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Programme of works, Wednesday 12th June 2013

1: Alex Mackay
Title: The Things All People Want, Need & Strive To Achieve
Synopsis: In February 2013, I took a walk out in the Hidden Garden at the back of
Tramway in Glasgow, and saw a few trees where people (of all ages) had attached tags
on which they had written things they wish for – I decided to record my friend and
artist Stephanie Hunter walking amongst the trees and reading the wishes, and use
them in the performances I was part of there at the time, entitled ‘Mechanical Wave’.
Some time afterwards, I felt that these recordings deserved to be a piece in their own
right, rather just than a little part of something else – so I made this. Big thanks to
Stephanie Hunter, and the people at the Hidden Garden and Tramway for allowing this
to come to being.
Duration: 7 minutes 56
Biography: Alex Mackay is a composer and performer based in Glasgow, where he is
currently studying composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has
recently performed/had work performed at venues such as Tramway and City Halls
and worked with artists including The Red Ensemble, Red Note, Stephanie Hunter and
the Amsterdam/Nicosia based collective XORKO. Currently, Alex is working on new
projects as part of the audiovisual outfit EYEGRID, and an installation/performance
piece for choir to be premiered later this year.

2: James Chapman
Title: Marblerun 1
Synopsis: The Home Education music group meet on Monday afternoons in
Edinburgh. James (34) Meg (5) and Izzy (6) set up the wooden marble run and
percussion instruments. Meg and Izzy collected the marbles at the bottom and
passed them back up to James.
Duration: 2 minutes 31
Biography: James is better known as a member of The Forgotten Works, Meg
likes cellotape and dancing, Izzy runs a cafe in her basement and plays the

3: Gen Doy
Title: “Song for the Deaf and Blind” 2013
Synopsis: Audio component of installation.
Duration: 6 minutes 41
Biography: Gen Doy is an artist who works with sound, images and
performance. She is finishing an M.A. in Fine Art at Central St. Martins. For
many years she worked as an art historian, writer and critical theorist. She is
Lights Out Listening Group Follow us on twitter @Lights_Out_LG
interested in making works about historical events and people who deserve to
be remembered, and attempts to make them live again by using her voice. Their
words become flesh and pass through her body and disappear again into the air.
She wants to make poetic art with “guts”.

4: Joanna Peace
Title: Umwelt
Synopsis: Voices speak of rugs and skin and stone walls, shifting the listener
across time and space and subjectivities.
Duration: 9 minutes 29
Biography: Joanna Peace is an artist working in installation, video and sound.
Since graduating from her BA in 2004 she has worked and exhibited
internationally, and is now studying for a Masters at the Glasgow School of Art.

5: Paul Baran
Title: Jackson and Lee
Synopsis: Taken from the album ‘Panoptic’ released in 2013.
Duration: 6 minutes 10
Biography: Paul Baran is an improviser and composer based in Glasgow. He is
also one half of spanking post-avant combo The Cray Twins.


6. Marc Livingstone (LIVE)
Synopsis: Viciously satirical lyricism and rhythmical hip hop style rhymes
Biography: Bearded, hat wearing left-wing pseudo intellectual with delusions of

7: Lin Li
Title: Breach of the Peace
Synopsis: This is part of an ongoing project involving interviews with Brian
Quail, who has been a peace activist for many decades and arrested numerous
times because of his anti-nuclear weapons direct action. Using field recording
from a recent demonstration at the Faslane nuclear submarine base, this work
weaves together some of the contradictions in the concept of peace.
Duration: 7 minutes 30
Biography: Lin lives in Glasgow. After years of painting, she has been making
videos and sound pieces since 2011 and likes the fact that they are more
ethereal and do not take up too much physical space.

8: Peter Barnard
Title: Columbarium (2013)
Synopsis: An experimental composition which consists of sampled recordings
taken from found vinyl records which are carefully manipulated to form a
droning soundscape.
Duration: 7 minutes 24 seconds
Biography: Peter Barnard is an artist whose practice includes a broad range of
different disciplines ranging from site-specific installations, sculpture to video
work. Since graduating from Winchester School of Art, University of
Southampton Peter has been developing a body of work where sound is often
used as a starting point, both live and sampled. This reflects his ongoing
interest in how the audience encounter certain objects and spaces through the
process of hearing.

9: Julia Dogra-Brazell
Synopsis: A sound picture that invites the listener to form an ‘after image’ of
an impossible photograph. (Released into the sky on a helium balloon 4pm
10/06/01 Clissold Park, London. as part of ‘High Art’ at the Stoke Newington
Duration: 3 minutes 11
Biography: Julia Dogra-Brazell is an artist and visiting lecturer. Her work has
been shown at the Photographers’ Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Louise T. Blouin
Institute, LUX Salon and galleries internationally.

10: Sarah Boulton
Title: An Echo Looped
Synopsis: I had wanted to keep an echo, so I found one that lasted for
eighteen seconds, recorded it an set it to always play on loop.
The above text was sent out to one person in the body of email accompanied by
an attached eighteen second echo MP3 file set to loop. The email was printed
out immediately and hung in the [degree show] space with the name of the
person I sent it out to scrubbed out. The print out was an echo of an echo. It was
sort of like an internet performance. The viewer in the space did not need to
hear the sound for the work to exist, although it exists – on loop – on my website
under the link:
Biography: Sarah Boulton was born in 1989 in Herefordshire. She studied MA
Fine Art at Edinburgh University, specialising in Intermedia and looks forward
to continue exploring her practice at the Slade School of Fine Art in September

11: Johnathan Prior
Title: The last brewery in Alloa
Synopsis: Alloa, Clackmannanshire, has a rich brewing industry, but today
only one brewery remains. This three minute sound piece, composed of
untreated field recordings taken from within the brewery and the adjacent
bottling plant, sonically traces the various stages of brewing.
Duration: 3 minutes
Biography: I am an Edinburgh-based sound recordist working on the
production of soundwalks, sound maps, and other field recording projects.

12: Zoe Irvine
Title: The Last Afternoon in Antwerp
Synopsis: An instalment from the Priscilla Tapes by Zoë Irvine. Featuring improvised
music from a live session by Sacha Chikmakov (guitar), Zoë Irvine (computer) and
Denis Kolokol (Electronics).
Duration: 5 minutes 20
Biography: Zoë Irvine is an artist working with sound. She is especially interested in
working with voice and has a penchant for found cassette tape. Zoë lives and works in

// The end//

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