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Programme of works – Wednesday, 3rd June, 2020.

1) Rebecca Wilcox & Hannah Ellul
Title: Trapdoors, Windy Accidental (working titles)
Duration: 9:58
Synopsis: We had been working together towards a live Tectonics performance. After the lockdown we began a slightly different way of working, more of a to and fro than a simultaneous exploration. We’ve been thinking about the ‘minor’ senses, tinkering around in our flats, trying to tune into the forms and habits of attention as they disorientate our boundaries.
Biographies: Rebecca Wilcox is an artist working mostly with writing, audio and performance, often using voice as a tool. She is interested in the crossovers between poetics and sound-making where amplification occurs.
Hannah Ellul is a Glasgow-based musician and artist working primarily in sound, text and performance. She is interested in sound as a bodily disturbance: listening as an activity that does not allow us to put a clear distance between ourselves and things, but inflects our encounters with the places and bodies that surround us in unexpected ways.
Twitter: @hannahellul

02) Chris Dooks
Title: Heart of Midlothian Royal Mile Edinburgh, 5pm, May 6 2020
Duration: 5:20
Synopsis: I haven’t made many lockdown recordings of my city but I wanted to see if I could capture The St Giles Catherdral bells, sans-people and largely I think I managed it. A 5PM recording on the “Heart of Midlothian” point on The Royal Mile is where I wanted to place myself and it was chosen as one of the busiest points in Edinburgh. I counted around 15-20 people over one hour. I hope people continue to document the lockdown soundscapes. Only last week did I hear my first plane. Equipment: Sound Devices Pre Mix 3, 2 x Clippy lapel omnis.
Biography: Dr Chris Dooks is an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh and a freelance interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and community arts practitioner.

3) Kate Donovan
Title: chorus duet for radio
Duration: 13:39
Synopsis: Considering radio in its broader context – the
natural phenomena of radio on a planetary scale – this piece uses the
mineral magnetite as a thread to tie multiple different (yet connected)
stories together; interspecies stories of movement, memory and
Biography: Kate Donovan is a radio artist and researcher based in Berlin.
twitter: Kate Donovan
instagram: mattersoftransmission

4) Julien Ward
Title: Room Study One
Duration: 4:04
Synopsis: This particular four minute piece “Room Study One” was written as an attempt to « play the room » I work and sleep in. I used a microphone as the main tool, moving around and triggering feedbacks from different points in the room. I also recorded and sampled sounds from an old radio and used a variety of static noises occurring with my particular studio setup. I then arranged the different sounds and recorded a live processing of the tracks.
The goal, in these times of lockdown and isolation was to share a sense of intimacy with the listener. Making inaudible sounds breathe through into the audible, allowing a window on the particular time and space where this piece has been created and is being listened.
Biography: I have an interest in songwriting and small form/ensemble composing. I like to mix music production and composing techniques from different genres and aesthetics (sampling, field recording, live playing and improvisation, electronic music and programming).

5) Zoe Beaudry
Title: We All Shared in the Military
Synopsis: On a summer night in South Georgia, my uncle reminisces about sharing cigarettes in the Navy.
Duration: 1:24
Biography: Zoe Beaudry is a visual artist (usually) from East Lansing, Michigan.
Instagram: @zoebeaudry_art

6) Ollie Hawker
Title: It’s So Easy Pt. 1
Duration: 3:20
Synopsis: It’s So Easy Pt. 1 is a short electro-acoustic piece I made with my singing saw, violin and voice during the first few weeks of the coronavirus lockdown to keep myself busy and making music. It’s an attempt to straddle the line between calming and unnerving, between confusion and clarity.
Biography: Ollie Hawker is a Glasgow-based composer currently studying for his Masters at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He is interested in the complex mixture of data-overload futurism and nostalgic romanticism in his personal relationship to the internet and its folk culture.

7) Rhiannon Walsh
Title: My Place in Isolation
Duration: 7:27
Synopsis: This was an initial and forgotten draft of a larger piece which will be used in a podcast later in the year. It was recorded at the start of lockdown and explores my connection to the space I find myself in.
Biography: Rhiannon is a sometimes Reiki practitioner, sometimes writer, sometimes maker.
Website/Twitter: @TheNapKween

8) Simón Pérez
Title: Las cifras y las palabras
Synopsis: The main material was taken from a program of a washing machine, structuring the form of the piece, and taking the control of our space, looking others dimensions.
Duration: 8:00
Biography: Simón Pérez is a composer of acousmatic and instrumental music. He works with the tedium idea on the performative and materiality of the sound.

