Programme of works – Wednesday 30 September 2015

1: Maddy Macfarlane
Title: Welcome to Germany – Limerick Retelling
Synopsis: In this piece I am retelling dialogue from BBC coverage of Germans
welcoming Syrian refugees. This has background sounds from a walk I took along the
River Shannon in Limerick. The idea is just to rethink migration – context, human,
animal, natural, forced, intervention, attention, reaction, connection, community.
Duration: 1 minute
Biography: Maddy Macfarlane is a community radio broadcaster on PBSfm, a musicfocused
station in Melbourne, Australia. Broadcasting since 2006, it’s only in the last
18 months that she has started exploring audio – sound and story – in different ways,
including sound in its own right, process-focused work, collaborative audio stories,
and power and authorship of relationships and representation. Maddy enjoys the
freedom of being an amateur, making and using recordings on her phone. She likes
using unedited field recordings and location sounds as a fixed layer of her sound
pieces, which creates unexpected moods and relationships with other more curated

2: James Wyness
Title: abdecedarian menuiseries 1
Synopsis: audio: hand-made bowed psaltery, electronic bows, spring steel rods,
tempered steel bandsaw blade, steel tubes, iron nails, ferrite rods, metal files, stones,
coal, stone floors, concrete, vibrating devices, arabic duffs, fm radio, fans, ducts,
conduits basal and abdecedarian menuiseries drawing on minds of gizan provenance
and, yes, ancestry, flatus of muscat oils but not yet dragged, beaten, abused nor
penned in cages of the late 20th century’s new ages flint-knapping cuneate and
trichotomous, yet planate along one axis, inspirited by powers of ulfberht or katana,
more locally peddled along the cheviot range, haggled over in hen gymraeg.
Duration: 6 minutes
Biography: James Wyness is a composer, sound artist and researcher based in
Southern Scotland.

3: Rhiannon Walsh
Title: TingleTopia
Synopsis: Since I was a kid I have experienced strange tingles in my brain that would
cause my whole body to feel immersed in electricity. This recording explains those
feelings and the triggers that cause them.
Duration: 5 minutes 51 seconds
Biography: I was named after a Fleetwood Mac song. Grew up Irish. Ran away to
Glasgow and my hobbies at this point in time include doing bad accents and watching
Broad City.

4: Marcello Messina
Title: [5]
Synopsis: There’s a genocide happening in the Mediterranean. It has being going on
for many years now. This piece is dedicated to the migrants and was written more
than one year ago. Since then, if anything, the situation has only worsened.
Duration: 4 minutes 16 (complete piece)
Biography: Marcello Messina: Sicilian composer currently based in Rio Branco, Acre,

5: Monica Brown
Title: Entertaining Govan Audio Tour – The P.I stop
Synopsis: As part of Govan’s Hidden Histories project, I worked on this audio tour
incorporating oral histories from Govanites about what they did and do for
entertainment in Govan through the years. The tour starts in the Riverside Museum
then crosses the Clyde to cover dance halls, cinemas and also the Pearce Institute
which is this stop on the audio trail. You can download the full tour and map from the
web link below.
Duration: 7 minutes 23 (excerpt from hour long tour)
Biography: Monica has many projects and does various things in media but never
gets round to writing a decent biography.

6: Michael Huntington
Title: Spook
Synopsis: Over the last 300 million years our ears have evolved to exist in a specific
sonic environment. So what happens when we are confronted by frequencies that only
exist in different spaces, different sound spheres? Contact mics reveal the unheard
affect of a coastal storm in the Netherlands.
Duration: 4 minutes 02 (excerpt)
Biography: Michael Huntington (1992) is a sound artist and engineer whose work
focuses on the unorthodox exploration of space. Through a fusion of scientific and
artistic strategies he seeks to examine the hidden realities of our sonic sphere, and
our place within them.


7: Chris Meighan (LIVE)
Title: Bread knife table
Synopsis: An exploration of the subjectivity of tool use in general and sawing in
Duration: 8 mins (excerpt)
Biography: Chris Meighan is a Scottish-born, Amsterdam-based visual artist,
designer and translator. He works with stories, video, sculpture, and ‘technical
research as an artistic medium’.

8: Chris Dooks
Title: Third Song About a Car Crash
Synopsis: This work was made around five years ago when I had a pretty serious car
crash near Ayr. I wrote my car off and the insurance found in my favour. I had a wee
bit of post-traumatic stress disorder for a few months afterwards. It wasn’t my fault. I
wrote a suite of songs all in one night and this is my favourite one, less than 24 hours
after the crash
Duration: 3 minutes 18
Biography: I am an interdisciplinary artist and post-doctoral researcher based in Ayr,
Scotland where I specialise in practical medical humanities work and philosophical
art processes I’ve been a part-time digital art tutor for many years as well as a funded
photographer / filmmaker / sound artist since 1995.In 2015, I finished my five-year
long doctorate in order to develop practical, transferrable ideas for those who are
interested in improving their wellbeing through methods and media not previously
offered to them. I specialise in encouraging an arts-based path to navigate what can be
miserable circumstances of chronic health, or simply to improve anyone’s wellbeing.
In 2015, I started to offer and tailor ‘creative wellbeing clinics’ in Scotland and beyond
as well as pursuing the odd residency.
Web: Please visit my new site://

9: James Wyness
Title: abdecedarian menuiseries 2
Duration: 10 minutes (excerpt)
Synopsis etc: (see piece 2)

10: Madeleine Macfarlane
Title: Gannet Migration – Melbourne Retelling
Synopsis: This has me retelling dialogue from a boat tour I did in North Berwick. The
original had the tour guide explaining gannet migration against a background of very
loud gannets on Bass Rock. This has Melbourne magpies in the background. The idea
is just to rethink migration – context, human, animal, natural, forced, intervention,
attention, reaction, connection, community.
Duration: 4 minutes 37
Biography: (see piece 1)

11: Amble Skuse
Title: Do Less
Synopsis: Improviaation for Guqin and Electronics performed to a forest near Beijing
at sunrise.
Duration: 2 minutes 33
Biography: Amble Skuse is a composer working with acoustic instruments and
electronic processing. Her work functions around themes of space, disability, and
Web: @ambleskramble

12: Jenn Mattinson & Mark Vernon
Title: Circular Thinking
Synopsis: A stereo excerpt from a 25-minute quadraphonic piece. ‘Circular Thinking’
is a multi-channel work created for ‘The Hub’ – an open-air ambisonic sound system in
Workington town centre. Over the course of a year Mark Vernon and Jenn Mattinson
collected interviews and field recordings pertaining to circular processes, circuits,
loops and all manner of rotating things throughout the region of Cumbria. The
material used in the composition of the piece includes recordings of a potters’ wheel, a
launderette, wind turbines, speedway races, a water mill, bicycle wheels, a clock
restorer and a tour of the Cranston’s sausage factory where they make the famous
spiralled Cumberland ring sausages. This first incarnation of the piece was diffused
through the ‘Hear This Space’ sound system as part of the Full of Noises festival in
Duration: 10 minutes (excerpt)
Biographies: Jenn Mattinson is a freelance creative practitioner based in Cumbria,
specialising in oral history, sound, theatre and reminiscence.
Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound and radio artist whose practice is focused on
live performance, installations and transmission works.

// The end//

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