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Programme of works – Thursday 13th December 2012

1: Nick Fells

Title:Riversongs 1

Synopsis: Riversongs is based on the sound environment around the river Stour on the Essex/Suffolk border. The piece explores the calls of waders, bells, farm machinery, planes overhead.

Duration: 3 minutes 53

Biography: Nick Fells composes and improvises with the textures and colours that can be drawn out of found sound and instrumental performance. He teaches composition and sonic arts at the University of Glasgow, where he is head of music.



2: Erich Kruse Nielsen

Title: I Love You

Synopsis: Conceptual sound installation. The words I Love You are repeated, uttered in different contexts, but stated independent of the listener’s own experience.

Duration: 4 minutes 39

Biography: Erich Kruse Nielsen is a Glasgow-based Norwegian voice-over artist, musician and writer.



3: Michele Desi

Title: Escape.

Synopsis: Escape is originally a piece of work which includes photographs, visual effects and orchestral music for a multi audio channel environment. It is related to a double concept within the term ‘Escape’: as a generic “run away” and as the escape velocity.

Duration: 4 minutes 31

Biography: I am a music composer interested in a multiplicity of styles and languages. I tend to mix and blend diverse genres aiming to obtain a curious and interesting result. Recently, I’ve been interested in music for pictures.



4: Chris Dooks

Title: Betamax and Dicatphones

Synopsis: Chris Dooks’ contribution tonight, from The Eskdalemuir Harmonium is a site-specific album orientated around a dying American harmonium – currently disintegrating in a farmhouse near Lockerbie. Much as one visits a sick relative in a care home, the record is a form of ‘sonic palliative care’ forming a third of Chris Dooks’ ongoing PhD. This is a spoken word track from lavish red vinyl album, a compressed radio documentary that closes side one. See to stream the album and to buy a copy. The project was launched at the CCA on the 11th of December 2012.

Duration: 5 minutes 14

Biography: Chris Dooks is a new media artist and doctoral researcher at The

University of The West of Scotland in Ayr.


5: Paul Baran

Title: Britonia

Synopsis: A journey through an atomized Britain in various slow stages of a dream. Featuring myself on synth and Gordon Kennedy on sub bass.

Duration: 4 minutes 53

Biography: Paul Baran is an improviser and composer based in Glasgow. he is also one half of spanking post-avant combo The Cray Twins


6. Michelle Hannah (LIVE)

Title: ‘HOW DO I FEEL’  2012

Synopsis: An improvised vocal performance in darkness, to be used as a pause in proceedings, where the fissure between the intention and the perceived conveys a metaphysical ambiguity through appropriation, effect and voice.  This by means of the use of appropriated, fragmented songs (chosen for their tokens of pop culture ostracization, masculinity and gothicism) with a soundtrack in electronic vein of Laurie Anderson.

Biography: Born in Alexandria, Scotland in the early 1980s and a graduate of the MFA Program at Glasgow School of Art. Michelle Hannah has exhibited and performed across Europe; Berlin, Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle, Gotland, Dresden, Brighton, Vetlanda, Edinburgh, Toulouse, Leipzig, London.



7: Lin Li

Title: Delight

Synopsis: A playful rendition of mundane everyday sounds of water and imitation.

Duration: 2 minutes 55

Biography: Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Having painted for years, Lin started in 2011 to explore moving images and sound as a creative medium.  Being a choral singer, she is particularly interested in expressing and experimenting with the voice.



8: Barry Burns

Title: Threshold Consciousness- Shivering Sands

Synopsis: The hypnagogic state is a strange phenomena that occurs at the onset of sleep. Also known as hypnagogia, it induces visions, voices, insights and peculiar sensations as you sail through the borderland state. As Aristotle described it “the affections we experience when sinking into slumber”.

Duration: 9 minutes 10

Biography: Barry Burns is half asleep.




9: JDA Winslow (LIVE)

Title: Composition for sparkling water

Synopsis: A hydrophone placed in a cup of sparkling water until no noise is made.

Biography: JDA Winslow is mildly famous on the internet.




10: Mark Vernon

Title: Radio Archive Remix

Synopsis: A short extract from a 45-minute live performance that re-worked material from the audio archives of Efford FM and Nowhere Island Radio, two radio projects in Plymouth which I was heavily involved with. The piece was presented at the Plymouth Arts Centre with artist Neil Rose (visuals) in November 2012. This excerpt is made up of interviews asking local residents which 3 items they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island, the music is made entirely from domestic sounds recorded in their homes; gas ring ignition, telephone ring tone, water bubbles, squeeky dog toy, hoover, etc. The full recording can be heard here:

Duration: 3 minutes

Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC Radio 4 and is currently lecturer in Sound Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College, University of Dundee and digital artist in residence at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.


11: Algimantas Grigas

Title: Natural Load New York

Synopsis: New York is there, but I am here. I have never been to New York. I draw and explain on paper what will happen to New York in the future.

Duration: 3 minutes 42

Biography: Born in 1987 in Raudondvaris, Kaunas (Lithuania). Studied Bachelor of Architecture in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Seville (Spain). Worked in architecture offices in Gent (Belgium), Kaunas and Vilnius (Lithuania). Currently student in Diploma of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art.




12: David Duncan

Title: A Highway Plan for Glasgow

Synopsis: The work uses recordings taken from the negative spaces found underneath motorway junctions in Glasgow.  These spaces were planned to be part of a utopian future city; with reflective surfaces, seating areas and shrubbery.  Today they are neglected and unwelcoming places, only suffered by those who are passing through.

Duration: 7 minutes 45

Biography: David Duncan has recently finished a PhD in composition at the University of Glasgow.



13: Monica Brown

Title: From the inside looking out

Synopsis: Sitting around in the living room of a prison cell in a Bolivian jail, who is sizing who up, inside and out?

Duration: 5 minutes 32

Biography: Monica works in community media.



14: Bethany Macleod

Title: ‘Untitled’

Synopsis: In this piece I had some friends try to read a poem I had created out of Greek letters which should produce English words. I have then layered their attempts to create a sound of confusion and nonsense, reflecting their response to the unknown language in front of them

Duration: 2 minutes

Biography:  I am in my final year of Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art.  I have recently been exploring concepts of language in my work; breaking it down and building it up to create something new.  I have been using a mixture of Greek letters which when read in a Greek pronunciation should generate an English sentence. I like the play on ambiguity this creates, the uncertainty in the reader of either language.



15: Krysia Kordecki

Title: Want of Sleep

Synopsis: This sound has no intended beginning or end, it is intended as a soundscape played on a loop. Influenced by dark electronic music, I have attempted to create a sound which taps into the darker areas of the human psyche using my own recorded sounds – made using a didgeridoo, BBQ skewers and gargled water.

Duration: 5 minutes

Biography: I am in my 4th year on the Sculpture course at GSA. Influenced by electronic music and club culture, I create sensory environments that combine audio and visual elements to create an experience where the participant is completely immersed and becomes a physical part of the work.



16: Alexandra Sarkisian

Title: Nothingness

Synopsis: Composition of field recordings, MIDI, and archived audio of Alan Watts that

addresses the reality of nothingness.

Duration: 3 minutes 22

Biography: Alexandra Sarkisian is a 1st Year MFA student at the Glasgow School of Art and

is interested in the lack of silence in this world and using art as an imitation of

nature in its manner of function.


// The end//



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