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Programme of works – Thursday 12th January 2012

1: Stuart Gurden

Title: Blocks (Live at the B.B.C.)

Synopsis: Audio from a site-specific sound work, installed on waste ground next to BBC Scotland HQ, for a group show ‘Temporary Nature’ in 2009. The work emanated from two speaker cabs, buried beside a small rock used by local dogwalkers and drinkers to take in the view of the new BBC building. The piece takes a found motivational text, read by me, in ropey US accent, pitch-shifted, stereo (two takes, out-of phase), the abstract sound that swells up at the end is me ‘playing’ the surface of the BBC building (and a nearby fence for some high end) with small plastic tongues made from dog-chewed traffic cones, until chased off by a security guard.

Duration: 7 minutes 7 seconds

Biography: I’m an artist living in Glasgow, graduated from MFA in 2000 and have showed throughout UK, Europe and occasionally beyond.  Main works tended to be video and installation, but sound/soundtracks always a main interest, and recents works have centred on sound/voice/narrative/abstraction….Have a solo show at Transmission opening 3rd March – all welcome.


2: Luke Fowler & Richard Youngs

Title: Steps (dazzled by society)

Synopsis: Steps (dazzled by society) is extracted from the first sessions of a collaboration between Richard Youngs and Luke Fowler. The music is produced live with Analogue synthesisers whilst the words were prompted by various books and personal effects that were lying around.

Duration: 4 minutes 42 seconds

Biographies: Luke Fowler (1978) is a filmmaker and musician based in Glasgow. He has recently released two Vinyl records on his Shadazz imprint; Rude Pravo (the heteradelph’s daughter, 2011) and Lied Music meets Vernon and Burns (Lost Lake, 2011). His new feature length documentary on R.D. Laing; “All Divided Selves’ will premier at the Glasgow Film Festival on 23 Feb.

Richard Youngs (1966) is a British musician with a prolific and diverse output, including many collaborations. Based in Glasgow since the early 1990s, Youngs is best known for his singular experiments with long form songs and minimalism. His music includes many diverse instruments including the shakuhachi, accordion, theremin, dulcimer, a home-made synthesizer and even a motorway bridge. His most recent release for Jagjaguwar is the LP Amplifying Host (2011)



3:Lucie Potter

Title: Secret Bunker North, a public art commission – work in progress

Synopsis: In the north-west of Newcastle, there are two hidden bunkers that, as Group 13 HQ, coordinated the air defence of the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in WWII. The project has invited local people and the wider community to share stories about the bunkers, which will form a sound walk in the area. The excerpt is from an interview with former WAAF Kitty Brightwell, who worked in Group 11 and 13 bunkers.

Duration: Duration 6 minutes 58 seconds. Excerpt from a sound walk of 8 listening posts, with different content at each.

Biography: Lucie works with communities and groups to create public works, discovering and sharing different perspectives on places and often historical events. She works mainly in sound, and makes sound walks and installations, works for radio and live performance. Lucie also produces public art events and festivals. A current project is the Govanhill- based Streetland.


4: John Wilde

Title: Hortus Conclusus (The Enclosed Garden)

Synopsis: This sound only version of a performance piece includes a four part sung version in Latin of Descendi in Hortum Meum, from the Song of Songs, a collection of erotic poetry in the Old Testament. Also heard is someone entering the enclosed garden, a tolling bell, bird song, a Sephardic version of the song and a spoken version in English.

Duration: 8 minutes 11 seconds

Biography: John Wilde is a re-emerging artist/performer and has performed the piece for which this is the soundtrack at The Arches and The Flying Duck with Edmee Sierts and Michal Frackowski. John has also appeared recently in Ghost Office with NYT at The Lighthouse, Pinter’s The Homecoming at The Old Hairdressers and Cinderella of 1947, which he also wrote and directed, at various care homes.



5: Barry Burns

Title: The iPod Shuffle

Synopsis: There are 10,592 songs on my iPod. I often flick through the songs on random mode trying but failing to find something I want to listen to.

Duration: 2 minutes 26 seconds

Biography: Barry Burns is not the one out of Mogwai. Its another one.

6: Lorna Callery

Synopsis: Lorna will perform three poems.

Biography: Artist/writer/performer/teacher/curator – favourite colour: red.



7: Rob Kennedy

Title: Hard drive trawl compilation No.1

Synopsis: A lazy day, early new year, trawling some very untidy harddrives for nothing in particular, whilst eating the dregs of the quality street, came up with these. In no particular order ‘Hard drive trawl compilation No.1’ includes Ami Yoshida, Izzy, Son House, James Alexander Gordon, The Jacksons, Ben Kingsley and a German woman. Enjoy (if that’s the right word?)

Duration: 9 minutes 21 seconds

Biography: Rob Kennedy lives in Glasgow and downloads too many things that he then usually doesn’t find the time to watch or listen to.


8: Mark Vernon

Title: Untitled (excerpt from live performance)

Duration: 8 minutes 9 seconds

Synopsis: Excerpt from a live radiophonic mix of voice, sounds and improvised music using electronic toys, white noise, amplified objects and field recordings. Performed at Milton Keynes Art Gallery in 2011

Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer. His radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He also records and performs in the groups Vernon & Burns and Hassle Hound.



9: Andy Knight

Title: Puppets on a String – Remembering the creative work of Gerry Anderson

Synopsis: A medley of iconic 1960’s theme tune intro’s from Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlett and Joe 90, link together with the help of Sandie Shaw

Duration: 4 minutes 36 seconds. (A complete piece)

Biography: A mature student, studying Broadcast Production at The University of the West of Scotland. Loves radio presenting, documentary making and production. I’m currently working a short film documentary about the Scottish and Leningrad Albums.



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