Programme of works – Monday 12 February, 2018.

1: Lucia Sellers
Title: Humming Breath
Synopsis: A poem with improvised humming.
Duration: 49 seconds
Biography: Lucia Sellars is a poet, an environmental scientist and a quiet observer. Her
video-poems have been projected at the Athens International Video Poetry Festival 2016 and
Film Poem Festival 2017 in Lewes, UK. Her recent published piece is The Quiet Life of Walls.
Web: –

2: Paul Baran
Title: Referendum
Synopsis: A track from Paul’s forthcoming album – featuring Rafe Fitzpatrick (Violin) and
Donald WG Lindsay (Pipes). Following the Scottish and Brexit Referenda,the music
underscores the inherent absurdity of the state making binary decisions that affect
communities in the capitalist world. With a constant flow of visual political and social media
swamping our collective eiditic memory. How is it possible that we can make an educated
choice that reflects the complexity of any given moment of time, without the new idea that can
reinforce steps towards a true universal emancipation for us all.
Duration: 5 minutes 57
Biography: Paul Baran is a musician and sound designer based in Glasgow, and one half of
non-criminal underworld electro-phonographic duo The Cray Twins
Web: /

3: Mandy McIntosh
Title: 17/18
Synopsis: One of three short pieces made in the last two months as experiments, keeping
things very raw and immediate often written and recorded in one go. I do it because I want to
hear it.
Duration: 37 seconds
Biography: I’m a Glaswegian artist.

4: West of Venus
Title: There Is Life Underneath
Synopsis: An experiment in manipulating field recordings to create a sonic landscape.
Duration: 3 minutes 50
Biography: West of Venus is one person experimenting with sound. From Cornwall,
currently based in Canada, by way of Scotland.
Web: @WestXVenus

5: Rhiannon Walsh
Title: m o t h e r s
Synopsis: One dreary day during the Christmas holidays I sat down individually with my
mother, Mary and my older sister Sue to talk about their experiences getting pregnant for the
first time and with motherhood. The rough, raw audio explores my mam’s experience with
being one of the first women in Ireland to get a divorce and raising her daughter as a single
parent and Sue’s experience being in a same-sex partnership receiving IVF. Sue gave birth to
a healthy baby girl, Thea on the 24th of January 2018.
Duration: 9 minutes 50
Biography: Sometimes I make things, sometimes I don’t. Mostly it’s the latter.
Web: @thenapkween

6: Mandy McIntosh – see piece 3
Title: roll call
Duration: 1 minute 15

7: Zoe Beaudry
Title: My Parents Talking About Tupac Before Bed
Synopsis: My dad was too tired to Google the origins of the name Tupac, so he asked my mom
to do it for him.
Duration: 51 seconds
Biography: Zoe Beaudry is a visual artist (usually) from East Lansing, Michigan, currently
pursuing her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.
Web: @zoebeaudry_art

8: Mark Vernon
Title: The Lost Resort
Synopsis: Composed using on-site field recordings and material extracted from cassette tapes
found in an abandoned holiday resort on the east side of the Island of Kho Tao in 2016. The
cassettes were orange with rust, caked in sand, and highly corroded by the humid salty sea
air. They had to be prised apart and the tape transplanted into new cassette shells to salvage
the audio content. The tapes featured mostly Thai pop, sentimental easy listening music and
Christian sermons and hymns in Thai language.
Duration: 9 minutes 20
Biography: Mark Vernon is a Glasgow-based artist whose work exists on the fringes of sound
art, music and broadcasting. At the core of his practice lies a fascination with the intimacy of
the radio voice, environmental sound, obsolete media and the reappropriation of found
recordings. A keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station,
Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.

9: Monica Brown
Title: Never trust the weather
Synopsis: A mix of sound safari field recordings carried out with Vox Liminis Unbound
members for Radiophrenia’s Broadercasting strand in collaboration with Media Co-op.
Duration: 3 minutes 58
Biography: Monica works in community media and her works focusses on the less loud voices
in society.

