Programme of works – Wednesday, 29th January 2020

1: Lydia Davies
Title: In her left hand she clutched a pair of gloves
Synopsis: Using narration, this work toys with the system of linear perspective
through the observation of a woman walking down a hill and another woman walking
up it. The voice repeats itself, substituting words with their synonyms. The work plays
with the dragging and tightening of pace and rhythm in speech, as a new exploration.
Duration: 2 minutes 37
Biography: Lydia Davies, born 1991, Dorset, UK. Working across still and moving
image, sound and text. Currently studying on the Master of Fine Art programme at
Glasgow School of Art.
Web: Instagram: @lydiaacdavies

2: Claire Louise Roberts
Title: Mind Trees
Synopsis: A soundscape inspired by how our minds, particularly in relation to mental
health, are like a forest, branching out and connecting with the natural world.
In association with Caldew Press, with support from Tolivar Productions, Patchwork Opera,
Carlisle Collective Fringe and Cumbria County Council, it was shown as part of a film for the
exhibition ‘Mind Trees of The Urban Forest’ at the Old Fire Station in Carlisle, 2019. By Clare
Louise Roberts, produced by Joe Coleman.
Duration: 4 minutes 20
Biography: Clare Louise Roberts is an International performer, writer and artist,
originally from Wales and living in Glasgow. She performs original indie folk pop music
under the name Little Strings. Joe Coleman, from Cumbria is a metal guitarist,
musician and producer. He co-runs Strings Of Rage which teaches guitar technique
and theory.
Web: @LittleStringsC
Joe Coleman:

3: Olivier Julien
Title: Re;If
Synopsis: The work began as a mockery of aspirations and identifications, frequently
modeled and personified through household objects. It subsequently progressed into
an autoethnographic work that attempts to capture multiple lines of subjectivity to
create a wider more objective standpoint. There is an attempt to narrativize the
interwoven nature of the private and the public and a notion of their collapse
Duration: 9 minutes 54
Biography: I am a sound artist based in Glasgow, currently studying the Msc in sound
design at the university. My work is an exploration of themes such as value, archival
impulse, memory and transformation.

4: Catherine Street
Title: ‘All I ask for is joy and complexity’
Synopsis: An irreverent look at an artist’s statement
Duration: 2 minutes 04
Biography: I am a visual artist working across video, sound, performance, writing,
drawing and collage. Recent projects include a film commission for LUX and the
exhibition Now 3 at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

5: Cyril Lamar
Title: Han
Synopsis: A droning piece with occasional droplets, turning in on itself
Duration: 5 minutes 14
Biography: Cyril Lamar is a sound artist, dancer and improviser based in Glasgow
Web: Instagram: cyrillamarorg

6: Mark Vernon
Title: Seas Unite Us (lunch is the prize)
Synopsis: Anthony Burgess’s second wife Liana carried a cassette recorder with her
at all times to capture her life with the author and their son Andrew. This
extraordinarily intimate audio archive of over 1,000 cassettes now sits with the
International Anthony Burgess Foundation and artist Alan Dunn has been granted
access to select excerpts from it and curate sonic conversations from others. 23
artists and musicians were invited to remix the rare material into a unique Burgess
portrait far beyond ‘A Clockwork Orange’ including reinterpretations by Chris Watson,
Dinah Bird and Scanner. Of the two pieces I made for consideration – this is the one
that was not included on the LP, just with the download version. ‘Conversations with
the Anthony Burgess cassette archives (1964-1993)’ is available from Sub Rosa now.
Duration: 3 minutes 10
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whose practice deals with
ideas of magnetic memory, audio archaeology and the appropriation of found sounds.
Operating on the fringes of sound art, music and broadcasting, his work is focused
upon field recording, the manipulation of everyday sounds and the power of the
acousmatic voice. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art
radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations

7: Jack Vickridge
Title: Alyscamps
Synopsis: Collaged recordings of birds and children inhabiting a chapel.
Duration: 4 minutes 54
Biography: Visual artist living and working in Glasgow – mostly working in sculpture
and printmaking.

8: Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones
Title: My World in a Bucket
Synopsis: My World in a Bucket is a piece about childhood, memories and a shift of
perspective. It features the speaking voice of Dutch composer Julia Koelmans. My
World in a Bucket is part of a series of unpublished audio works exploring stories and
ideas under the title Lost and Found.
Duration: 5 minutes 13
Biography: Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones is a singer, songwriter and audio producer.
Rooted in storytelling, her work encompasses folklore, memory, voice and intimacy.
Hannah writes and performs alt-folk music under the name Asthmatic Harp.

9: Jack Hyde
Title: Bucca Calling
Synopsis: Unprocessed recordings of heavy wind from the South Coast, Cornwall.
Sounds of harbours whistling merged with a particularly resonant fence post.
Duration: 6 minutes 07
Biography: musician and sound designer currently residing in Edinburgh. Love
exploring places through sound and photography.
Web: insta & twitter – @jckhyde https:/

10: Chris Dooks
Title: The Bluebottle
Synopsis: I recount when I had to take one for the team for Irvine Welsh and a film
crew in Glasgow in the mid-90s. Part of a commission for Art
Walk Porty 2019
Duration: 5 minutes (nearly complete piece)
Biography: I am an Honorary Research Fellow at Edinburgh University, a freelance
interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and community arts practitioner.
Web: @wellbeingartist (insta)

11: Pär Carlsson
Title: Jannes Piano
Synopsis: A deep reworking of a severely detuned piano that was recorded for
completely different purposes. Most sounds are sculpted from accidental moments
from the original recording.
Duration: 6 minutes 26 (full piece, work in progress)
Biography: Pär Carlsson is a sound designer and maker from Sweden, residing in
Glasgow since end of 2019.

12: tandsmør
Title: strict combative
Synopsis: Recorded in Glasgow, summer 2019
A busy poetic soundscape reflecting on intense overconsumption of the human brain
in 1 day. 3rd installment of the 4-part [sheer data:shy data] exhibited at Supernormal
Festival 2-4th August 2019 inside Nautilus: the Bristol Experimental and Expanded
Film (BEEF) shed. [sheer data:shy data] explores myriad themes including
overstimulation, overconsumption, subjectivity, jealousy, enmeshment, boundaries,
belonging, inspiration, friendship and solace.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: tandsmør aka tilly alexander hallworth (she/her pronouns) is a poet,
vocalist, musician and sound artist living and working in Glasgow. She also runs
Rattle Library with Hussein Mitha. She is a cycle instructor to pay the bills and is
learning how to play the drums.
Web: insta: ruff_hauser bandcamp: https://

13: martina morger
Title: hype_reality
Synopsis: In highly technological, postmodern societies reality is distinguished from
the simulation of reality. Hyperreality is a state in which the real and fiction merge
seamlessly. Today hyperreality though not only generates copy images, but also
simulations of itself. Especially on social media content gets reproduced, images
distorted and realities put into question.
Duration: 2 minutes 25
Biography: martina morger is a performance artist who also works with multimedia.
She reflects on femininity as a device, and claiming space as a political body. Through
her work, one discovers an engagement with the limitations of individual freedom in
regard to technology. Her main practice is inspired by cyberfeminism, body, code and
biopolitics. her work is primarily concerned with women’s placement within society,
but also queerness in regards to cybernetical hybridisation.

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