Programme of works – Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017.

1: Sarah Boulton
Title: Untitled (2017)
Synopsis: The recording is me speaking into a shower, trying to match the volume of
the work with the volume of the water. The work is about a memory in a forest, given
to me by someone else I love. The original text I wrote is this: I was sent a photo from
the inside of a forest looking out and I knew the bed was in there because the light was
so strong through the trees outside, and I waited and saw from a tiny window at the
very back of an aeroplane some shadowless woodbeds or woodblocks. (published by
Jupiter Woods, London 2016) and what I read into the shower is me remembering the
words, not reciting them.
Duration: 1 minute 07
Biography: Sarah Boulton is an artist based in Wales. She graduated from Slade
School of Fine Art in 2015. She uses words, imagery and installation and is interested
in the way that things cometo peoples’ minds.
Web: tumblr –

2: Alexander Baker
Title: whale cures on the thorn tree (part one)
Synopsis: The first part of a piece created mainly from field recordings with some
found sounds and broken instruments.‘The gale calls me. I follow it and tear myself to
pieces.‘ Clarice Lispector The whole of ‘Whale cures on the thorn tree’ can be heard/
downloaded from
Duration: 7 minutes 55 (excerpt)
Biography: Alexander releases on Impulsive Habitat and Green Field recordings, and
works played on radio and at events and galleries in Europe, North and South

3: Alasdair Fisher
Title: An Anecdote About the Continued Relevance of Poetry Synopsis
Synopsis: A poet makes the case for the continuing relevance of poetry in a clip from
a longer interview.
Duration: 4 minutes 54
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is a writer and actor from Glasgow.
Web: Twitter: @alasdair_fisher

4: Iain Findlay-Walsh (Klaysstarr)
Title: proximity is dreaming
Synopsis: liminal encounters with pop songs, night time journeys through retail
spaces, and solitary moments sat near to the screen.
Duration: 4 minutes 54
Biography: Iain Findlay-Walsh (Klaysstarr) is a sound artist and researcher who uses
recording and production practices to explore relationships between personal
listening, recorded sound and lived environment.

5: Barry Burns
Title: When My Husband Dreams
Synopsis: Excerpt from found reel to reel tape recording.
Duration: 4 minutes 42
Biography: Barry Burns is the co-manager of experimental art radio station
Radiophrenia which will return to the airwaves in November.

6: Ian Middleton
Title: Space Stare
Synopsis: Composed in 2017 of pre-recorded piano and Korg MS10 analogue synth,
with loops and laptop processing. This piece forms part of an untitled, unreleased
album, completed in late Spring of 2017.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: I have made my own music for over twenty years, mostly with an
analogue synth. There have been a few releases on small, independent labels,
including Skire, Swill Radio and Entr’acte.

7: Zoe Beaudry
Title: I’ve Never Been More Unhappy Than Now
Synopsis: You’re not my therapist, best friend, or lover but you are cordially invited to
listen in on the sound of my heart breaking.
Duration: 2 minutes 12
Biography: Zoe Beaudry is a visual artist (usually) from East Lansing, Michigan,
currently pursuing her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.
Web: Instagram: @zoebeaudry_art

8: Kate E. Deeming
Title: Anonymous Dancer (LIVE)
Synopsis: Told from the perspective of solo Mother Kate E. Deeming, “Anonymous
Dancer” explores the hidden choreographies of Motherhood
Duration: 5 minutes 10
Biography: Kate E. Deeming is an Performing Artist, Producer, and Creative
Facilitator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA who has been based in Glasgow for
nearly 20 years. Although she has presented many works internationally she is most
known for her two year dance she did along the Glasgow’s Broomielaw which earned
her the title ‘Glasgow’s Morning Dancer’. As the present parent (a title she prefers to
single Mother) she is challenged to find ways to maintain her creative practice and
parent effectively, hence this podcast….
Web: Email Twitter: SunriseDances Facebook:
DeemingDreaming Web: Instagram: deemingdreamingbeaming

9: Mark Vernon
Title: Too Old to Dream
Synopsis: One in a series of sound works based on found reel-to-reel recordings. The
voices in this piece came from an audio letter exchange between family members in
England and Germany found on a tape marked ‘Mam & Dad’
Duration: 6 minutes 35
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow-based artist whose work exists on the fringes of
sound art, music and broadcasting. At the core of his practice lies a fascination with
the intimacy of the radio voice, environmental sound, obsolete media and the
reappropriation of found recordings. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he coruns
Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes
internationally for stations including Resonance FM, VPRO, Sound Art Radio, Radio
Revolten, Deutschland Radio Kultur, Radio Cona, Kunstradio, Wavefarm, RADIA and
the BBC.

10: Bart Warshaw
Title: KISMET – Ep 1: Love Train
Synopsis: Ep 1-Love Train is a classic subway encounter, where, with a little help
from train delays two people take a chance and find love.
Duration: 9 minutes 36
Biography: Kismet is a podcast about how people met. We weave a wide selection of
stories with sounds and music to set the scene and document life-changing

11: Ceylan Hay
Title: Listeria Hysteria
Synopsis: piece written by Ceylan Hay in collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Clare
Taylor about listeria bacteria. This piece was created as part of Electric Voice
Theatre’s project Minerva Scientifica, which brings together female scientists and
female composers to create new collaborative work.
Duration: 5 minutes 52
Biography: Ceylan Hay is a person from Scotland who likes making noises on
whatever instrument is to hand. She plays music solo under the name “Bell Lungs”,
puts gigs on under the name “Sonically Depicting” and frequently collaborates with
lovely people of all kinds of creative persuasions; most recently with the Mexican
poet, Juana Adcock on “Serpent Dialogues” for spoken word and violin drones.

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