Programme of works – Wednesday, 28th August 2019


1: Tony Morris

Title: A Recollection

Synopsis: The melody from Alkan’s 13th Esquisse of Book 2, ‘Ressouvenir,’ has

haunted me for many years and I’ve often toyed with the idea of incorporating

into a piece of my own. What you will hear this evening is very much the first

draft of an attempt to do that and before I finesse (ruin???) the piece I would

like to hear it in a different context from my home studio. In particular, I would

like to hear it in a context where there is an audience; for one is then

(vicariously) hearing it through the imagined ears of others.

Duration: 3 minutes 17


2: tandsmør

Title: no bus: one piece out of four from an installation called sheer data:shy

data, showcased at this year’s Supernormal festival.

Synopsis: An improvised sound piece captured on a dusky night around about

solstice, recalling being stranded overnight in Dumfries & Galloway dark sky

park. Part of a longer piece encompassing 4 separate poetic soundscapes,

exploring myriad themes including overstimulation, overconsumption,

subjectivity, jealousy, enmeshment, boundaries, belonging, inspiration,

friendship and solace.

Duration: 9 minutes 39

Biography: tandsmør aka tilly alexander hallworth (she/her pronouns) is a

poet, vocalist, musician and sound artist living and working in Glasgow. She

also runs Rattle Library with her friend and comrade Hussein Mitha, as well as

being a cycle instructor to pay the bills. She is currently incubating a musical

project nicknamed ‘tirzah club’ which is going very well, and is learning how to

play the drums.

Web: insta: ruff_hauser




3: Barry Burns

Title: How Rare a Possession

Synopsis: Constructed from sounds on badly recorded and damaged found reel

to reel tape marked “BBC Mormon interview”.

Duration: 10 minutes

Biography: Latter day ain’t.


4: Anette Gellein

Title: Horizons


I have been dreaming about

Shapes and forms

Rhythms and cities

When I wake up, I have the clearest idea

Of the city and how it is a composition

It is like I can see the grid above

While feeling it at the same time in my body

Shapes, rhythms, motions.

Movement matter.

Duration: 8 minutes 24

Biography: Anette Gellein (b.1995) / Multimedia artist born in Norway but

based in Glasgow. Graduated with a masters from Glasgow School of Art

specialising in performance (2019). Previous studies include: Nordland Artand

Film school & BA in Contemporary Art from Tromsø Academy of

Contemporary art in 2017.



5: Gavin Fort

Title: Rain on a Fence

Synopsis: An excerpt from a recording of…. rain on a fence! ( made using two

contact mics)

Duration: 5 minutes

Biography: My background is in music production and studio recording but I’m

interested in anything sound related, particularly radio works and location


Web: e-mail address: twitter: @FortGavin



6: Mark Vernon

Title: A Loop Within A Loop (work in progress sketch)

Synopsis: Sketch for a sound piece based upon the concentric loops of the

Glasgow underground transport network. Made from field recordings of the

subway and interviews with retired Strathclyde Passenger Transport workers.

Duration: 8 minutes 47

Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist whose work exists on the

fringes of sound art, experimental music and broadcasting. At the core of his

practice lies a fascination with the disembodied intimacy of the recorded voice,

environmental sound, obsolete media and the re-appropriation of found

recordings. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art

radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations




7: Marcello Messina

Title: Papareddhu

Synopsis: This is a mourning piece dedicated to my mum, who passed away a

couple of weeks ago. Due to the huge geographical distance between us, she

didn’t make it to meet my 8 months old baby Gaetano. In this short music bit,

she talks to him and says goodbye.

Duration: 3 minutes 04

Biography: Sicilian composer based in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil




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