Barry Burns
Title: FEBO
Synopsis: Recordings made in Amsterdam June 2018
Duration: 7 minutes 07
Biography: FEBO is a chain of Dutch fast food outlets which sell unappetising greasy
food products behind little windows in coin operated dispensers.

10: Leonie Roessler
Title: Breath
Synopsis: Inspired by Ana Bloom’s photography series “Souffles”, this piece is a
meditation made up of a two breaths, a recording of a fresh water source which I took
in the Swiss mountains, and a piece of text on the cyclic nature of breathing.
Duration: 7 minutes
Biographies: Leonie Roessler is a composer, sound artist, and musician currently
living in The Hague.

11: Bev Boyd
Title: The Lobster Monologues
Synopsis: Excerpt from Quiz Night At The Lobster, on Croydon Radio in 2017. A Spiny
Lobster has barricaded himself in his favourite local, the Whistling Lobster, as the
bailiffs come knocking to turn his watering hole into a nail bar. But Spiny’s not going
without a fight. Get ready for the big Flamencoff. It’s one of a series of monologues I
wrote for a show l made for Croydon Radio from 2015-17 ‘The Quiz Night at the
Lobster’. It’s a Croydon-themed quiz set in a virtual pub frequented by time-travelling
Duration: 6 minutes 07
Biography: A former freelance radio journo now doing community radio.
Web: @VerityVox

12: Lawrence Willoughby
Title: Trumpet – study in extended technique 02
Synopsis: This trumpet study is part of a 3 piece series investigating the sounds that
can be achieved through playing the instrument using non traditional approaches, i.e
circular breathing, scratching, singing through the horn and other percussive / vocal
Duration: 5 minutes 38
Biography: I am a multi disciplined multi instrumentalist with an interest in blending
live and electronic elements to form organic soundscapes

13: Lada Wilson and Lise Olsen
Title: intertwined immersive audible
Synopsis: A collaborative sound work recorded at the Chetham Library’s Reading
Room in Manchester. Created from the notion of the shared experience. The listener is
invited to enter an imaginative world in-between presence and absence.Created by
Lada Wilson and Lise Olsen. Participating artists: Anna Columbine, Charlie Franklin,
Clare Holdstock, Claire Tindale, Elizabeth Kwant, Jilly Morris, Lada Wilson, Libby
Scarlett, Lucy May Schofield, Mandy Payne, Susan Gunn and Suzanne O’Haire
Duration: 5 minutes 31
Biography: Lise Olsen is a responsive artist researching and collecting stories by
embracing uncertainty, in-between a sphere of space and the sonic. Lada Wilson is an
artist and educator exploring the spatial properties of language, reworking words into
sculptures, performances and artists’ bo
@Isle_en_sol @WilsonLada

14: Tony Morris
Title: Jesus ….. Fuck Now.
Synopsis: Jesus ……. Fuck Now” is an affirmation of the Sacred and the Profane as a
fundamental opposition in everyday living. Using the pre-recorded voices of Lise
Cescatti and Christina Dunwoodie, a bleak soundscape of silence and chaos has been
created. There is neither analysis nor development; just assertion.”
Duration: 4 minutes 17
Biography: Lives in Glasgow, participated in Radiophrenia and Glasgow International,
performed at various venues throughout the city; usually on my own, sometimes with
a soprano.

// The End //

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