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Programme of works, Tuesday 27th August 2013

1: Amble Skuse
Title: Hua Dan (extract of longer work)
Synopsis: This piece is a collaboration with artist Linda Yi, who has spent a
year evaluating the work of the Hua Dan theatre company. The sound scape
brings together interviews with participants, dialogue on the meanings of art
and live jams and performances with visiting musicians. The piece gives a
sense of the work of Hua Dan within an art work of it’s own.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Amble focusses her work on composing and exploring the various
musicological frameworks around traditional and electro-acoustic musics. Her
composition centres on the tension between traditional acoustic performance and
interactive technologies, received traditions and contemporary technological
immediacy, isolation and communication, both in terms of the realisation of the
composition and the musicological framework. Amble works with Logic, MAX/MSP
and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds which augment and support the
traditional music performers. She is interested in ways in which the past and the
future come together and merge to create the now. Amble’s work has been performed
internationally by ensembles such as Mr McFalls Chamber, Red Note Ensemble and
Rarescale. She is currently working on a series of site specific soundscapes in Wales, is
a BBC Performing Arts Fellow and is currently on the International Creative
Entrepreneurs Fellowship with Hua Dan theatre in Beijing.
Twitter: @ambleskramble

2: Mark Vernon
Title: Deep Sleep Trawler part 2 – Nightmares (excerpt)
Synopsis: Excerpts from the fourth programme in the ‘Bedside Radio’ series
produced for the launch of Channel 604 as part of a two-year residency at Forth
Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert. My original intention was to provide sleep
deprived hospital patients with the opportunity to share someone else’s dreams
via the hospital radio network. In this composed dreamscape, connections
between dreams are identified and various themes teased from the interview
material; it is in part an homage to Barry Bermange and Delia Derbyshire’s
1964 radio work, ‘Inventions for Radio: Dreams’.
Duration: 3 minutes 46
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose
radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to
experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced
programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC
Radio 4 and is currently digital artist in residence at Forth Valley Royal

3: Luba Diduch
Title: Sunday taxi
Synopsis: This short piece was recorded on a rainy day in a taxi in Bath and is
about the silences that exist between strangers in public places. It was included
in a group work coordinated by Softday (Limerick Ireland) for their project
Collected Silences.
Duration: 3 minutes 43
Biography: My name is Luba Diduch and I am currently a PhD student in Fine
Arts at the Bath School of Art and Design. My art practice is currently based in
co-creativity and participatory artworks.

4: Tony Maas
Title: Hush
Synopsis: Chaos, disorder and a process of random manipulation. Radio voices
call in the gloom, ghosts of time and memory. Shards of noise punctuating the
mis-stepped rhythm, a persistant click lurking in the shadows.
Duration: 9 minutes 37
Biography: Studied at Brighton and Belfast. Been prostituting myself in the
business since 2000. I do what I do and no one gives a shit, which is fine by me.

5: Monica Brown
Title: What’s all this about Isabella Elder?
Synopsis: Isabella Elder is the subject of one of the three female statues in
Glasgow. This sound piece kicked off the research period of Great & Good, an
exhibition and events looking at Isabella Elder’s legacy in Govan and wider
Glasgow. Dr Joan McAlpine, author of the only book about Isabella Elder talks
about Isabella Elder.
Duration: 6 minutes
Biography: Monica works in community media


6: W.Aikman & J.Howe
Title: Zargs
Synopsis: An attempt to find a moment of Zen (in Largs). This is a ‘spatial
excerpt’, a Stereo Render of an Ambisonic mix, captured with a Soundfield
microphone. 22/05/13
Duration: 7 minutes 31
Biography: W.Aikman & J.Howe are working towards a Masters Thesis in
Sound for the Moving Image at Glasgow School of Art. They are pals.
Email: /

7: Mark Vernon
Title: Deep Sleep Trawler part 1 (excerpt)
Synopsis: See piece 2 for other details.
Duration: 5 minutes 13

8: Michelle Hannah
Title: ‘I AM THE SUN AT NIGHT’ 2012
Synopsis: A sound performance where the fissure between the intention and
the perceived conveys moral and metaphysical ambiguity through speaker and
voice. The accompanying soundscape that gradually builds, are radio emissions
taken from a point offset from Saturn that have been translated into
soundwaves. The transcendental and meditative experience at the core of this
‘dark matter’ noise is disrupted by the disturbing presence of a singular
unsexed voice.
Duration: 9 minutes
Biography: Born in Alexandria, Scotland in the early 1980s and a graduate of
the MFA Program at Glasgow School of Art. Michelle Hannah has exhibited and
performed across Europe; Berlin, Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle, Gotland,
Dresden, Brighton, Vetlanda, Edinburgh, Toulouse, Leipzig, London.

9: Tian Miller
Title: Woodpecker parents with chick
Synopsis: This recording was made near a woodpecker’s nest in the forest of
Urheia in Risør, a town in the South of Norway during my residency there from
2012 – 2013
Duration: 5 minutes 44
Biography: Tian Miller is an artist based in Norway. She graduated from the
MFA in Trondheim in 2011, and recently completed a 10-month period as artist
in residence at the Kunstpark, Risør.

10: Paul Baran
Title: Looking for Bobby
Synopsis: Taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Other’. CD and download on
Fang Bomb later this year.
Duration: 5 minutes 11
Biography: Paul Baran is an improviser and composer based in Glasgow. He is
also one half of spanking post-avant combo The Cray Twins.

// The end//

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