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Programme of works – Monday 8th April 2013
1: Stuart Gurden
Title: Tremelo Walks
Synopsis: A sequence of short audio sketches made
during Three Points of Contact Residency at the
Schoolhouse Gallery, York last November. Sounds
gathered with shotgun, binaural and contact
mics from various sources around York and Spurn
Point, including: natural tremolo from car tyres on
wooden tracks and medieval wall crenellations,
contact mics on buildings, vicarious hat purchases,
and a stray birdman….
Duration: 8 minutes 31
Biography: I’m an artist based in Glasgow, working
mainly in video and sound. My new book The Creative
Ordeal, was published by Transmission Gallery this January. Recent exhibitions
include: Green Screen, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (2013); The Interzone, Macintosh
Museum, Glasgow School of Art; Tramway/Lux Festival of Artists Moving Image,
Tramway, Glasgow; Early Reflections with Reverse Gate, Transmission Gallery (all
Email:, work contact:

2: Loudon Bruce
Title: The Lost Decade (2007)
Synopsis: A musical reflection of life in a static caravan in an isolated rural area.
Duration: 4 minutes 28
Biography: Musician and noise-maker based in the Shetland Islands.

3: Mark Vernon
Title: The Tonic Garden – a sonic survey of soothing sounds
Synopsis: Excerpts from a programme produced for the series ‘Bedside Radio’ on
Radio Royal (Forth Valley Royal’s hospital radio station) as part of an 18-month art
residency. The original concept was for a kind of ambient radio station out-with
normally scheduled broadcast hours targeted at Tinnitus sufferers, insomniacs and
any other patients who might appreciate a restful listening experience. During
production it has evolved into an audio survey of sorts featuring voices, music and
sounds suggested by the participants in a series of recorded interviews.
Duration: 9 minutes 34
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic
creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage
and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia,
Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC Radio 4 and is currently digital artist in
residence at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

4: Amble Skuse
Title: Still Again
Synopsis: This piece was composed between 11am and 1am on the Saturday of the Scottish
Music Centre Composition Marathon 2013, it is written for trumpet, tape and live electronics.
It was performed live and recorded on the Sunday afternoon at the Arches in Glasgow. This
recording is a demonstration of what is possible within 24 hours and not a highly polished
piece of work! The piece explores the physical, emotional and mental sensations I experience
as a result of living with a condition called M.E. (C.F.S.). With this piece I wanted to try using
sound to communicate a mental & emotional state to an audience, giving a sense of feelings of
frustration, overwhelming noise, confusion and fragmented thinking. It is the starting point
for a larger collaboration exploring the communication of the condition through live
Duration: 5 minutes 10
Biography: Amble Skuse writes interactive live technology pieces which reference Scottish
Traditional Music and Contemporary Classical themes. After studying at Dartington College of
Arts (now University College Falmouth) and Bath Spa University she began writing for live
performers, finding ways of incorporating live electronics into the performance. Amble works
with Logic, MAX/MSP and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds which augment and
support the traditional music performers. Her work focuses on ways in which the past and the
future come together and merge to create the now, the imagined and remembered and
isolation and communication.
Twitter: @ambleskramble

5: Tian Miller
Title: Tobias
Synopsis: A mix created from recordings of ‘Tobias’ – a Pekingese dog. Originally
presented as a sound installation in the black box at Trøndelag Senter for
Samtidskunst, Trondheim in 2012.
Duration: 1 minute 53
Biography: Tian Miller is an artist based in Norway. She graduated from the MFA in
Trondheim in 2011, and is currently artist in residence at the Kunstpark in Risør,
Southern Norway.

6. Niall Morris
Title: The Basement
Synopsis: Composed for live performance, The Basement is an extended piece of
electronic music that explores themes present in Kanye West’s 2010 track Runaway.
Duration: 5 minutes 51 (extract)
Biography: Niall Morris is a musician and sound artist who produces electronic music
under the names Kingdom Level and CUR$ES. He also studies music at the University
of Glasgow and manages Subcity Radio.


LOLG curated selections taken from the British Library CD collection ‘Bird Mimicry’
featuring vocalisations from various avian imitators – these are two of the highlights:

7: LOLG curated piece 1: Fawn Breasted Bowerbird (Chlamydera cerviniventris)
Synopsis: Spontaneous mimicry by a Bowerbird of the sounds of metal ladders,
hammering, sawing, the rattles of a ball bearing inside a paint spray can, and Pidgin
English speech of workmen who were mending the tin roof on a house. Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea, August 1993, Ian Burrows.
Duration: 3 minutes 04

8: LOLG curated piece 2: Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)
Synopsis: Mimicry of human speech by `Sparkie Williams`, a champion talking
budgerigar. Newcastle, England, 1958. Courtesy of EMI Records Ltd, p 1958 EMI
Records Ltd.
Duration: 43 seconds

9: Michael Trommer
Title: greyfield:wavefield 2
Synopsis: greyfield:wavefield 2 focuses on capturing – via specially-constructed
induction microphones – the electro-magnetic spectra emitted by the informational,
security, communication and power infrastructures which pervade the urban grid.
Duration: 10 minutes
Biography: Michael Trommer is a Toronto based producer and sound artist; his
experimental work has been focussed primarily on psychogeographical explorations
via the use of field recordings.

10: Shaun Lewin
Title: Morning at Second Life City Farm
Synopsis: Morning at Second Life City Farm is an exploration of the concept of ecosystem
both as a means to describe a functional unit within the biosphere and its derived use within
information technology to describe interacting software products. Rather than persist with
Romantic notions of a non-human sublime located in nature, it proposes a world in which
operating systems, birds, insects, communication devices and frogs are all unified within a
dawn chorus of territorial and intentional declarations. A secondary intention of the work is
to present this material as part of a Wildlife programme created during the late 1990s – the
period during which the Internet was being constituted as a new wilderness, a wilderness
constructed of unconvincing CGI and computer algorithms designed to optimise performance
across networks that were barely able to tolerate the digital traffic they were engaging with.
Towards the end of the recording, some indeterminately global 4th world music is introduced,
complementing the virtual space created by the field recordings with an appropriately
delocalised human response.
Duration: 5 minutes 39
Biography: Shaun Lewin is a spatial analyst, digital artist and live musician based in
Plymouth, Devon. His current sound projects include stochastic cinema in
collaboration with Neil Rose and two performance outfits: the Oddstep Deployment
Unit and the Dummonian House Band.

11: Barry Burns
Title: Sketch for a Tramp in Union Square
Synopsis: Recording of a tramp in Union Square, New York on St Patrick’s day 2011.
Duration: 9 minutes 20
Biography: Despite his appearance, Barry Burns is not a tramp. Or a square.

// The end//

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