Programme of works Wednesday, 29th July 2020

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1: Stuart Gurden
Title: Australia Austria (Doldrums)
Synopsis: A layered composition of slippery, incidental rhythms, composed of
binaural field recordings gathered in Glasgow between 2018 – 2020 (Kelvindale
Tunnel, Temple Bridge, Cleveden Hill Time Trials, Dawsholm Park Starlings fledging,
and petty revenge on day job). Guaranteed free of NHS claps. Headphones
Duration: 8 minutes 49

2: Marcello Messina
Title: 107 Jorna
Synopsis: «107 jorna», that is, 107 days — and counting. I put this track together on 1
July 2020, exactly 107 days since 16 March, when we (myself plus my wife and
son) started our quarantine. We’re still in the quarantine, and it’s been almost five
months now.
Duration: 3 minutes 09
Biography: Sicilian composer based in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

3: Sofía Balbontín + Mathias Klenner
Title: Voices of Inchindown
Synopsis: A composition built up by the space that occupies sound through space.
Uses the voice as a medium to visibilize the soundspace. Composed from
recordings made on location at Inchindown Oil Tank Nº1, Invergordon, Ross-shire,
Scotland in May 2019. Reverberation time: 80 seconds.
Duration: 8 minutes 40
Biography: Sofia Balbontín (Santiago, 1985) and Mathias Klenner (Santiago,
1986), work together since 2014 focusing their research on sound and space
experimentations. They have created workshops, lectures, performances and
installations in the cross field of architecture and music in Santiago, Valdivia,
Valparaíso, Bilbao, Cosenza, Chicago, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Madrid, Berlin,
Barcelona and Istanbul.

4: MomenTech
Title: Mancer Meditation
Synopsis: MANCER MEDITATION is an audio piece featuring voice, nature sounds
and Solfeggio tones, using the format of a guided meditation to explore the concept of
“mancer,” a portmanteau of the words “man” and “cancer” used to describe the
negative impact of mankind, particularly on the planetary environment. According
to Gaia theory, first formulated by scientist John Lovelock, the Earth is a
superorganism, and under this hypothesis, since Homo sapiens is the only species in
the history of life on Earth to have negatively impacted the planet’s ecosystems and
non-human species, humans can be seen as a “cancer” of Gaia/Mother Earth.
Duration: 6 minutes 28
Biography: MomenTech is a New York-based experimental production studio founded
in 2010 and comprised of Filipino-American conceptual artist Reynard Loki, Polish
multimedia artist Maciej Toporowicz and Finnish-American filmmaker Mika
Johnson. MomenTech uses historical/pop culture remixes, instructional works, covert
public interventions, user-generated and user-assisted content to explore cosmology,
post-humanism, neo-nomadism and futurism—and provide innovative solutions to
leaders, teachers, curators, producers, directors and organizers looking for advanced
methods to engage the public on the questions encountered at the intersection of
education, politics, nature, science, technology, arts, culture and sports.

5: Lauren Sarah Hayes
Title: Bolshevik Pool Party
Synopsis: Made during the ‘lockdown’ in an average of 40C heat in Arizona this
summer for an upcoming release from Sunwarped Records with proceeds going
towards Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro.
Duration: 7 minutes 12
Biography: Lauren Sarah Hayes is a Scottish musician and sound artist who builds
and performs with hybrid analogue/digital instruments. She is a “positively ferocious
improvisor” who builds unpredictable performance systems that explore the
relationships between bodies, sound, environments, and technology. She is a member
of the New BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Assistant Professor of Sound Studies at
Arizona State University.
Twitter: @elleesaich

6: Buhduzit
Title: Deja Vu
Synopsis: I wanted the climax of the song to give the impression of a picture reel
going through memories, digitally synthesising as much of the experience as possible.
Duration: 5 minutes 46
Biography: I like weird senses of space, compressed grains of time and make beats.

// Interval//

7: katz mulk
Title: scolding & soothing (AME MIX)
Synopsis: The piece presented here is a work-in-progress that came into being as part
of the ‘everything unfurling’ residency and performance organised by AME in
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: KM is a performance collective featuring Andrea Kearney, Ben Ellul-
Knight, Ben Morris & Siân Williams that work across sound, sculpture and dance.
Katz Mulk

8: Julien Ward
Title: Water Garden
Synopsis: This particular eight minute piece “Room Study Three – Water Garden” was
written as an attempt to « play the garden» I built during the lockdown. Many of the
sounds are produced by water running through bamboo ornaments I crafted, a shi shi
odoshi and a little mill. There’s also a natural spring here filling a stone fountain which
offers an interesting acoustic space. I went there, at night and in a late sunny morning
to record the ambiance and the fauna. I also wrote a piece for a waterphone and tried
to draw links between the field recordings and the virtual instrument through
electronic processing. This creates, in the end, more of an impression than an
accurate image of the garden, more poetic than documentary. My wish is for the
listener to find a bit of escape and wonder through this recording as I have, being
there in this garden. It’s an intimate experience I want to share.
Duration: 8 minutes
Biography: I (still) have an interest in songwriting and small form/ensemble
composing. I like to mix music production and composing techniques from different
genres and aesthetics (sampling, field recording, live playing and improvisation,
electronic music and programming).

9: Chin Li
Title: Winter Poetry 5: Night in the Desert
Synopsis: A dream? A memory of a painting long lost in the mists of time? Or wild
imaginings that turn life into chance? But the night is blind….
Duration: 3 minutes 16
Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now
focusing on writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as
audio work.

10: Elen Huynh & Mark Vernon
Title: Blue Canula
Synopsis: One in a series of new collaborative pieces created for the radio show
‘Choses Contraires’ broadcast on LYL Radio in Lyon and Paris, France, June 2020.
Duration: 3 minutes 16
Biography: Elen Huynh is a French sound artist and spoken word performer, a
storyteller through music and words. She is host and producer of the show ‘Choses
Contraires’ on LYL Radio, Lyon.
Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whose practice focuses upon field
recording, the manipulation of environmental sounds and acousmatic presence.

11: John F. Barber
Title: Dogs Bark Far Away
Synopsis: Explores the idea of liminal listening moments throughout a day. Samples
Noe Mignard’s recording of dogs barking in a forest in the Rhone-Alpes region of
southern France as a soundmark. My own soundscapes and field recordings depict
increased sonic ambience through a day, returning to the natural soundscape in the
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: John F. Barber convenes with The Creative Media & Digital Culture
Program at Washington State University Vancouver. His scholarship, teaching, and
creative endeavors combine digital media art, Digital Humanities, and sound.
Twitter: @radionouspace and @reimaginedradio

// The end//

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