Programme of works Wednesday 25 January 2017

1: (LOLG curated piece for Burns Night)
Title: Addressing the Haggis (from found tape marked ‘Nita’s Puplils’)

2: Klaystarr
Title: who*p / hel o***
Synopsis: Fantasy journey through domestic and retail spaces at night lulled into
some kind of soothing lament
Duration: 6 minutes 46
Biography: Iain Findlay-Walsh / Klaysstarr is a sound artist and music producer who
uses recording and production practices to explore relationships between listening,
music and subjecthood.
Web: @iainfw

3: Lin Li
Title: Abridged 1: The Mark on the Wall by Virginia Woolf
Synopsis: Abridged is a series of work in progress, in which condensed versions of
short stories are created by using the first sentences (i.e. text up to the first full stop)
in all or some of the paragraphs of the original text. Reading of the disconnected
sentences form a semi-coherent narrative and is integrated with other non-verbal
sounds which accentuate the enigmatic quality of the narrative. The original texts for
both Abridged 1 and 2 are in the Public Domain. Reading and sound design by Lin Li.
Duration: 4 minutes 36
Biography: Lin Li is based in Scotland. Apart from making standalone sound pieces,
she also makes short moving image works.

4: Bell Lungs
Title: A Feather Wait
Synopsis: Exploring the vocal-like qualities of e-bow on electric guitar, a lightness of
touch leads to a darker palette of sounds. Recorded by John Cavanagh, December
Duration: 6 minutes 32
Biography: Ceylan Hay is a musician and sound artist based in central Scotland, open
to collaboration across all art forms and performing solo under the name Bell Lungs.
She is currently collaborating on a sound piece exploring alchemy with Glasgow duo

5: Rhiannon Walsh
Title: t i n n i t u s
Synopsis: The replicated sounds of a particularly bad 24 hour bout of tinnitus
squished into a minute and a half. Sometimes it is rhythmic, sometimes it has a pulse,
sometimes it is so quiet I can barely hear it. Sometimes it is none of these things.
Share my left ear with me as we experience these boring yet incredibly infuriating
auditory hallucinations together.
Duration: 1 minutes 31
Biography: Recent media graduate, working part-time at a herb shop and part-time
attempting to do “media-y” things.
Web: @TheNapKween

6: Barry Burns
Title: Rates Debate Homework Phone-in Football C & W
Synopsis: Collage made from found reel to reel tapes mainly featuring local radio,
some of which had been recorded over by a bloke playing country and western on a
bontempi organ.
Duration: 9 minutes 27

7: Cassia Dodman
Title: (in)animate whines
Synopsis: A juxtaposition of two opposite but alike field recordings:
1. The whining sound of a lemon burning in a fire,
2. The screeching of terns around a gentle tide.
Recordings taken on the island of Papa Westray, Orkney.
Duration: 2 minutes 59
Biography: Fourth Year Contemporary Art Practice student at DJCAD. Sculptural
and sensory assemblages derived from aspects of everyday living.

8: Mark Vernon
Title: Guess Who?
Synopsis: A short audio piece for radio composed from a tape recorded message found
on an old reel-to-reel recorder bought at Paddies Market in Glasgow.
Duration: 3 minutes 30
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound and radio artist who has produced programmes
for stations internationally. His latest album ‘Lend An Ear Leave A Word’ was released
on Kye Records last year.

9: Lin Li
Title: Abridged 2: The Star by H. G. Wells
Synopsis: See piece 3
Duration: 5 minutes 48

10: Zoe Irvine & Mark Vernon
Title: Expert Deer hunter
Synopsis: Taken from the CD ‘Vestiarium Scoticum’ originally created as a
programme for Resonance FM on Burns Night 2003.
Duration: 2 minutes 38
Biography: Zoe and Mark are both sound and radio artists based in Edinburgh and
Glasgow respectively. They are currently working together on the soundtrack for
artist Gair Dunlop’s latest film, ‘Yellow Cake’.

11: Duncan Herd
Title: Conference Call
Synopsis: An amalgamation of distorted sounds produced and informed by the
recording of conference calls. Heightened audio latency issues allow for information to
be received as an abstract form of communication – opposed to the intended efficiency
of conference calling.
Duration: 49 seconds
Biography: Contemporary Art Practice student at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee.
Interested in the themes of artificiality, human behaviours and constructed

12: Alasdair Fisher
Title: Poetry Tonight
Synopsis: On Burns Night an edition of the show that celebrates poetry in all its
Duration: 9 minutes 46
Biography: Alasdair Fisher is a writer and actor from Glasgow.
Web: @alasdair_fisher

13: Marcello Messina
Title: maqispjuscitu
Synopsis: Music boxes and swearwords
Duration: 1 minutes 43
Biography: Marcello is a Sicilian composer currently living in Rio Branco, Brazil.

14: John Wills
Title: Audio Inkblot No:001
Synopsis: An inkblot test, used by psychologists, showed a person a picture of an
inkblot to see what they saw in it and what it meant to them. I think audio is far more
emotive. There is no right or wrong answer to the meaning of this piece but I would
love to debate it with the listeners. What is your mental theatre?
Duration: 8 minutes 18
Biography: I’ve been a musician and recording engineer for many years and I’ve
always loved radio broadcasts. A mental theatre, no pictures to distract, Recently I
have been making short audio pieces which are designed to spark thought and, I hope,
fire the imagination.

15: Paul Baran
Title: China
Synopsis: Track from Paul’s forthcoming album, featuring contributions from Franz
Hautzinger and Kai Fagaschinski
Duration: 7 minutes 45
Biography: Paul Baran is a musician and sound designer based in Glasgow, and one
half of non-criminal underworld electro-phonographic duo The Cray Twins
Web: /

16: Leonie Roessler
Title: Half of the World
Synopsis: All the field recording material was made in Isfahan in February of 2016. I
was there teaching field recording and playing a concert as part of Limited Access
Festival 6, and used all of my spare time to capture the sounds at the old bazaar and
some other places. The poem is by Mohammad-Taqi Bahar. Male voice: Siamak Anvari
Female voice: mine
Duration: 9 minutes 54
Biography: Leonie Roessler is a composer, sound artist and musician currently
living in The Hague.

17: Steve Urquhart
Title: ‘The End’
Synopsis: A riotous mash-up of endings, goodbyes and farewells… that refuses to be
silenced. Produced for ‘Soundproof’, ABC Radio National.
Duration: 4 minutes 30
Biography: Radio producer and sound artist Steve Urquhart creates short-form and
long-form features for the BBC, the ABC, as well as KCRW’s Unfictional, In The Dark
(UK) and others. He’s worked in prison radio, produces soundscapes about
homelessness… and in his spare time he tells you what’s coming up next on BBC One
and BBC Two Scotland.
Web: @listentosteve

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