>>>>> Interval <<<<<

9) Marcello Messina
Title: Dott.ssa
Synopsis: A piece in remembrance of my dearly missed mother, Ester, who didn’t make it to meet my son, Gaetano Jamil. «Dott.ssa» is an abbreviation that stands for «doctor» [in the feminine form] in Italian, and is a way to commemorate Ester’s celebrated work as a medical doctor in our community in Catania.
Duration: 1:00
Biography: Sicilian composer based in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil.

10) John Wilde
Title: Smile

Synopsis: Observations on lockdown – a collaboration recorded via Zoom. John Wilde is exploring Zoom for creative purpose helped by Frederick Bang, Diane Brooks, Matteo Francesconi, Alison Guild, Robert Howat, Evelyn Laurie, Ilona Munro Lawson, Mac McGregor, Liz Miller, Maria Nurmela, George Whitestone & Andy Williams
Duration: 6:45

11) Jack Vickridge
Title: Ben’s Plate
Synopsis: Taking a household object as a starting point – various sounds were coaxed out of a decorative plate and recorded with contact microphones – attempting to make a kind of audio-still-life.
Duration: 7.55
Biography: Visual artist living and working in Glasgow – mostly working in sculpture and printmaking.

12) Stolen Voices with Jan Mertens
Title: Postcards from the Ongoing Investigation (2019)
Synopsis: Stolen Voices uses ‘eavesdropping’ to explore the East Coast of the UK. Since 2014 artists Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley have been listening in on political, social and cultural dynamics; industries and infrastructures; contested histories and futures that are under negotiation. The work imagines public spaces as semi-fictional constructions, as if an Agatha Christie novel has shattered over a town and evidence got caught in the local soundscape.
Duration: 4:10
Part of a whole album available online [free access] with extended liner notes here: More details about the work here: ‘Stolen Voices is a Slowly Unfolding Eavesdrop on the East Coast of the UK’ [open access]
Biography: Stolen Voices is a collaboration between Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley, artists and researchers based in Edinburgh and Dundee, respectively. Jan Mertens is a musician and sound designer from Ghent, Belgium. The Stolen Voices album was mastered by Adam Matschulat. Flora Pitrolo acted as production consultant. We are grateful to each of them for their time, skill and listening. We dedicate this track to ‘The Team’.
Rebecca Collins: @CollinsRebeccaL
Johanna Linsley: @j_h_linsley

13) Fiona Harrison
Title: Sidereal Time
Synopsis: This composition, for midi piano and electronics, was inspired by John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow’s innovative piano music. John Cage spent 10 years or so exploring prepared piano, while Conlon Nancarrow explored tempo ramps and complex rhythms, programming on long punch rolls for barrel organ. This piece contains several parts which were progammed using LISP based algorithmic software. These include a solo part (which can be played on midi piano); an electronics or “computer” part which is designed to play the recorded sound files of prepared piano samples; and additional programmed parts bounced to sound files including extreme tempo curves. The sound files are triggered when certain notes are played in the solo part.
Duration: 9:04
Biography: Fiona Harrison is a Scottish composer, and graduate of Edinburgh University with Masters in Digital Composition and Performance. She is particularly interested in experimental electronic music and in bringing this to audiences in new and interesting ways. Nominated for the Scottish New Music Awards 2018 for her recent composition Barkeval in the electroacoustic/sound art category. Also a non executive Director of the Scots Music Group in Edinburgh, a wonderful organisation that promotes traditional music in the community and changes lives.

14) Bev Boyd
Title: Um-Certainty
Duration: 9:47
Synopsis: This is a reworked excerpt in which two English Americans and one native New Yorker riff on the Statue of Liberty and experiences of emigration. I submitted a longer version to the Cities and Memory Smithsonian Treasures project. I wanted to play with their ‘ums,’ which I felt also told a story.
Biography: I am an independent audio maker in south London. I make arts features for my local community station, Riverside Radio and contribute occasionally to online projects.
Twitter: @VerityVox

15) Barry Burns
Title: The Long Panic In Us Which Never Quite Surfaces
Duration: 3:49
Synopsis: While making something to take my mind off the lockdown I seem to have inadvertently made something about the lockdown.

>>>> The End <<<<

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