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Programme of works – Wednesday 1 July 2015

1: Chin Li
Title: How long is a piece of time?
Synopsis: This is a naive first attempt to make an audio work to imagine the
Duration: 1 minute 38
Biography: Chin has no training in art or anything artistic, but has a desire to
learn to appreciate it.

2: Jamie Cooper
Title: Mother Molock
Synopsis: Spectral Audio, Mother Molock’s title is from Alen Ginsberg’s Howl,
combine with youtube rips and radio theramin
Duration: 8 minute 26 (complete piece)
Biography: Editor of Zerozine, Exhibits mainly Sculpture and video works,
most recently Ultimate NWO compilation remix screened at Mojito Kino-Berlin
and upcoming audio works in Radiophrenia.

3: Tian Miller
Title: The story about The Musicians of Bremen
Synopsis: Recently I came over a reel-to-reel tape recording from the late 70’s
done by my Dad while he was reading a story about The Musicians of Bremen to
my brother and me aged 4 and 6. We had chosen to pick our own characters to
play from the book
Duration: 5 minutes 28

4: The Cray Twins
Title: Seafar
Synopsis: Seafar combines British coastal recordings and a detuned stringed
instrument from Africa with a reading from The Dream of Macsen Wledig. It is
taken from forthcoming album The Pier (FangBomb).
Duration: 5 minutes 55
Biography: The Cray Twins are the central european alter-egos of Gordon
Kennedy and Paul Baran. The Cray Twins make electronic instruments from
the wind & the waves, from traffic & machinery, from birds’ wings & human
voices. They build harmonic and melodic structures out of the landscape.

5: Lucie Potter
Title: Govanhill People’s History
Synopsis: The Govanhill People’s History is a project that celebrates its unique
changing community and aims to preserve a valuable part of our shared
cultural heritage through a specially produced archive of interviews and
summaries, created by a team of volunteers. Sound artist, Lucie Potter has
worked with the archive collection, members of the Govanhill community and
students from Holycross Secondary to produce a free downloadable self-guided
listening trail, supported with an illustrated map by Rosie Cunningham. You
are listening to an excerpt from Govanhill People’s History Listening Trail, a
mix of interviews, binaural field recording and foley, stories that span the last
80 years and celebrate Govanhill’s rich tradition of incomers who have made it
their place of work or home. and trail
launched in May 2015.
Duration: 10 minutes 11- complete piece
Biography: Lucie works with communities and organisations to produce public
artworks based on connections with place. She works in sound, looking to share
outcomes with the wider community often as part of collaborative celebratory
events, serving as a platform for a diverse mix of voices of a much wider

6: John Magill
Title: Crackling Coop
Synopsis: A first effort a developing a track using only one sound source – in
this case a snoring cat (Coop).
Duration: 2 minutes 44 (this is an edited version of a longform drone piece
that’s around 14mins)


7: Sarah Kenchington
Title: ‘If Wet’ radio feature
Synopsis: In her performances Sarah plays a semi-mechanical, pedal and pump
powered orchestra, involving many of her instruments at the same time. This feature
was recorded as part of an ‘If Wet’ radio programme on mechanical musical
instruments. The full programme can be heard here:
Biography: Sarah Kenchington lives on a farm in the Campsies, she studied sculpture
and has been building and adapting musical instruments for the past 10 years. All of
her instruments are human powered, mechanically assisted, acoustic devices. She has
performed internationally at experimental music festivals including, Suoni Per Il
Popolo, Montreal 2012, and Tectonics Glasgow 2014 and also as part of theatre, radio
and film projects.

8: Claire Adams Ferguson
Title: The flies are gathering…. a journey from Dalmatia to Ibrox.
Synopsis: Small sample from a large 17 minute installation for 8 moveable speakers,
shown at Soundscaping at SWG3 in 2013. Each track was multilayered and
interweaved with one another, moving the story around the room with samples,
reinterpreted sounds and spoken word. The installation came from a funded writing
and field recording research trip around Croatia in 2012.
Duration: 5 minutes 23 (Edited sample from longer piece)
Biography: Claire is another Celt who lives and works in Berlin. She spends the days
making noises, dressing up and drawing pictures. Her work is ‘trans-disciplinary’ but
usually playing with archetypes, fairytales and understanding through imitation.

9: Mark Vernon
Title: Domestic Weather
Duration: 10 minutes (excerpt)
Synopsis: A dual exploration of the effects of weather on the transmission and
propagation of radio signals, and radio signals as carriers of meteorological
information. Through a series of interviews, ham radio operators from the West Of
Scotland Amateur Radio Society describe the positive and negative effects that
atmospheric conditions have on their broadcasts. Their voices are interwoven with
examples of meteorological information conveyed through radio such as weather,
shipping and aviation forecasts and transmissions intercepted from Radiosondes –
small weather probes that are sent into the atmosphere by balloon. Also interspersed
throughout the programme are a number of ‘Domestic Weather’ experiments that use
household appliances as analogies of various weather conditions by microbroadcasting
real audio recordings of weather to small radios inside or in the vicinity
of these devices.
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic
creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage
and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia,
Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC Radio 4. Web:

10: Jenn Mattinson
Title: Ewanrigg: This is how we roll
Duration: 6 minutes 30
Synopsis: Produced by Jenn Mattinson. Music composed by Andy Watt and
Melissa Whitehead. Creative Practitioner Jenn Mattinson spent some time with
residents on the estate of Ewanrigg in Maryport, West Cumbria, in the lead up
to their application to The Big Local Fund, exploring life on the estate and their
aspirations for the future.
Biography: Jenn Mattinson is a freelance Creative Practitioner, specialising in
oral history, sound, theatre and reminiscence. She is passionate about working
creatively in local communities.

11: Chris Dooks
Title: The Dunure Harmonium Parts 1+2
Synopsis: This piece of work forms a sketch from a suite of harmonium tunes I
am working on as part of a release from France’s Eilean Recordings due out in
2016 and I’m very much looking forward to September when I’ll be doing a
month-long session of work for it.
Duration: 5 minutes 35
Biography: I am an interdisciplinary artist and post-doctoral researcher based
in Ayr, Scotland where I specialise in practical medical humanities work and
philosophical art processes I’ve been a part-time digital art tutor for many
years as well as a funded photographer / filmmaker / sound artist since 1995.In
2015, I finished my five-year long doctorate in order to develop practical,
transferrable ideas for those who are interested in improving their wellbeing
through methods and media not previously offered to them. I specialise in
encouraging an arts-based path to navigate what can be miserable
circumstances of chronic health, or simply to improve anyone’s wellbeing. In
2015, I started to offer and tailor ‘creative wellbeing clinics’ in Scotland and
beyond as well as pursuing the odd residency and will be working in Germany
in this capacity during July-August.
Web: Please visit my new site://

// The end//

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