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Programme of works – Thursday 22nd March 2012

1: Kim Beveridge
Title: Margaret Aitken’s Story
Synopsis: Margaret Aitken’s Story was recorded as part of an audio journey that
offered audiences the opportunity to rediscover ‘the missing’ in Tramway’s
community. Mirroring Andrew O’Hagan’s journalistic conversations that formed his
book, The Missing, and which were the subject of the stage adaptation, Kim Beveridge
along with a team of artists from the National Theatre of Scotland interviewed people
in care homes, as well as toddler groups, shopkeepers, professionals and other people
from the Tramway area on the subject of “the missing”: people, places or objects, and
the emotions and stories that these evoked. The project led to the creation of an audio
journey, which instructed participants on a route through a site-specific art
installation in Tramway and outside into The Hidden Gardens.
Duration: 2 minutes 50 seconds
Biography: Since graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
in 2005, with a BA honors degree in ‘Time Based Art’ I have been working as a
freelance digital artist, part-time college lecturer, documentary film maker Video
Designer for live performance and Sound Artist. I am an associate artist with Tricky
Hat Theatre Company and work to date includes ‘The Missing Audio Journey’ a sitespecific
art installation which instructed participants and guided them towards
details and spaces within and around Tramway and outside into The Hidden Gardens.
‘Roadkill’ a multi award winning theatre production at last years Edinburgh Fringe
festival for Ankur Productions and Pachamama Productions about a young girl who is
sex trafficked from Nigeria to Scotland. Wall of Death, a multimedia performance in
collaboration with National Theatre of Scotland Stephen Skrynka, documenting his
quest to learn to ride the Wall of Death with the world-famous Ken Fox Troupe and
Mixter Maxter, an Installation I created in Orkney with the community of Kirkwall
and a team of artists, some from Orkney, in conjunction with a performance/ theatre
event at the St Magnus Festival and National Theatre of Scotland.

2: Calum Stirling
Title: Return of Strangers Park
Synopsis: £5 Yamaha car boot sale keyboard with circuit bent pressure switch
and strategically cellotaped tinfoil to short circuit the sound chip. As I
remember the keyboard was set to play either the Rhumba or salsa rhythm
track with added baseline and left to its own devices by releasing the pressure
switch switching the keyboard on and leaving it to feedback in demo mode. No
overdubs of effects, straight out of the Yamaha into a minidisk.
Duration: 2 minutes 54 seconds
Biography: Calum Stirling is a multi disciplinary artist and studied sculpture
at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee (1983-87). His practise
combines traditional sculptural technique and handmade electronics, sound
Lights Out Listening Group Follow us on twitter @Lights_Out_LG
and moving image. Previous shows include Galleri Rekord Oslo, The Museum of
Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, The Generali Foundation Vienna,
CCA Glasgow and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

3: Nicola White
Title: Something in the Pause (extract)
Synopsis: This is an extract from a story commissioned by Artlink Edinburgh
which became an audio work somewhere along the way. It centres on a young
disabled man coming to terms with the death of his mother. The voice is Callum
Cuthbertson and the cello was played by Stephen Adam.
Duration: 6 minutes 10 seconds
Biography: Nicola White was formerly a curator and a producer of arts
documentaries for radio and television. She now mostly writes.

4: John Wilde
Title: Live the Life (Pass it on)
Synopsis: Created in memory of Peter Broadhurst OSM. 1945-2007. Sit still
and upright, comfortable and alert, with your back straight. Close your eyes
lightly. Breathe calmly and regularly. And …listen. There are noises and
singing …listen. There are words spoken …listen. There are periods of
silence …remain listening.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: John Wilde is a performance artist, writer and actor. He loves to
listen but also loves to talk. He loves the sound of his own voice. He lives in Fife
and works in Scotland. Thanks to Paul Baran, Gordon Kennedy and Michal
Frackowski for their help in this performance.

5: Calum Stirling
Title: Painter Public Promise (2003)
Synopsis: See number 2
Duration: 2 minutes 11 seconds

6: Monica Brown
Title: On reflections : what you see when you look in the mirror
Synopsis: To celebrate International Women’s day this month Loop/
Garterstitch 100/ Garnethill Sisters took over The Old Hairdressers. Monica
spent her day loitering in the Ladies toilets and asked women what they see
when they look in the mirror. Caution: contains sounds of running water.
Duration: 7 minutes 45 seconds (excerpt)
Biography: Monica works in community media.

7: Vernon & Burns
Title: Lend me your eyes and I’ll lend you my ears
Synopsis: An extract from a radio play that has not yet made it to the airwaves.
This excerpt was originally part of a performance staged at the CCA and has
also been included in the Audible Picture Show.
Duration: 4 minutes 43 seconds
Biography: Vernon & Burns are a duo of sound makers who create radio plays,
records and performances through an innovative mix of samples, field
recordings, voice and music. In addition to record releases on Gagarin Records,
Staalplaat and two LP’s with Lied Music they have produced radio plays and
features for stations including VPRO, Resonance FM and WFMU.


8: Nichola Scrutton
Title: Word of Mouth
Synopsis: Word of Mouth is fixed medium work that uses the human voice as
the only sound source, with the guiding inspiration being gestural phonetic
onsets and the emergence of non-linguistic vocal sounds on the breath.
Duration: 4 minutes
Biography: Nichola Scrutton is a sound artist and composer, with a particular
interest in using the voice as communicative and sonorous material in live
performance and acousmatic compositions; interdisciplinary collaboration; and
sound as a vehicle to explore creativity in the broadest sense.

LOLG curated piece –

9: Felix Kubin
Title: The Pataphysical Tape Club
Duration: 21 minutes
Synopsis: The Pataphysical Tape Club is a fictional radio programme that plays
pataphysical sound recordings sent in by listeners. The host of the show (Mr
Kubin himself) not only introduces these recordings but also a new method of
finding lost objects at home, he sings an amoeba hymn and interviews a man
who approaches women by the help of self-built musical boxes with scary
noises. This radio play was originally conceived for the Audiotoop festival in
Nijmegen, then edited to a version for and finally released as a split
LP on Peter Fengler’s ongoing series BIG MAG (this version).
Biography: Felix Kubin lives and works against the gravity with Sci-Fi Pop/
Noise/Animation Films/Radio Plays/Experimental Broadcasting. As the
messenger of exploding lungs he started his label “Gagarin Records” in 1998
and rules the “syndicate of counter-noise” since 9.9.1999.

10: Calum Stirling
Title: TV Village (2003)
Duration: 1 minute 14 seconds
Synopsis: See number 2

11: Kim Beveridge
Title: Missing
Duration: 1 minute 51 seconds
Synopsis: The poem ‘Missing’ was written by Alison Flett, read by Gill Smee and
recorded by Kim Beveridge as part of Mixter Maxter, a unique performance event –
part theatre, part art installation – at the St Magnus Festival in 2009. National
Theatre of Scotland Learn worked in partnership with Kirkwall Grammar School, and
St Magnus Festival alongside local artists and the Kirkwall community. Directed by
Davey Anderson and Liam Hurley, devised and performed by Kirkwall Grammar
School students, along with local artists, community members and a resident creative
team, the event unfolded across two venues on the longest weekend of the year. This
particular piece was also heard as part of an audio journey, where participants where
guided towards details within a disused warehouse, converted into an art installation
for the project. Here, they were told stories about the space, blurring the boundaries
between historical fact, urban myth and imaginative fiction.
Biography: See number 1

// The end//

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