10: Chris Meighan (LIVE)
Title: Sorted for biscuits and crisps
Synopsis: A spoken-word piece reflecting on childhood wanderings in the forest and
recycling a broken IKEA wardrobe found on the streets of Amsterdam, combined with a
looper-based guitar composition.
Duration: 8 minutes
Biography: Chris Meighan is an Amsterdam-based visual artist, inventor, musician and
brewer. He grew up in the north of Scotland and Glasgow. His performances, video works,
writing and installations deal with the relationship between people and (the history of)
technology at a personal, human level.
Web: @chris_meighan

11: Chin Li
Title: Whisper 4: Libation to the World
Synopsis: murmuring from an indifferent universe, where the horror, with all its semitones
and overtones, lies in the meaninglessness of human suffering and pain…
Duration: 7 minutes 59
Biography: Chin Li was an NHS clinical psychologist for many years, but is now focusing on
writing, and also dabbling in other forms of creative expression such as audio work.

12: Simon Weins
Title: For teeth and two speakers
Synopsis: For teeth and two speakers concentrates on the physical effects of extremely high
and low frequencies on the human body and the movement of sound within time and space.
The piece is constructed from six improvised recordings that were done working with the
internal feedback of a mixing desk – a technique pioneered by Japanese musician Toshimaru
Nakamura. While each of the recordings was placed either in the center or on the left or the
right speaker, the incidental relationships between the sounds follows its own intent and
Duration: 6 minutes 37
Biography: Simon Weins is a German born artist and researcher living in Glasgow.
Fascinated by the infinitely subtle ways in which we can perceive time as the inherent
material from which life is made, his research explores notions of ephemerality, duration, the
beginning and ending of things and the possibility for states of mind to be outside time. This
interest has been investigated through sculpture, sound and film, media which are often
brought together in site-specific installations and performances.

13: James Wyness
Title: Hoorspiel
Synopsis: Hoorspiel, in which Shaman Hamish, under academic duress, sanctifies the hoors,
skanks, skits, and slappers of our beloved frail sisterhood. This piece explores assumptions
underlying ‘naming the devil’, the power of naming and shaming, asymmetries in gender
labelling. As if by the mechanisms of sympathetic magic, by slanderous utterances, by
inventing and reciting ‘bad names’, we can shame someone, a woman, a family, a community,
a tribe, a nation or a race. Or can we sanctify the maligned, as Shaman Hamish would have it,
to the disgust of the literal mentality of the liberal bourgeois elite? And so forth.
Duration: 10 minutes (excerpt)
Lights Out Listening Group Follow us on twitter @Lights_Out_LG
Biography: I work in the fields of experimental music, experimental radiophone and ecoart,
with particular reference to sound. In collaboration with partners from the creative,
scientific, anthropological, academic, engineering and civic communities my current projects
include the creative sonification of climate change data, radiophonic investigations into
decoupling the sounds from the signs of spoken language, the ‘awkwardness’ of voice and
epistemologies of listening.
Web: @jameswyness

14: Mandy McIntosh – see piece 3
Title: the childrens shabeen
Duration: 1 minute 28

15: Equal Parts
Title: Moons
Synopsis: Sample-based acoustic ambiance.
Duration: 2 minutes 50
Biography: Equal Parts is a Glaswegian ambient and experimental producer. The works
consist of sampled acoustic sounds blended with field recordings.

16: Lucia Sellars
Title: Considering the Snail
Synopsis: a poem by Thom Gunn
Duration: 51 seconds
Biography: Lucia Sellars is a poet, an environmental scientist and a quiet observer. Her
video-poems have been projected at the Athens International Video Poetry Festival 2016 and
Film Poem Festival 2017 in Lewes, UK. Her recent published piece is The Quiet Life of Walls.

17: Ben Skea
Title: No Heads, No Centre
Synopsis: An experimental sound and voice investigation into language migration.
Fragmented radio news broadcasts interact and influence an underlying melodic system of
alternative tunings and sliding scales – creating a poetic probing of human migration and
language contact.
Duration: 4 minutes 14
Biography: Ben Skea is an artist whose practice traverses moving image, sculpture,
animation and sound.

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