Programme of Works – Wednesday, 23rd February, 2022

1: Lizzy and David Turner
Title: Darren(s)
Synopsis: Darren(s) is an excerpt of episode three of the podcast series You Don’t
Know. This excerpt features three of the seven short stories which make up the full
episode. The stories are set to found sounds and field recordings.
Duration: 9 minutes 48 (excerpt)
Biography: You Don’t Know is an experiment. Throughout 2021 Lizzy and David
Turner have produced six podcast episodes featuring their collaborative writing
projects using found sounds, foley and field recordings. Each episode is
accompanied by a print publication such as posters and handmade books.

2: Jack Vickridge
Title: Limpet (work in progress)
Synopsis: The starting point for this work in progress was a close up recording that
I made of a Limpet by a rock pool. Later I found out that the sound was made by the
Limpet licking the rock with its ‘tooth encrusted tongue’. The strangeness of this
inspired me to attempt to make a soundscape to situate the Limpet in an imaginary
Duration: 8 minutes 31
Links: /

3: a bad man (not included in podcast)
Title: Abattoir memorial WIP
Synopsis: Reading an internet forum post from over ten years ago by people
discussing their experiences of living and working near the old abattoir in the
centre of Glasgow prompted a train ride to take a similar route to those of the
animals taken there as descriped on the forum and a memorial for them.
Duration: 9 minutes 46 (excerpt)
Biography: a bad man is an electronic musician and sound artist.

4: Pär Carlsson
Title: ‘Miso Soup of Death’
Synopsis: While recording my Miso Soup I (accidentally) melted the casing,
resulting in some unexpectedly fun sounds. Squeals of pain from the innards of my
hydrophones. Heavily compressed and pitch shifted, but unedited in duration or
Duration: 5 minutes 55
Biography: Pär is a person who likes sounds, he likes to make them sound big and
whacky. Has a studio on Renfield st where he tampers with auditory nonsense and
post production and stuff.
Links: Insta @pear_shapes

5: John Barber & Marc Rose
Title: Figurski at Findhorn on Acid Excerpt
Synopsis: A sample from “Figurski at Findhorn on Acid,” a radio adaptation of the
comedic hypertext novel by Richard Holeton. Set at Findhorn, Scotland, with larger
than life characters, two mechanical pigs, and acid, yes THAT acid. Listen to the
entire episode at:
Duration: 6 minutes 10 an excerpt from the 58 minute complete radio drama
Biography: Both John Barber and Marc Rose live and experiment with sound and
radio in America’s Pacific Northwest
Links: @ReimaginedRadio, Facebook: Reimaginedradio, and Instagram:
Reimaginedradio Web:

// Interval //

6: Little Strings and Charlie Frances
Title: Vitiligo Song
Synopsis: A community arts project raising awareness of Vitiligo and funds for the
Vitiligo Society. An original song was written as a community arts project raising
awareness of Vitiligo and funds for the Vitiligo Society, including the stories and
voices of people from the vitiligo community across the world. Lyrics by Little
Strings (Clare Louise Roberts) and Charlie Frances. Composed and performed by
Little Strings (Clare Louise Roberts) and Charlie Frances. Produced by Charlie
Frances. Additional piano performed by Jakob Leonardus.
Duration: 5 minutes 01
Links: Twitter:
LittleStringsC @LittleStrings.

7: Jacqueline Jay Wilde
Synopsis: Developed at a Flames weekend at Cove Park INTO THE VOID is a
collaboration about abandonment, alienation and water. A dribble, a splash, a
stream, a torrent… INTO THE VOID is a live and pre-recorded performance in
Duration: 7 minutes (complete piece)
Biography: Jacqueline Jay Wilde is a regular if infrequent contributor to LOLG and
is a writer, perform and director. Barbara Gray is an educationalist and creative
practitioner. Jacqueline and Barbara are fully ignited members of The Flames.
Links: Twitter @barbaragray58 Insta @jacjayw, FB @jacjay51

8: Sean Catlin
Title: Moss Woods by Smelford Dip
Synopsis: There’s a bit in one of the Zelda gameboy games where you’re going
through these woods and if you pick the wrong direction you go back to where you
started. I got stuck at that bit for ages. Anyway this reminds me of that.
Duration: 4 minutes 40
Biography: I’m a freelance video editor from Rothesay and in my spare time I try to
make my cat laugh.
Links: twitter: @SmelfordDip soundcloud:

9: Philippa Tomlin
Synopsis: A series of interviews about the last gig you’ve been too before Covid.
Duration: 6 minutes
Biography: Philippa Tomlin is a socially engaged visual artist and theatre maker,
with participatory practice at the core of her work. In collaboration with Alan
Bisset, Chris Gorman and Jacqueline Jay Wilde.

10: Stevie Jones
Title: Illegible Voices
Synopsis: Illegible Voices is an experimental radio play comprised of non lexical,
paralinguistic vocal soundings, manipulated field recordings and disassembled/
reassembled montage mix. It explores ambiguity and the non semantic and
celebrates the multiplicity of our aural realities, navigational possibility and nonlinear
Duration: 10 minutes 08
Biography: Stevie Jones is a musician, sound engineer and sound designer based in
Glasgow. Informed by a background in theatre, he often works with tensions around
narrative and subverting hierarchies in production and process. His radio plays
and compositions have been aired on stations and programmes such as Resonance,
Late Junction, Radiophrenia, Wave Farm, WXOX, Freak Zone and Borealis. Recent
releases include Static Cling (TakuRoku) and Leapling (Chemikal Underground).

// The End //

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