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Programme of works, Wednesday 19 February 2014

1: Barry Burns
Title: Using My New Mind Controlled iPod After Five Cups of Coffee
Duration: 2 minutes 31
Biography: Barry Burns’ practice mainly involves taking badly recorded
samples then lazily and haphazardly slinging them together.

2: LOLG Guest curated piece selected by Nina Garthwaite (In The Dark)
In The Dark is a London based organization run by an enthusiastic team of
volunteers. Their regular listening events are lovingly put together in
collaboration with some of the best radio producers in Britain and abroad.

Nina Garthwaite is a filmmaker and radio enthusiast. She created In The Dark
to open up a space where radio from around the world could be heard, enjoyed
and discussed. She hopes that, in time, In The Dark will raise the profile of the
radio documentary in the UK, so that it can claim its rightful place amongst the
arts. The audio work Nina has selected is drawn from a number of pieces
commissioned by In the Dark with the aid of their Sound Bank scheme – a fund
dedicated to helping producers realise crafted radio features and more
experimental works that may not fit the bill of mainstream radio.

Steve Urquhart
Title: Cuts & Bruises
Synopsis: A barber, who’s also a boxer, shares the sounds and stories of his
intermingling worlds. Ian’s boxing-themed barber shop combines two of his
lifelong passions, both greatly influenced by his upbringing and aspects of his
Colombian heritage. In this composed feature – recorded on location in the
shop, the gym, and beside the ring – Ian prepares for his first bout in five years.
How will his fighting compare with his trimming?
Duration: 9 minutes 48
Biography: Steve Urquhart has been producing radio for around twenty years.
He creates short-form and long-form features for BBC Radio 4 (where he’s also
a continuity announcer) and BBC Radio 3. He’s won several awards for his
pioneering work with National Prison Radio in the UK, and he teaches radio
production skills. Steve is also a musician whose sample-based compositions
have been released commercially.

3: Barry Burns
Title: Using My New Mind Controlled iPod After Seven Pints of Lager
Duration: 50 seconds

4: Thomas Leyland-Collins
Title: Beneath the Palm Tree Shade
Synopsis: Sound sources include: 1.5m long scrap metal instrument which
features strings, an array of thumb pianos, several flat bar bridges and a long
spring which enhances its natural reverb. Various field recordings and material
from old reel-to-reel tape salvaged from a flea market in Brussels.
Duration: 6 minutes 42
Biography: Graduated from Environmental Arts Programme (GSA, 2012).
Currently exploring Musique concrète approaches to sound material &
developing a practice focusing on the implications of mini-FM Transmitters.
Recent shows – Sound Thought Festival (CCA), Sonica (ACC), 24 Spaces (Malmö

5: Barry Burns
Title: Using My New Mind Controlled iPod After Three Joints
Duration: 45 seconds

6: Monica Brown
Title: Danuta and Spike
Synopsis: An excerpt from oral history interviews carried out for the Polish
Scottish Cultural Heritage project which explores the links between Scotland
and Poland.
Duration: 3 minutes 34
Biography: Monica works in community media and will eventually get round to
putting something else here.

7: Barry Burns
Title: Using My New Mind Controlled iPod After A Dose of Ketamine
Duration: 45 seconds


8: Barry Burns
Title: War and Peace Audio Book Readers Digest Abridged Version
Duration: 23 seconds

9: Mark Vernon
Title: Things That Were Missed in the Clamour for Calm (excerpt)
Duration: 10:00
Synopsis: An excerpt from a recent sound installation exhibited at the Colombo
Art Biennale in Sri Lanka. The soundscape is composed from field recordings
made in various parts of Sri Lanka between October and December 2013.
Source sounds used in this excerpt include: crows at Lake Beira, birds at
Udawalawe National Park, insects and radio at night, a catamaran cruise on
Rathgama Lagoon, chanting during the evening Puja ceremony at a Hindu Kovil
and a rail crossing barrier alarm and passing train.
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose
radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to
experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced
programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC
Radio 4 and is currently digital artist in residence at Forth Valley Royal

10: John Wilde
Title: Homily.
Duration: 6 minutes 22
Synopsis: A short reminder of some “home truths”. How much advice do we
get? How much do we give? Do we know?
Biography: John Wilde (DA) is an artist and performer working in both
traditional and new media. John sometimes does participatory pieces for LOLG.
This time it’s listening and thinking.
Email: also on Facebook.

11: Calum Stirling
Title: Chad not Chad (2002)
Duration: 58 seconds
Synopsis: I framed some lines. I played them back in an order to imagine them
as me being you, or maybe someone else. You liked jazz chords I remember. The
rest is made up.
Biography: Calum Stirling is a multi disciplinary artist and studied sculpture
at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee (1983-87). His practise
combines traditional sculptural technique and handmade electronics, sound
and moving image. Previous shows include Galleri Rekord Oslo, The Museum of
Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, The Generali Foundation Vienna,
CCA Glasgow and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

12: Barry Burns
Title: Nineteen Channels of Internal Feedback
Duration: 4 minutes 29
Synopsis: “Although having the mind that wishes to shun suffering, they rush
headlong into suffering itself. Although wishing for happiness, yet out of
naivety, they destroy their own happiness as if it were a foe” – Shantideva

// The end //

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