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Programme for February 16th, 2012:

1: Monica Brown

Title: I think we got the wrong room

Synopsis: Two people end up somewhere they didn’t expect to find themselves.

Duration: 3 minutes 26 seconds

Biography: Monica works in community media and radio.


2: Iain Symes-Marshall

Title: The Selkie Wife

Synopsis: This project has been about the process of storytelling, exploring how stories are passed down from one teller to another. After being told the story of ‘The Selkie Wife,’ I recreated my interpretation of it through the use of sound without dialogue. This piece was then played to experienced storytellers who were asked to respond to it in the form of a spontaneous new story inspired by what they have heard. These responses can be accessed on the project website.

Duration: 8 minutes 17 seconds

Biography: I grew up in the west of Ireland, and moved to Scotland in 2007 to study BA Hons Commercial Music. During my time here I have worked on various projects and have an interest with everything sound related, I have done post production work for film, recording/editing/mixing music – live and studio. I play drums for ‘Trapped in Kansas’ who have been lucky enough to spend the summers at festivals and regularly play shows in Glasgow and beyond.



3: Calum Stirling

Title: Sewell-misnamed?

Synopsis: Vocal track (Radio 4 arts programme extract), jazz guitar track using pitch to midi conversion of the vocal track, improvised drum track.

Duration: 1 minute 6 seconds

Biography: Calum Stirling is a multi disciplinary artist and studied sculpture at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee (1983-87). His practise combines traditional sculptural technique and handmade electronics, sound and moving image. Previous shows include Galleri Rekord Oslo, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, The Generali Foundation Vienna, CCA Glasgow and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.


4: Chris Dooks

Title: Solar Wind

Synopsis: Unable to witness the Northern lights in January 2012, artist Chris Dooks trawled the internet for 24 hours, downloading images from around the world and transformed them into music made in a near-unbroken 20 hour session.

Duration: 6 minutes 12 seconds

Biography: Chris Dooks is a 40 year old artist working in lens-based media, sound and music composition. A winner of awards for Scottish Screen works, and signed to several record labels, Dooks is also an ex-television director of arts documentaries.


5: Ela Orleans

Titles: Weekend


Synopsis: Both pieces were created for TVP Kultura, a non profit cultural channel in Polish Television.  The project was commissioned for animated 12 second spot advertising weekly and daily cultural news programmes

Duration: 12 seconds each

Title: Andrzej Wajda – Theatre Productions

Synopsis: This half minute piece was commissioned by TV Kultura for animated spot advertising a showcase of fairly unknown theatre productions Andrzej Wajda directed for Polish Television throughout his career.

Duration: 33 seconds

Title: The Cat in Space

Synopsis: Commissioned for commercial Polish TV Channel One. The spot is an accompany to the children’s program partially animated and partially filmed in the studio (hence last 30 seconds of “space” noise)

Duration: 1 minute

Biography: Hailing from New York, Ela Orleans is a Polish composer. She has participated in New York’s BMI film scoring program “Composing for the Screen 2009″(mentor: David Shire) and has been a recipient of the NYFA immigrant mentorship program (mentor: Lukas Ligeti). She has released five solo LPs and is currently working on four new projects. She will represent Poland and UK during “Les Femmes Sen’t Melent” festival in France this year.


Weblinks :


6:John Wilde

Title: Twinkle

Synopsis: A word, spoken in many languages, a murmuring and a whispering arising from who knows where? A nursery rhyme takes form and resolves in a participatory climax. With Paul Baran, Michal Frackowski, Becky Hogg, Gordon Kennedy, Olga McAuley, Lucie Potts and Kerrie Leanne Sellick.

Duration: 9 minutes 40 seconds (complete piece)

Biography: John Wilde (DA Edin.) is a re emerging visual and performance artist working in drama, performancen participation art and sound.


7: Barry Burns

Title: An Inspector Morse Mystery: The Lights Out Liquidation Group

Synopsis: Unlike Midsomer Murders which forensically reveals with the Marxist scalpel that is DCI Tom Barnaby the hidden violence beneath the idea of a rural idyll and the wealthy’s obsession with inheritance and class, Morse is just a ludicrously plotted pile of crap which appeals to snobs because the main character likes opera and quotes poetry.

Duration: 2 minutes 48 seconds

Biography: Barry Burns’ scripts for his detective series Mike O’Phone, the sound artist and amateur sleuth have inexplicably been rejected by major television companies both in Britain and abroad.

In the first episode  4′ 33′‘: The Lights Out Liquidation Group a murder is committed during an informal communal listening experience of audio pieces in the dark.  The audience are unaware that what they hear is a murder and assume its just a very poor radiophonic work. “He knew it would be dark, Inspector. And there probably wouldn’t be anyone there. The perfect setting for a crime.”

8: Andy Knight

Title:All over the World

Synopsis: A four minute musical journey taking us on a global tours with the help of some well known songs.

Duration: 4 minutes 36 seconds. (A complete piece)

Biography: A mature student, studying Broadcast Production at The University of the West of Scotland. Loves radio presenting, documentary making and production. I’m currently working a short film documentary about the Scottish and Leningrad Albums.



9: Mark Vernon

Title: 130-in-1 (More Adventures with Electronic Circuits)

Duration: 10 minutes (Excerpt) – Full length: 26 minutes

Synopsis: A sneak preview of a new piece commissioned by In the Dark Radio as part of their ‘sound bank ‘scheme. All sounds (except the bubbles) were generated from the Maxitronix 130-in-1 electronic lab kit.

Father & son: Andrew and William Deakin

The voice of the manual: Anne Marie Copestake

Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer. His radiophonic creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. He also records and performs in the groups Vernon & Burns and Hassle Hound.



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