Programme of works Tuesday 8 December 2015

1: Amble Skuse
Title: Poznan
Duration: 1 minute 14
Biography: Amble focusses her work on composing and exploring the various
musicological frameworks around traditional and electro-acoustic musics. Her
composition centres on the tension between traditional acoustic performance and
interactive technologies, received traditions and contemporary technological
immediacy, isolation and communication, both in terms of the realisation of the
composition and the musicological framework. Amble works with Logic, MAX/MSP
and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds which augment and support the
traditional music performers. She is interested in ways in which the past and the
future come together and merge to create the now.
Web: @ambleskramble

2: Chris Dooks
Title: Dark Outside Volume 2 – February
Synopsis: From a live performance at Sanctuary, a reworked extract from a mix of
rare 78s using five beautifully irritable gramophones. “Over the last few years, artist
Chris Dooks has been working with vinyl and shellac records (and wind up
gramophones) as he trawls eBay and markets for aural gems without a home – until
now! With a project in line with Dooks’ recent PhD on working closely with vinyl,
Chris unveils some of his rare 78rpm records and new vintage record players for
Sanctuary 2015 for this hour-long performance”
Duration: 7 minutes 32
Biography: I am an interdisciplinary artist and post-doctoral researcher based in Ayr,
where I specialise in practical medical humanities work and philosophical art
processes I’ve been a part-time digital art tutor for many years as well as a funded
photographer / filmmaker / sound artist since 1995. In 2015, I finished my five-year
long doctorate in order to develop practical, transferrable ideas for those who are
interested in improving their wellbeing through methods and media not previously
offered to them. I specialise in encouraging an arts-based path to navigate what can be
miserable circumstances of chronic health, or simply to improve anyone’s wellbeing.
In 2015, I started to offer and tailor ‘creative wellbeing clinics’ in Scotland and beyond
as well as pursuing the odd residency.

3: Mark Vernon
Title: Saturation Point
Synopsis: A short celebration of our Great British weather.
Duration: 2 minutes 35 seconds
Biography: Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer whose radiophonic
creations range from documentaries and radio plays to experimental audio collage
and soundscape pieces. He has produced programmes for stations including Radia,
Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and BBC Radio 4.

4: Toby Wiltshire
Title: Digitus Pollex
Synopsis: Explores the potential of the Kalimba (thumb piano) as a sound source. The
Kalimba is used completely dry /natural and in combination with highly processed
versions of itself. The piece was influenced by Turner’s use of perspective in the
painting ‘Rain, Steam, Speed’ in which a clear foregrounded image emerges from a
maelstrom of clouds and rain.
Duration: 9 minutes 57
Biography: Toby is a composer and sound artist living and working in Leeds. He
completed a Masters in composition at Leeds College of Music in March this year and
whilst there spent a year working one to one with David Toop. Since leaving, Toby has
worked on a variety of commissioned sound design projects,sound and audio-visual
installations and live performance. Toby is currently working on his first solo album
due for release in 2016.

5: Bryony McIntyre
Title: For LB
Synopsis: Made for a Letitia Beatriz project in Puerto Rico
Duration: 1 minute 19
Biography: The main focus of Bryony’s time is with Arika, who organise projects and
events that celebrate and investigate the ways in which folks dance, listen, speak,
look, be seen, feel and be felt.

6: Paul Baran
Title: ZeroEqualsAll
Synopsis: An exploration of the hidden links between Israeli foreign policy and a
classic 1980s teen movie, by turns mischievous and melancholy. Vocal: Benjamin
Netanyahu. Production & programming: Gordon Kennedy.
Duration: 9 minutes 18
Biography: Paul Baran is a sound designer, improviser and composer based in
Glasgow. He is also one half of spanking post-avant combo The Cray Twins.

7: Ernst Blofeld
Title: A SPECTRE Is Haunting Europe
Synopsis: Britain’s favourite narcissistic sociopath and misogynist James Bond has a
new film out. Its 148 minutes long and exactly the same as every other Bond film. I’ve
boiled it down to a more palatable length so you can do something useful instead of
going to see it.
Duration: 0.07 mins
Biography: I am an evil genius with aspirations of world domination and the head of a
global criminal organisation. As you can imagine this takes up much of my life, but in
my spare time I have a cat and enjoy The Great British Bake Off.


8: John Wilde (LIVE)
Synopsis: We listen to a radio, then another, then another, then another; we hear
voices on the radio, we hear voices in the room, next to us, behind us, in front of us.
Duration: 5 minutes
Biography: John Wilde, veteran of participation art since the 70’s does a lot more
things now that he’s older. Writing, performing, tutoring and generally living, he
became a ‘re-emerging’ artist after the millennium. John likes people, food and whisky.

9: Amble Skuse
Title: Colonel Fabien
Duration: 4 minutes 8
Synopsis etc: (see piece 1)

10: Mark Cunningham
Title: “Help John! Help Me! Help You!”
Synopsis: A wee flounder in-between a set of chords looking for the message of a 50
year old song.
Duration: 9 minutes 51
Biography : Someone who really wants to make great radio one day.

11: Peter Beeston
Title: Michael Bay’s ASMR Relaxation Mixtape
Synopsis: ASMR is an online phenomena and the perfect way to relax. But what if
Michael Bay tried his hand at it?
Duration: 4 minutes 26
Biography: This piece was written and created by Peter Beeston who runs the
Sheffield based radio collective, “Cornucopia Radio”, which creates award wining radio
shows & podcasts for the world.

12: Nichola Scrutton
Title: Lateral
Synopsis: River water sounds, place names, info from tidal charts and signal/radio
sounds serve as signposts, rooting Lateral in the real world. But the flow of water and
rhythms of a vocal landscape contribute to a sense of multiple spatial and historical
resonances, and to ideas of flowing with and against the current.
Duration: 10 minutes 15
Biography: Nichola Scrutton is a composer/performer, sound artist and facilitator
based in Glasgow.
Web: @NicholaScrutton

// The end//

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