Programme of works – Wednesday 30th October 2019


1: Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones

Title: The Very Best Thing That You Have

Synopsis: ‘The Very Best Thing That You Have’ meditates on voice and identity with

fragments from a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and the speaking voice of

American singer Anthony Madonna.

Duration: 4 minutes 24

Biography: Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones is a singer, songwriter and audio producer.

Rooted in storytelling, her work encompasses folklore, memory, voice and intimacy.

Hannah writes and performs alt-folk music under the name Asthmatic Harp.



2: Matija Mikovic

Title: Fragile Canvas

Synopsis: Anxiety. And a bit more…

Duration: 5 minutes 36

Biography: A music producer and multi instrumentalist, Matija is currently working

towards releasing his record label’s, Memory Cloud, first compilation release that will

feature intimate works from his friends. Memory Cloud is a home for sonic innovators

that have something special to say. Matija also produces under the ‘Buhduzit’ moniker

which meanders into sonic explorations and has been described as bringing a breath

of fresh air to the electronic dance scene.



3: Chin Li

Title: Winter Poetry 4: The moment before waking up

Synopsis: Random thoughts and free associations framed by a repetitive tune,

expressing a coherence that could only be guessed at.

Duration: 4 minutes 54

Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now

focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as

audio work.


4: Cyril Lamar

Title: Whispers of Takuan (excerpt)

Synopsis: A live drone recording with micro shifts in overtones and pulses

Duration: 6 minutes 54

Biography: Cyril Lamar, multidisciplinary artist



5: martina morger

Title: (pro)found listening

Synopsis: (pro)found listening is a sound collage, which requires compassionate

listening towards the female voice and the voice of the ‘other’. The sonic carpet

consists of interviews with fellow artists on the topic of the expression of voice and the

female experience. The constructed layers create a patchwork of speech to challenge

attention allowing one to lose the thread, only to find it again. With giacinta frisillo,

jina song, sukhy parhar, rosa farber, roberta howson-janes, ragini chawla, claire

curtin, morgan woods, laura mcglinchey, chioma ince, alexandra santos, julia kothe.

Duration: 9 minutes 39

Biography: martina morger is a performance artist who also works with multimedia.

She reflects on femininity as a device, and claiming space as a political body. her work

is primarily concerned with women’s placement within society, but also queerness in

regards to cybernetical hybridisation. Exploring female and queer voices – or lack

thereof – domesticity, repetitive action and labour, she works primarily with

performance and enjoys investigating the borders to other media.



6: Barry Burns

Title: Nasty (excerpt)

Synopsis: The nasties were a number of films released on video in Britain in the

unregulated market of the early 80s, and subsequently prosecuted by the Director of

Public Prosecutions under the Obscene Publications Act. The films were a mixture of

the sleazy, the inept and occasionally actually entertaining. Bootlegs became

available on the black market, often tenth generation copies with Dutch subtitles, the

deterioration in video and audio quality often adding to the illicit nature of the


Biography: Currently working in a call centre for minimum wage, which is far

scarier than the content of any of these films.


7: Jim Bevington

Title: Honey, I Granulated the Kids

Synopsis: This work is created almost entirely from a 45-second sample of a

playground. Using granular synthesis, minute details are captured, manipulated and

rebuilt into wildly different structures and trajectories, toying with our brain’s

tendency to unconsciously sift signals from the noise of everyday life.

Duration: 9 minutes 50

Biography: Jim Bevington is a composer, sound engineer and software developer

based in Glasgow. Despite using algorithms to create his music, Jim has a critical view

of technology, regarding it as a tool primarily for exploring the vitality, variety and

complexity of our animal experience, rather than an end in itself.


8: tandsmør

Title: Inside The Fish We Find: one piece out of four from an installation called “sheer

data:shydata”, showcased at this year’s Supernormal festival.

Synopsis: A poetic piece cocooning a time of painful anxiety inside a place of deep

solace. Part of a longer piece encompassing 4 separate poetic soundscapes, exploring

myriad themes including overstimulation, overconsumption, subjectivity, jealousy,

enmeshment, boundaries, belonging, inspiration, friendship and solace.

Duration: 9 minutes 29

Biography: tandsmør aka tilly alexander hallworth (she/her pronouns) is a poet,

vocalist, musician and sound artist living and working in Glasgow. She also runs

Rattle Library with her friend Hussein Mitha, as well as being a cycle instructor to

pay the bills. She is currently incubating a musical project nicknamed ‘tirzah club’

which is going very well, and is learning how to play the drums.

insta: ruff_hauser


9: Alexander Baker

Title: The Room Where Meaning is Made is Hard to Find

Synopsis: A collage inspired by Kurt Schwitters and created by processing scavenged

scraps of failed/unfinished sessions, including some laughter from the ‘Freesound‘

site. (

Duration: 7 minutes 30

Biography: Alexander Baker – has releases on Impulsive Habitat and Green Field

recordings, and has had works played on radio and at events and galleries in Europe,

Japan, North and South America…



10: Catching Shadows

Title: House

Synopsis: Recorded as a sound installation for ‘Public Dreams and Private

Nightmares’, a sleepover fear-lab held at puppet theatre Westflügel Leipzig. The text

was inspired by recurring nightmares, and reworked from an unfinished “choose your

own adventure” game (unfinished because those are really hard). Musically, Theresa

responded to the theme by composing music she’s phobic of – namely, the 70’s

synthesizers of films such as A Clockwork Orange and The Shining.

Duration: 8 minutes 4

Biography: Catching Shadows is a spoken-word and sound art duo, experimenting

with narrative, poetry and noise. Theresa Elflein plays and produces, Wesley

Freeman-Smith reads and writes.



11: Amy Beeston

Title: Title – geo-air (excerpt from Stromnophony)

Synopsis: Stromnophony is a sound installation which captures and preserves the

sounds of Stromness in 2019. Eight visual panels are accompanied by sounds on

headphones, revealing the anthrophony, biophony and geophony of the town’s sea,

land and sky. A live version of the work also exists as a sound walk under the title

Stone Fringe Postcards.

Duration: 4 minutes

Biography: Amy Beeston is a sound artist and audio researcher living in Orkney. Her

practice is highly collaborative, and her work addresses many aspects of listening,

particularly the use of machine listening in sound art.

Web: twitter: @audio_bee



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